Signs You're An Animal Empath

9 Signs You’re An Animal Empath and What it Means?

Empathy is a strong word, an even stronger word is an empath. You should note that it is usually very difficult to identify the kind of empath that you are, as the various kinds of empaths have very similar features. But that’s why I am here to help! I’ll help you to understand the distinct features that you possess and then you’ll be able to figure out for yourself the category of empaths that you fall into.

What is an Empath?

An empath simply put, is a person that feels more empathy than the everyday average person. These guys are usually accurate to a staggering level of precision in recognizing various emotions by merely looking at another person’s face. From this short description, you’re most likely examining yourself already, thinking about the features and characteristics you possess as a person. These are probably those characteristics that have made you research more on the word “empath” and drive you towards this platform.

Since “empath” is a huge topic and I can’t cover everything in this article, I will stick to Animal Empaths for now. Have a look at the signs exhibited by these empaths. I promise you will have more clarity about this specific type of empath by the end of this article.

What is an Animal/Fauna Empath?

What is an AnimalFauna Empath

The animal empath otherwise known as the fauna empath is a gift that is possessed by many people but is unaware that they possess such a gift. You can take a moment to take a quick look at your previous interactions with yourself and people, animals, and situations, and find obvious signs of this personality that you will soon list.

The perfect example of a situation where you are an animal sympathizer is when you are constantly rescuing a stray cat or dog, when the animal is in pain, when the animal is in pain, or when the animal is happy. It’s time to be happy to see it.

Simply put, fauna empathy is known for its ability to understand the mental state of animals and connect with their emotions. (Animal empathy). These empathies are known to prefer animals to humans. You can become an animal sympathizer by absorbing emotions in front of the animal.

9 Signs of an Animal Empath

Signs of an Animal Empath

1. Animals draw you in more than people do

This is the first most crucial sign. If you are an animal empath, you’d rather be in the company of animals or simply an animal than with people.  Animal empaths find it easier to walk their pets than to go to a  bar to meet friends, watch a movie, or have dinner with their families. They would rather dine with their pets than be socially active. If you find yourself doing this often, you’re certainly one of them.

2. Feeling offended by meat consumers or users of animal by-products

Do you feel the urge to become a vegetarian? Perhaps you have even become one already!

Animal empaths get deeply hurt watching animals being ill-treated for human pleasures. They hate the food and clothing industries for exploring poor animals for raw material.

Turning to veganism is another extreme indicator of being an animal empath, as they would never be able to eat and wear animal products.

3. Animals come to you out of nowhere

Does it ever occur to you that animals just feel comfortable around you? That they often leave the company of their owners to come to be with you even though you haven’t ever met them? If this happens to you quite frequently, my friend, you could be an animal empath.

Animals can feel the warmth and energies coming from certain people, and if you are an animal empath, there is no doubt that you radiate nothing but love!

4. You prefer to work with animals over humans.

You could be a veterinary doctor, a volunteer at an animal shelter, or a scientist who studies animal behavior. You might even have nursed the idea of going into any of these professions ever since you were a kid, and you are still stuck to them, even when people around you are of different t opinion.

Most animal empaths choose careers that keep them in constant contact with animals and they are sure to continue in that line no matter what obstacles they face.

5. You catch yourself randomly talking to animals.

This is another indicator that you’re an animal empath. You treat animals like human beings and they catch your attention everywhere you go. So you start playing with a random puppy and realize hours later that you had some important commitment.

Animal empaths feel comfortable talking to animals about the things they can’t or don’t want to open up about in front of people. Animals are their escape and they love to spend time with them whenever they can.

6. People tell you that you and your pet look alike.

It is believed that people who have been in love for a long period tend to start looking alike. Well, the same is the case with animal empaths.

They are quick in picking their animals’ energies and mirror their emotions all the time, which makes them a bit like their pets. So if you are told that you and your pet share similar features, chances are you have a deeper connection with them, you might be an Animal empath!

7. You look into the eyes of an animal and see a person in there.

Or sometimes you think you do! You treat animals and humans alike and are highly emotional about their well-being.  Animal empaths can easily make distinctions between similar-looking dogs, cats, cows, etc as they see them as different individuals.

8. Eating animal by-products make you feel sad, angry, or anxious

These feelings often lead one to take the path of becoming a vegetarian. Animal empaths might be the tradition-breakers of their house. In a family full of non-vegetarians, they are among the first members who take a pledge to follow vegetarianism or veganism.

So if your child isn’t fond of pork or chicken which is served and eaten fondly at your household, chances are he/she might be an animal empath.

9. You experience sleeplessness every time you notice an animal in pain.

This strongly indicates that you are an animal empath. Seeing animals in pain also hurt you and you will find yourself getting flashes of the poor creature.

Animal empaths try to work their best to cure the hidden illnesses of animals. They pick up the energies of sad ones and do not forget them easily. This habit makes them feel trapped in their minds and overwhelms them with sadness and grief.

Pros of Being an Animal Empath.

  • They can help animals better by understanding their needs
  • They are in a better position to bond with nature as animals help us understand nature better.
  • Animal empaths see more about life than others can because they have a bigger heart and an open
  • They make good doctors and medics.
  • Since they do not have to deal with human emotions as much, and animals seldom have complex feelings, their empathetic traits come with lesser challenges.

Cons of Being an Animal Empath

  • Double guessing their own emotions.
  • Animal empaths can face problems put by other people as not everyone is as kind-hearted as they are.
  • Animals can become their
  • They might find difficulty in forming relationships with
  • They can feel helpless oftentimes when their circumstances do not allow them to help an animal.


So then, after going through this brief description, do you think you are an animal empath? I would suggest you take some time off for a deeper reflection upon these signs and see whether there are any similarities between them and your traits. One must understand his/her empathy level as it plays a decisive factor in determining how well they would be using their special skill.

The effect of the animal empath gift on animals and people around you should be positive. Also, being an animal empath means- living a fulfilling life while being able to appreciate nature’s gift, there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

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9 Signs You're An Animal Empath and What it Means

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