Manifest Using Water

3 Simple Techniques to Help You Manifest Using Water

Water is the basic element that is responsible for our existence on earth. Without it, we cannot imagine our planet’s existence, let alone living souls on the earth. It covers about 71% of the earth’s surface and forms about 65% of the human body. These facts make it quite evident how water plays a significant role in our lives. If you had to count the number of daily activities that utilize water, you would be amazed. 

But have you ever thought of water as a spiritual entity in your life? 

Yes, water, in addition to being a basic necessity for survival, also has a divine influence in our lives.  

To make this point clearer, let us get a quick overview of the law of attraction. We bet you might have heard about this law somewhere. The law of attraction is one of the fundamental laws that positively influence our lives. The key principle behind this law is that your thoughts create your reality. If you think about right and positive things, your experiences in life would be reflective of that. Similarly, if your mind is full of negativity, you will face hurtful and distressing situations continuously in your life. 

Now, to make the law of attraction work in your favor, you need to be determined and practice manifesting your wishes to turn them into reality. Manifesting is a procedure that helps you to direct your energy and focus on matching your desires and attracting those desires in your life in the form of reality. 

This can be done using various methods, but in this article, we will tell you how you can use water to manifest your desires. Water is a crucial reason for our existence also harbors powerful energy within it—this establishes water as a suitable choice as a medium to harness its powers for manifesting our desires. 

Water and its astonishing energy

Besides being used to carry out everyday tasks, water has found many applications in religious and spiritual practices. They have been employed in various rituals and hold symbolic meanings in many cultures and religions. 

Water is regarded as a constant source of energy. It maintains the cycle of life and is worshipped by people in the form of idols. And when it comes to science, you obviously cannot imagine any scientific innovations being carried out without water. 

People might not readily believe in the correlation between the law of attraction and water. Let me tell you about a scientific experiment that gave the evidence to justify the same. 

Dr. Emoto’s Breakthrough

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese author who published a book named “The Hidden Messages in Water,” which documented his experiments with water as a pseudoscientist. Under this experiment, he exposed water to different emotions in the form of words, music, thoughts for some time. Then he froze that water and observed its crystals under a microscope. Then what he observed was something beguiling. When the water was exposed to an environment with positive thoughts and words, it produced beautiful and well-ordered crystals. But on the other hand, when exposed to negativity, water gave rise to disordered and rumpled crystals. Then he concluded that the structure of water was influenced heavily by the type of environment it had been exposed to. 

He also made another observation. He noted that water retained its structure until they restructured it. This observation proved the presence of memory in water molecules.

Therefore, water is a highly influential element and being in its vicinity and utilizing its energy can tremendously transform your life.  

Manifesting Using Water- The Better Way

The law of attraction can prove to be life-changing for people who can utilize its powers in the right way to manifest their goals. Manifestation is merely guiding your body, mind, and soul to concentrate their energy on a particular goal. It requires you to focus intently and visualize your dream as vividly as possible. Your motto should be to get familiar with your emotions regarding that goal. For this, you need to imagine that your wish has already been fulfilled and you already achieved your goal. 

But why should I imagine something that I don’t even have? 

Well, that’s the beauty of the law of attraction. It requires you to think about the aftermath of achieving a goal. When the universe sees that you are determined enough on your path, it makes sure that you reach your destination no matter what. And you can only be determined on your path after you’ve understood your true intentions related to it. That is why while manifesting, you should make up scenarios that show that you’ve already got what you wanted. You will comprehend what you will feel when that happens, how you react, how everyone around you reacts if you will become happy and so on. This is a method for manifesting effectively without deviating from your goal. 

There are numerous methods that people have used for manifestation. They use manifestation boxes, affirmations, quotations and whatever helps them express their feelings in a better way. But apart from the countless methods that have been in place, manifesting with water is one that stands out. 

We’ve spoken at length about the powerful and majestic qualities of water. Now let us see y what ways employ water in your daily routine of manifestation. 

Manifest with your drinking water

This is the most basic way you can start manifesting without making any significant changes to your daily routine. Drinking is the first, foremost thing we can think of when it comes to applications of water. It is not a task that requires you to place a reminder, so it might be one of the easiest ways to begin your manifestation journey with water. 

Follow these steps to manifest using your drinking water every day: 

1st Step

Pick a container of your choice. It would be better if you chose a container that had a natural origin. The idea is to use those resources that don’t harm anyone and help you connect to the universe through natural elements. Tumblers or bottles made up of glass or any earth clay would be an excellent choice to go with, and one should avoid plastic.

2nd Step

You should pay attention to the type of water that you drink. It should be free from any impurities. If you are someone who consumes tap water, make sure it is not compromised on quality. Otherwise, you can always go for purified water or boil the water before drinking. The purity of water is an essential parameter both for your physical and spiritual health.

3rd Step

Now the next step involves concentrating on your tumbler of water. This step involves doing the main task, i.e., manifest your thoughts. You need to close your eyes while holding the container firmly with your hands, take a few long and deep breaths to make yourself calmer and relaxed. 

If you don’t want to hold the tumbler of water in your hands, you can place it in a stable position and move your hand above the container while manifesting. 

There is no rule you need to abide by when it comes to how you want to manifest. You can read aloud some affirmations or visualize your desires in the form of scenarios. For more effective results, you can also add herbs like basil to your water. Manifesting and consuming infused water can significantly benefit your health, and in addition to that, adding nutritious herbs in water also intensifies its frequencies.

4th Step

When you’ve decided on the method you want to go with for manifestation, make sure to concentrate on the tumbler of water and let it stay like that for a minimum of 10 minutes. You can extend the time until you start feeling calm and relaxed. After you are done, drink your glass of water full of divine energy and blessings of the universe.  

Follow this water ritual for manifesting.

You can follow an alternative ritual to manifest using water. This ritual is mainly performed using natural water bodies like rivers or springs, but you can also use bathwater. The goal is to align the water inside your body to the natural water present on the earth’s surface. 

If the water source is natural, start your ritual by expressing your gratitude towards the water body for being a habitat and source of survival for so many living organisms on this planet. You can also pray to a water deity if you feel like it. After expressing your genuine regards and gratitude to water, you can start concentrating on the water body by reciting affirmations or closing your eyes to visualizing your desires. After completing your meditation, you can spend some time in contact with the water body in the form of swimming, immersing yourself in it and spend some time close to the water body. 

If you are using the bathwater, you can visualize and manifest your desires standing beneath the shower. You can also utilize crystals and herbs in your water and make a relaxed and peaceful environment by utilizing scented candles and infused oils. 

Manifestation using the 2-cup method 

This is a prevalent method for manifestation, and it is based on the concept of quantum leaping. Quantum leaping was first mentioned by Neil Bohr, which means energy can jump or leap from one place to another. And this concept has been used to practice manifestation using water for achieving successful and effective results. 

To perform this technique:

You need two glasses or cups, two sticky notes, drinking water and a pen or pencil.

What you need to do

You should have your intentions set in your mind.

Take a sticky note, and pen down how you feel about where you are standing right now in your life and stick that note to a glass.

Now pour water into this glass and focus intently on your emotions surrounding what you’ve written down.

Take the second sticky note and write your ambitions or things you expect to change in your life. Stick this note on the second glass.

The next step involves taking the first glass and transferring the water inside it onto the second glass slowly, and visualizing the scenario where you’ve achieved what you wanted.

Transferring water from the first glass to the second will help transfer the energy and efficiently manifest your desire. You can now thank the universe and drink the second glass of water imbibing all the positive energy present inside it.

Now you can leave everything in the hands of the universe and go about your day with a relaxed mind.

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