Are you an Arcturian Starseed

Are you an Arcturian Starseed? 17 Major Traits, Mission & Purpose

Have you ever wondered if you were an Arcturian Starseed?

Arcturians are a group of Starseeds who are said to be highly logical, strong will power and very driven beings.

They are very spiritual beings who also feel that they don’t belong here on Earth.

In this blog post, I will cover everything there is to know about the Arcturian Starseeds.

What is an Arcturian Starseed?

Arcturian Starseeds are those souls who come from Arcturus.

They possess vast amounts of knowledge both spiritually and technical knowledge.

Even though are very logical beings they have hidden psychic abilities such as clairsentient and clairvoyance.

Arcturians are 5th-dimensional beings and many refer to them as shamans and spiritual healers.

They are also natural empaths which means they are very in tune with other people’s emotions.

Where Do Arcturian Starseeds Origin From?

Where Do Arcturian Starseeds Origin From?

Arcturian Starseeds come from Arcturus, which is a star system in the constellation Bootes.

Arcturus is the brightest star in Bootes and is about 36 light-years away from Earth because of this we can see it with our naked eye just before the sunsets on certain days.

Arcturians are said to have lived on a planet called Arcture, which is a blue planet that orbits Arcturus. They chose to live on Arcture because of its atmosphere and low level of radiation.

What is Arcturian Starseeed’s Mission and Purpose?

What is Arcturian Starseeed's Mission and Purpose

Just like all other Starseeds, Arcturian’s mission and goal is to raise our consciousness and awareness spiritually along with healing our energies.

Arcturians believe in the oneness of all sentient beings and they want to connect with our planet energetically.

They believe that in order for us all to evolve spiritually we need to connect with each other energetically.

17 Arcturian Starseed Traits & Characteristics You Might Have!

Here are 17 traits and characteristics which Arcturian Starseeds tend to have:

1. Drawn To Night Sky

Arcturian Starseeds tend to be very drawn toward the night sky.

They like looking at constellations and studying different galaxies because it reminds them of their homeworld in Arcturus.

You might have a telescope or binoculars that will allow you to gaze at the sky better.

You might be very interested in astronomy and you like to watch programs related to the topic.

2. Drawn to ancient civilizations

Arcturians tend to be drawn to ancient civilizations like Egypt, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and Native Americans.

They feel a connection with those civilizations and they want to learn from them.

You might be very interested in ancient cultures because of their spiritual practices and the mysteries surrounding their existence.

3. Natural Leader

Arcturians are natural leaders.

They have a strong personality and they can be very charismatic, which makes them popular with other people.

You might find that you’re drawn to positions of leadership where you can help others in need.

You might also find yourself doing things for other people without asking anything in return.

4. You are very organized and logical

Arcturians are logical beings who believe in analyzing things before they make a decision.

You might have a chart, spreadsheet or some sort of database that helps you keep track of things.

You find it easy to organize people and tasks because you believe in knowing where everything is at all times.

5. You Focus On The Future

Arcturians are great at planning for the future.

They believe in always having a plan and they don’t let their emotions get in the way.

You might find yourself thinking about the future and how you can improve your present situation.

You might also find that you’re always looking forward to the next big thing.

And as a result, you might have trouble living in the present moment.

6. People Have Trust In You

Since Arcturians are natural leaders, people tend to trust them with things.

They are seen as people who can be counted on and they’re never afraid to help others in need.

You might find that other people go to you when they have a problem or they want your opinion.

7. You are very ambitious

Arcturians are very ambitious and they like to see things through.

They might find themselves in a situation where they’re trying to accomplish something, but nobody believes in them.

But that doesn’t stop them from making their dreams come true because nothing is impossible for them!

8. You are curious and want to learn more

Arcturians are very curious by nature.

They want to learn more about the world and they believe that their life is a journey of self-discovery.

You might find yourself trying new things even if you’re afraid because you know that each experience can teach you something new!

Or people may call you “curious” because you want to know the answer to everything.

9. You are mathematically driven

Arcturians are very logical beings and they like finding the answers to things.

They believe that everything can be figured out with a mathematical equation because life is all about solving problems!

You might have an interest in math or you might even want to pursue it as your career.

Math just comes easy for you and other people admire you because of it.

10. You have Strong Opinions

Arcturians tend to have strong opinions about everything.

They aren’t afraid of standing up for themselves and they don’t shy away from expressing their feelings.

You might be someone who always has an opinion on things, even if it’s unpopular with other people!

Or you might find yourself debating a topic just because you want to get your point across.

11. You Have A Strong Memory

Arcturians have a very strong memory.

You might find that you remember details from things people tell you, even if it happened years ago!

You might be someone who finds it easy to remember things from your past.

Or you might even have a photographic memory, which means that the moment something is in front of you, it’s stuck in your brain!

12. You are an Empath

Arcturians are naturally empathetic beings.

They are always in tune with how other people feel and they can sense when there’s something wrong.

You might find that you’re always aware of how other people are feeling without having to ask them about it!

13. You have Strong intuition

Arcturians have very strong intuition.

They are great at reading people and they know when something is wrong even if there’s no evidence to support it.

