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11 Benefits of Being an Old Soul

The term “old soul” is often used to describe someone who has a wise and mature perspective on life.

Usually, people who are considered old souls have an appreciation for the classics in art and literature, they enjoy quieter moments of solitude instead of hectic social gatherings and they possess a calmness that many younger generations lack.

I did make a blog post on the disadvantages of being an old soul.

Today, I will be discussing the positives of being an old soul.

Here are 11 Benefits of Being An Old Soul

1. You’re more likely to be intellectually gifted

Intelligence is definitely a benefit of being an old soul.

Old souls have been here before, so to speak and they tend to be more highly evolved spiritually as well as intellectually which leads them towards intellectual giftedness.

Being an old soul is a gift that allows you to see life from a different perspective than others which gives them insight into how things work, why they work and what needs changing. This makes it easier for them to understand the world and the people in it.

That’s why many old souls also make great philosophers, doctors or psychologists because they are naturally curious about life and how to fix any problems that come up for them.

2. You Have Less interest in trivial matters like celebrity gossip and reality TV shows

Many old souls are uninterested in the drama of who’s dating whom and what new reality TV show is popular.

Old souls prefer talking about meaningful things like art, nature, philosophy or religion because these topics interest them more than trivial matters that many people seem to be obsessed with nowadays.

They also don’t typically take an interest in shallow things which is why old souls are often considered to be more mature than their peers.

They would much rather talk about the meaning of life or how they can help other people instead of gossiping behind each other’s backs.

3. Your empathy for others is much greater

Empathy is a huge benefit of being an old soul.

Old souls have a very high level of empathy for others which means they are able to relate and understand what other people are going through when most can’t even comprehend it.

In fact, many times old souls can sense when someone is hurting even if they don’t know them very well.

This makes old souls great listeners and counsellors because they are so in tune with other people’s emotions which allows them to help resolve conflicts better than most others could.

They also make excellent teachers, mentors or spiritual leaders because their ability to relate goes beyond just one person.

4. You’re more emotionally mature

Since old souls have been here before, they typically aren’t as easily swayed by their emotions as immature people.

Old souls are often seen as very calm and emotionally mature which allows them to make decisions with reason rather than impulse most of the time.

They don’t let themselves get overwhelmed or upset over little things that many people do because they know that what is happening now won’t last forever.

They also have a better understanding of how emotions work and the best ways to deal with them without letting them control their lives or make bad choices for themselves because they learned from past mistakes.

5. You don’t get overwhelmed by petty drama as many people do

Old souls don’t let drama affect them as much as their peers because they know that it’s something that won’t last.

Many old souls have been through a lot in previous lives and this has made them wise enough to not fall into the traps of petty drama as other people do nowadays.

They can see what is real and important from what is trivial and fleeting without getting carried away by what other people are doing.

6. Your wisdom allows you to make better decisions in life, whether it be about your career or personal choices.

Old souls are naturally wise which allows them to make better choices for themselves.

They don’t let their emotions lead the way like many people do because they know that it is the mind and rationality that needs to rule over what one does in life, not their whims or impulses.

Because old souls usually have a very strong sense of intuition, they are usually able to make the best decisions for themselves which is why they find success in life more often than people who don’t have this wisdom.

Old souls are also very introspective which makes them great at self-reflection and examining their own lives carefully to understand what they need or want better.

7. People often feel comfortable sharing their troubles with you because they know that you’ll be able to offer sound advice.

Since old souls are very wise and mature, people often go to them for advice when they’re going through hard times.

This is because others know that you will be able to offer insight into what the person should do with their hardships in a way most other people can’t since they have been there before themselves.

Old souls also don’t judge others harshly because they know that everyone is on their own path and journeys in life, so whatever someone else chooses to do isn’t something you should worry about.

8. You’re more likely to find satisfaction in the simple things in life, like a good meal or an enjoyable book.

Since old souls are naturally introspective, they enjoy doing things that help them to be more in tune with themselves.

This leads many of them to find satisfaction in the little things that life has to offer like a good meal or an interesting book which helps people feel calmer and less stressed over time.

They also don’t need as many materialistic comforts as many other people do because they realize that these things are fleeting and won’t bring them lasting happiness.

9. You’ll be able to connect better with older generations, as you share similar interests and values that they do.

Old souls often have a lot in common with older generations even though the latter may be from many different backgrounds and cultures than them due to their shared values.

This is because old souls tend to share similar interests and hobbies as people who lived long ago, like enjoying classical music or reading books that were popular back then.

10. You can enjoy your life more without having to worry about what others think of you.

Old souls don’t worry about what other people think of them because they know that everyone’s journey in life is different and that people shouldn’t judge anyone harshly for their choices or lifestyles since it doesn’t affect them at all.

They are very comfortable with who they are which gives them a greater sense of self-confidence than others who are more insecure about themselves.

11. You’ll be able to more easily deal with the hardships of ageing.

Since old souls are more comfortable with themselves and their choices, they don’t have as much trouble dealing with the hardships of ageing.

They realize that it is a natural part of life which helps them to be less afraid of getting older since they know that people who aren’t meant for this world will pass on early while those remaining can enjoy all that life has to offer.


Being an old soul isn’t always easy since many people won’t understand the way you think or perceive life.

And there will be hardships in your life as an old soul.

But in general, being one has many positives to their mental health and overall well-being!

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