Can Angel Numbers Be A Warning?

Can Angel Numbers Be A Warning? 6 Warning Signs From Angels

Angel numbers are an interesting phenomenon.

They’re numbers that show up in your life, and they can be a sign from angels or other spiritual beings to help guide you on your path.

But what if angel numbers are actually signs warning you about something?

Here are 6 warning signs (and their meanings) that you NEED to watch out for!

Seeing Angel Numbers in Nightmares

Seeing angel numbers in your nightmare is a sign that there’s something wrong or off with the situation you’re currently in.

It can also mean that angels are trying to warn you about dangers ahead, and they want you to be more cautious of these situations before it’s too late.

They often show up when we sleep because our minds aren’t fully conscious. It’s our subconscious trying to get through and warn us about something we’re ignoring or repressing.

Perhaps you saw angel numbers in your dream, which is a sign that they’re trying to communicate with you!

  • Keep an eye on the situation.
  • Take note of what feelings it brings up when dreaming.
  • Be more cautious

Seeing Double or Doubling

Angel numbers are usually a sign that there’s something wrong with the situation you’re in.

Seeing double, twin angels (or even just doubling), is quite rare. However, it does mean that there’s definitely something off about the current path you’re taking in life, and you should take note of this ASAP!

If you feel like something is off, but it’s not quite clear what the problem with the situation is yet, perhaps this could be a sign that angels are trying to tell you there’s definitely an issue.

It can also mean your guardian angel wants you to take more caution so they’re doubling up on protection for you!

You may be the only one who can see them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Keep an eye out for what’s happening in this situation (and keep a journal if you need to).

Hearing Strange Scary Noises

Do you often hear strange scary noises in your home when no one else is around?

It could mean angel numbers are trying to warn you about something!

However, it can also indicate that there’s a negative spirit hanging out near where you live.

These spirits may be malevolent or just lost and confused, but either way, they’re not here to help you and might even be causing problems for you when they make loud noises in your home!

If these scary noises are happening often, it’s important to protect yourself from negative energies or spirits.

Strange Delays

Sometimes, delays happen.

However, if you’re having strange delays that just don’t seem to make sense for where you are in life right now (or what should be happening), then it could mean angel numbers want to warn you about something!

It can also indicate that your guardian angels or spirit guides are trying to keep you safe from harm by slowing things down.

You may be going through a tough time in your life, and that’s why the angels want to keep you from getting into any more trouble!

Take note of what’s happening when these delays happen.

Are they for seemingly no reason?

Do things take longer than usual?

Think about how this connects with the situation and whether it could be a sign of something important.

Sudden Sickness

When you suddenly become sick, perhaps it’s an angel number trying to warn you about something!

It can also be your angels or spirit guides working hard to protect you from any dangers.

If this is happening often when other strange signs have shown up in your life, then there must be a reason for all these sudden sicknesses that are cropping up!

Take note of how sudden it is and whether there was any particular reason to get sick at this time.

Was there something you ate that may have been off?

Did someone say or do something a little bit strange soon before becoming ill?

Sometimes, we can become severely affected by the energies surrounding us without even realizing it.

You have a strange feeling in your Gut

There’s a saying that our gut feeling is never wrong.

When you feel like something isn’t quite right with the situation, perhaps this could be an angel number trying to warn you about it!

It can also mean your guardian angels are trying to tell you there’s something off and they want to keep you safe from harm.

Take note of the sudden feeling you get when something seems off.

Focus on your gut feeling and what it’s trying to tell you!

You may be surprised with how right (or wrong) they are…

Remember: if in doubt, ask for more signs or confirmation from angels or spirit guides about this feeling.

It can be hard to tell whether it’s just your gut, or if you’re really being warned about something bad from the spiritual realm!


As always, if you feel like something is going on with the situation or there’s a strong feeling in your gut about it, then it could be the angels trying to give you a warning!

If these signs happen often when other strange things have been popping up for a while now, then it may be time to take note of what they’re trying to tell you and pay attention.

Warnings from angels can be very helpful, but it’s important that we also take note of how they’re communicating with us.

If there’s a particular way the signs are happening (like seeing all numbers in your dreams or hearing strange noises when no one else is around), then consider what this may mean.

Remember, angels, are there to protect you so, make sure you take their hints.

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