Can You Manifest When Depressed? Depression Manifestation

Can You Manifest When Depressed? Depression Manifestation

Many people who are under depression want to practice manifestation. So naturally, you are wondering can you manifest when depressed?

To answer it shortly, yes you can however, it’s much harder even for someone who is an experienced manifestor because you tend to hold much more negative emotions when you are depressed.

In this blog post, I will cover whether you can manifest when your depressed, should you manifest if your depressed and how to manifest when you are depressed.

Can You Manifest When Depressed?

Yes you can however it is much MUCH harder to manifest when you are depressed.


When you are depressed, it’s much harder to feel the positive emotions that are required for manifestation.

You tend to hold more negative emotions which makes the process of manifesting difficult even if your intentions are pure and clear.

Does sadness affect manifestation?

Does sadness affect manifestation

Yes, sadness will affect your manifestation process.

Sadness is not only related to negative emotions but it’s also related to fear and lack of faith in the universe.

Even if you feel like you want something so much, when there are lots of other emotions blocking you from feeling good about what you desire manifesting into reality can be very difficult during those times.

Having said that, you CAN manifest when your sad and depressed as long as the desire to change is strong enough for you to push through all of these emotions.

How depression can affect your manifestations

Depression is related to lack of faith and feeling as if you can’t do anything which makes it feel like your manifestation process has come to a halt.

So when depression occurs, it’s time for us to get serious about our manifestations because we tend to give up thinking that nothing will work out or happen the way we want them too.

But as I mentioned before, this is natural to happen when you are under depression because your emotions will be scattered and it’s hard for us to feel good about what we want.

You have to take a step back during those times and figure out the root of the problem which could be a lifetime pattern or even something that has triggered these negative emotions.

Once you understand what has been triggering these emotions, it will be easier for us to pinpoint the pattern and change your thought process around that subject.

Is depression an obstacle to manifesting?

Depression is most definitely an obstacle for manifestation because when you are depressed you are in a low vibrational state.

And this causes you to send out much weaker signals to the universe.

Not only that, your subconscious may also get confused because you are trying to manifest something positive yet your depression might tell it the opposite.

Can depression lead to undesirable manifestations?

Can depression lead to undesirable manifestations?

Depression can lead to undesirable manifestations because you start manifesting negative things that will make the situation even worse.

One concept in the Law of attraction is to act and think like you already have what you desire so, while you mentally have it, it’s just a matter of time that the physical reality matches it.

But when you are depressed, you tend to get stuck in a loop of negative thoughts about not having what you want which makes it hard for the universe to bring it towards us.

So if we are putting out all these low vibrations and acting as if we have no desire or faith that our manifestation will happen then there is a possibility that this will only attract more negative things into our life.

Although it’s not necessary that you attract negative things if you are feeling depressed.

However, if you constantly make yourself out to be depressed then it could cause negative things to be attracted in your life.

Can depression cancel previous manifestations?

Depression will not cancel your previous manifestations so long as you don’t dwell on them and think they will cancel your previous manifestations.

It’s always good to be grateful for the things that have manifested in our lives, but if you are constantly dwelling on what has happened or how much your depression is affecting your manifestation process then this might cause it to get worse.

But just because something bad happens doesn’t mean that all of a sudden everything was negated and stopped working out for you.

You need to take a step back, look at the big picture and understand that what has happened is only one small part of our manifestation process.

Should you manifest when depressed?

You definitely shouldn’t manifest when you are depressed or in a bad mood because this can affect the whole process or might not make it work.

It’s always good to be in the right state of mind when you are trying to manifest something because if your not, then it might make things worse.

Now, it also depends on how clear-minded you are. If you have a strong understanding of the situation you can still manifest.

Keep in mind, that it will be much harder to manifest especially when you are depressed.

How to manifest if you are depressed?

How to manifest if you are depressed?

Generally, I recommend not to manifest when you are depressed however, you can stay clear and level headed then you can try manifesting out but, remember it will be much harder.

1. Treat Yourself

You should always treat yourself during those times because you can’t expect to feel great or positive all the time.

Try going for a walk, eating something you like, reading a book or doing something you like.

This will improve your overall mood so that the manifestation step is much easier to do.

You should also avoid dwelling on the problem or worrying about it because this will make your mood worse.

Instead, try to think of ways that you can improve things and help yourself feel better if possible.

2. Practice Meditation

Practice meditation and try to clear your mind of all the negativity that is affecting you.

Meditation will help improve our overall mood as well. It will also strengthen our connection with the universe which helps us manifest things much faster than before, even if we are feeling depressed or down at first.

3. Letting Go & Take A Break If Needed

You have not only let go of the negative emotions and energy but, you also need to take a break from manifesting if you obsessing over it.

Doing this is good because instead of trying to force things to manifest and end up not getting them, you will become even frustrated and sad.

It’s a good idea to take a break from manifesting if you are obsessing over it.

This will allow your emotions and feelings to come down so that things can be brought back up in the process again without feeling too overwhelmed with everything else going on.

4. Create An Intention

4. Create An Intention

After you have relaxed and are in a better mood, try to imagine yourself being no longer depressed.

You want to get vivid as possible, try to picture:

  • How it’ll feel like when you are no longer depressed
  • How your life will be when you’re no longer depressed
  • How you’ll act when you are no longer depressed.

The more details you can write, the better.

Now, you can want to write these down on a piece of paper or write it down somewhere.

We will be referencing this in the next step.

5. Visualize using Intention

You can now use that intention which you wrote earlier, place it in front of you and start to vividly visualize the intention.

We write it down so that we can get a much clearer picture during the visualization phase.

This means that you should be seeing it as if it was already true.

The more vivid and clear the better!

6. Replace Limiting Beliefs With Positive Ones

Now, replace any negative or limiting beliefs you may have with positive ones.

This is key in manifesting because it will help improve your overall mood and mindset so that the manifestation happens much quicker than before.

We can do this by simply telling ourselves something like:

“I’m not going to let my depression stop me from being successful!”

“I’m not going to let my depression define who I am!”

“I am not depressed, in fact, I am happy!”

These are just a few examples of positive beliefs you can have.

7. Recite Affirmations

7. Recite Affirmations

Reciting positive affirmations is another useful tool for manifesting because it will help boost your overall mood and mindset as well.

We can do this by saying things like:

“The universe loves me!” “I am happy, I am healthy, everything is okay right now.”

These are great to say when you want to feel better about your life.

Just saying these things aloud will make you feel better!

You can also write down some positive affirmations and place them in places where you’ll see often like on the fridge or bathroom mirror so that they are there whenever needed to remind yourself of all the great qualities you have as a person.

The more emotionally driven we are, the better.

The more we feel these statements and mean them, the easier it is to manifest what we want in life!

We should try and set a reminder every day at certain times so that we can recite these affirmations or go over our intention again which helps us remember why we are trying to achieve this goal in the first place.


I hope this article answered some of your questions like can you manifest when depressed, how depression affects manifestation and how to manifest when you are depressed.

I wish you all the best in your manifesting journey!

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