Can You Manifest by Writing on Your Phone? How to Manifest Using Your Phone

Can You Manifest by Writing on Your Phone? How to Manifest Using Your Phone

You are probably wondering Can you manifest by writing on your phone? Is it effective to manifest on your phone? Can I manifest on notes app?

To answer it shortly, yes you can manifest on your phone however, it won’t be as effective as manifesting by physically writing since writing it physically ingrains it into your subconscious mind more than typing it on your phone would.

In this blog post, I will answer can you use your phone for manifesting, should you use for manifesting and how to manifest on your phone!

Can you use your phone for manifesting? Does manifesting on your phone work?

Yes, you definitely can. Although there are some differences between using your phone for manifesting than writing it down on paper.

For example, when you write something physically onto a piece of paper, the physical act itself is what’s important here. It is the act of writing that helps you to manifest.

When you write on a piece of paper, your energy and intent go into what’s written down. This makes it easier for your thoughts to become something physical in our world i.e., money or anything else you desire!

On the other hand, when using an electronic device such as your phone or laptop, the act of typing is not as effective in manifesting. This is because when you type on a device it does not ingrain it that well into your subconscious mind what’s written down.

That being said, using an electronic device for writing still can help with manifestation however it will take more time and effort to use one than just a piece of paper.

Will Your Manifestations Never Come True If You Write Them On Your Phone?

Will Your Manifestations Never Come True If You Write Them On Your Phone

Absolutely not! If you write your manifesting goals down on a phone or any other electronic device, it can still come true.

The point of writing it by hand is to deeply program your subconscious by writing down the intention many times.

This is why the phone would fail as it wouldn’t absorb the same amount of information as writing it by hand would.

That being said, a phone is a great tool to read affirmations from.

What are the benefits of manifesting on a phone?

Here are a few quick benefits of manifesting on a phone:

  • You could use the front camera as a mirror if you don’t have access to a mirror at the time.
  • You could also record yourself reciting affirmations
  • It’s much more portable to carry a phone where you have your affirmations written that you can read or say out loud.
  • You could record audio of you reciting affirmations and then listen to it while going about your day.

What are the disadvantages of manifesting on a phone?

Here are a few quick disadvantages of manifesting on a phone:

  • Typing down affirmations won’t deeply root them into your subconscious mind compared to writing it out.
  • The screen size might be too small which might be harder to see than say if you had a journal.

How do I manifest something on my phone? How to Manifest Using Your Phone

How do I manifest something on my phone? How to Manifest Using Your Phone

1. Create An Intention

The first step is to get yourself an intention. Something you want to manifest into your life, whether it’s money or anything else!

I wrote up a guide on how to create an intention which goes over how to create an intention in much more detail but I will go over it briefly.

Steps for creating an intention:

  1. Make sure you’re in a good mood and comfortable
  2. Meditate to relax further so your mind is more clear
  3. Imagine vividly every detail you have.

You want to be as descriptive as possible, including:

  • How it would feel when you have what you are manifesting?
  • How it would taste, sound, look and feel like?
  • More details like the location it will be at and picturing yourself in that scenario

Once you have done that it’s time to move on to the next step.

2. Type The Intention On Your Phone

Now, you want to type everything you imagined above on your phone.

We do this to make the next step of visualization much easier.

3. Use That Intention For Visualization

You want to place the phone in front of you and read everything you have written.

We do this instead of just visualising without it because it helps our intent become much stronger and we can go into much more detail after we have already written the intention down.

You want to build on the intention essentially.

For example, if you are wanting to manifest money.

You would start by visualising yourself opening up your wallet and seeing countless amounts of cash in there. Then make it more detailed as the scene unfolds which includes every single detail imaginable including how it feels.

This builds on the intention further to help reinforce our intent into becoming a reality!

4. Replace Limiting Beliefs With Positive Ones

4. Replace Limiting Beliefs With Positive Ones Through Your Phone

This step isn’t necessary but it is recommended. If you have any sort of doubts or worries in your head, your manifestation won’t work.

We want to replace any limiting beliefs that are holding us back from manifesting what we want in life with positive ones instead!

For example, you might be worried you aren’t going to see your manifestation.

We would want to replace that with a positive belief such as “I know that I will manifest what I desire.” or anything else along those lines!

You can type this up on your phone however, the act of typing many times won’t be as beneficial as actually writing it down on a piece of paper.

5. Recite Affirmations Via Your Phone

You could recite positive affirmations from your phone by typing them up and reading them to yourself.

This will help reinforce the new thoughts you have which are going to lead us towards our manifestation!

If you want, you can record yourself reciting these affirmations for a more powerful effect however, simply saying it out loud repeatedly is very effective.

You want to keep doing this until you start feeling the new positive thoughts becoming your belief system and it becomes part of who you are!

Where Else Can You Write Down Your Manifestations?

The best place for this is to be somewhere you can see it.

You could carry a small notebook or similar with you and write down your intentions there as well!

If you really want, you could even use the notes app on your phone however, writing something out by hand will make it much more powerful than typing it up.

You can also try and write it down in a journal or a diary that is near your bed where you write affirmations.

Can you write affirmations on a phone instead of on paper?

Absolutely! The act of typing out affirmations on your phone is much more effective than just thinking about them.

The reason for this is because we are taking it a step further by writing our thoughts down which makes the process that much stronger and amplifies the manifestation that you want to create in life!

Can you script on your phone?

Absolutely! We want to have our phones in front of us when we are scripting so that it is easier for us to visualize.

We can also carry the script around with you instead of a piece of paper which will make it much more powerful and effective than having just something on your computer or written down somewhere else.

Can you create a manifestation vision board on your phone?

Can you create a manifestation vision board on your phone

Definitely! We want to have our phones with us when we are creating vision boards.

We can simply take a camera or something similar, create the board on it and then save it on your phone so that you always have access to seeing what you desire whenever necessary!

There are various apps you can take advantage of on your phone that can help you create a vision board.

I suggest using apps like Canva/Pinterest to build your vision board.

Can You Manifest Without Writing Anything Down?

Yes, you can. The act of simply thinking about our manifestation and what we want in life is also effective but, not as effective as the other ways.

We don’t necessarily need anything physical like writing down affirmations or creating a vision board but it does help if you can carry something with you at all times such as your phone to make the process even more powerful!

Some people do prefer to just think about how they want their life to be and what they desire without any physical representation of it.

This is fine however, the act of writing down our thoughts or physically creating something with our hands can help us visualize what we are trying to manifest in a more effective manner!

Should you type your manifestations on your phone?

That is entirely dependant on you and what you prefer.

I always recommend physically writing out manifestations by hand however, you can just use your phone.

If you want the most effective way, I would say to do both, basically type out your affirmations so you can read from your phone but, physically write them as well to ingrain it better into your subconscious mind.


I hope this answers all your questions about whether you can manifest on your phone or not along with how to manifest on your phone.

Hope you have an amazing day!

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