You might be someone who would rather trust your instincts instead of the facts because you feel that your gut knows best!

14. You might be distant with people

Since Acturians have a strong logical mind they tend to be distant with people.

They might find themselves not wanting to be around other people for long periods of time.

You could also notice that you’re more introverted than other people and it takes awhile for you to open up.

15. You like the attention

Arcturians like to be the center of attention, even if it’s for something small.

They might find themselves always wanting people to notice them and make their presence known!

You could also be someone who likes having an audience when they do things because you want to impress other people.

16. You don’t understand social hierarchy

Arcturians don’t understand social hierarchy and they can find it weird when people try to put them in a certain category.

They like doing things their own way without worrying about what other people think of them!

You might even be someone who doesn’t want anything to do with the “popular” crowd because you’d rather make genuine friends.

17. You Are Strong-Willed

Arcturians are very strong-willed.

They don’t let other people push them around and they make decisions for themselves even if it means having a lot of enemies!

You might find yourself saying “no” to things you don’t want to do because you know that your time is important.

Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t let other people decide what you do because only you know what’s best for yourself!

What is the Arcturian Starseed Symbol?

The symbol of Arcturian is actually a Guardian of The Bear because Arcturus comes from the ancient Greek work “Arktouros” which translates into “Guardian of the Bear”.

Arcturian Starseed Careers

Arcturian Starseed Careers

Arcturian Careers generally tend to be quite logical, organized and require strong leadership skills.

These don’t indicate whether you are an Arcturian or not but more so, is a recommendation on careers to consider if you are an Arcturian Starseed.

Few careers to consider for Arcturian Starseeds:

  • Mathematician
  • Engineer
  • Physician or Surgeon
  • Astronaut
  • Freelancer
  • Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur

This list is by no means exhaustive but it will give you an idea of what type of career to consider if you are an Arcturian Starseed.

How is Arcturian Starseed’s Energy?

Like all other Starseeds, their energy is at a much higher frequency.

Arcturian have energy much higher in frequency than many other Starseeds. It is very warm and calm.

Crystals/Stones For Arcturian Starseeds

Crystals / Stones For Arcturian Starseeds

Arcturian Starseeds are attracted to crystals that have a high vibration that fit their personality.

These are stones and crystals which work best for Arcturian Starseeds:

How Do Arcturian Starseeds Look?

How Do Arcturian Starseeds Look

Arcturians on their home planet look similar to humans but, they are much slender and thin, they also tend to be around 5 feet on average with blue colored skin.

Their eyes can range from light red, light green and dark brown. The male Arcturians have been said to have longer hair than the females.

On Earth, some say that they have hunter eyes and strong jawline, high cheekbones, their crown of their head being noticeable, some also say that they are more likely to have low blood pressure or prefer warm climates.

But, this isn’t true, Starseeds don’t choose a body based on appearance rather they pick a body based on past life experiences, energy blueprint and vibrational frequency.

As with most Starseeds, they can be spotted in a group of people because of their high vibrational frequency and energy.

What Body Markings Do Arcturian Starseeds have on their bodies?

Every Arcturian Starseed has different markings on their bodies which means you could have anything!

Arcturian Starseeds typically tend to have tattoos of things that represent being strong-willed or having a strong opinion about something.

What blood type Do Arcturian Starseeds have?

What blood type do Arcturian Starseeds have

Arcturian Starseeds tend to have type O-, O+, and A+, A- blood.

They also tend to have rare negative RH blood as well.

However, negative RH blood is generally more common among all Starseeds.

Arcturian Starseed Love and Twinflames

Arcturian Starseed Love and Twinflames

Arcturian might have trouble forming relationships due to them being distant from people as well as them being very logical.

They will have a harder time them a lot of the other Starseeds in finding a twin flame.

But, once they have found their twin flame/soulmate, the relationship will be very intense.

They will feel a sense of completion that they have never felt before.

Arcturian Starseed Zodiac

Arcturian Starseed Zodiac

Arcturian Starseeds typically tend to be either Pisces, Gemini or Aries.

However, there are many other Starseeds that can fall into this zodiac sign as well!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Arcturian who are pisces are likely to be very sensitive, empathetic and artistic. They will have a hard time connecting with others but, once they do it is for life!

They are also likely to take on the negative traits of Pisces which includes self-sacrifice even when not necessary, being escapist as well as addictive tendencies.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini Starseeds are likely to be very curious, restless and open-minded.

They will often have trouble focusing on one thing which means they may jump from career to career before settling down with something that feels right for them.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

An Aries Starseed is likely to be a leader, impulsive and very independent. They will have a hard time connecting with others but once they do it’s for life.

They also tend to take on the negative traits of being overly aggressive as well as having issues with authority figures.

Can You be A Hybrid Starseed?

There are some Starseeds who believe that they don’t merely belong to one Starseed type or race.

It’s possible that as your soul evolves and ages over time, you begin to resonate with the other galaxies and star systems.

If that’s the case, you should check out some of my other articles on the Starseed races below to find which other Starseeds you resonate with!

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Are You An Arcturian Starseed? Find out Arcturian Traits and Characteristics

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