Can You Manifest Without Paper? Is It Possible and Should You?

Can You Manifest Without Paper? Is It Possible and Should You?

Lots of people think that you need to use a piece of paper and pen in order to manifest your desires. But is it really true? Can you manifest without paper?

To answer it shortly, yes you can. You would just skip the step of creating an intention and start directly from the visualization step for the manifestation process.

In this blog post, I will go over Can you manifest without paper, how to manifest without paper and more!

Can you Manifest Without Paper? Do you have to write down what you manifest?

You can manifest without paper!

However, it depends on what type of individual you are. If you are someone who likes to write things down, it’s not ideal to manifest without writing anything.

The process of creating an intention by imagining every possible detail than writing it down then visualizing is so to help your visualizations out more and to really picture and feel every emotion.

What this does is strengthen the signal you send out to the universe.

But you still need to visualize and feel what it is like for your manifestation to work. It does not matter if you use a piece of paper or not. The most important part is that your desires are crystal clear in your mind.

Let’s dive into the steps of the manifestation process without pen and paper.

##How to Manifest Without Pen And Paper Or Writing Anything Down

Normally you want to create an intention by imagining every detail and writing it down but, in this case, we will skip that.

1. Make Sure You Are In A Good Mood & Comfortable

1. Make Sure You Are In A Good Mood & Comfortable

You want to be in a good mood and comfortable before visualizing. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, your visualization won’t work as well because of all the negative energy being sent out there.

Make sure that you have plenty of time for this process so that it isn’t rushed or cut short in any way.

It’s important to be in a place where you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

You don’t want distractions either so put away all electronics or any other items that would cause your attention to shift from this process.

Make sure it’s just you, your mind and the universe!

2. Meditate to Relax Yourself

You will want to sit in a comfortable spot and just close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and clear out all of the thoughts that are bouncing around in your head right now.

This is where you allow yourself to let go of everything else going on so that it’s easier for you to visualize without any distractions or worries popping up at random times.

Once you feel completely relaxed, move on to the next step which is of course visualization!

3. Visualization of Your Desires

Visualization is the key to the manifestation process. Without visualization, the whole manifestation process won’t work. So this step is very important!

When visualizing you want to vividly imagine every possible detail about what you are manifesting.

  • Focus on how you’ll feel once you have manifested it
  • How will it look, taste, feel, sound like?
  • How will others feel towards you?
  • How will achieving this change your life?

This process will take a little longer than usual because you skipped the step of creating an intention by writing it down on a piece of paper.

4. Replace limiting beliefs with positive ones

4. Replace limiting beliefs with positive ones

If you are having trouble visualizing or feeling like it might not work, then this is the step for you.

It’s important to recognize negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones when trying to manifest your desires.

Any bit of doubt or worry will make sure that your manifestation process won’t come to fruition.

This is why it’s important to trust the process and not have any doubts.

These doubts also include on focusing how you will receive it or where you will receive it.

You just need to trust that it will come when the time is right.

Stronger the conviction, faith and focus, the better and quicker the law of attraction will work for you.

5. Recite Affirmations

Affirmations are very important for this process.

This is the part where you get to recite your intentions over and over again so that deeply gets ingrained in your subconscious mind.

You want to make sure these affirmations are in the present tense like, “I am receiving money right now!” or, “It’s working out perfectly for me.”

These should be repeated over and over again to ensure the best results.

You can recite these affirmations out loud or silently but it’s not a good idea to do so when other people are around because they might get confused about what you’re doing or create doubts within you.

Should You Manifest Without Writing? Manifesting Without Pen and Paper A Good Idea?

Should You Manifest Without Writing? Manifesting Without Pen and Paper?

It depends on how advanced you are at manifesting, if you are a beginner it’s not recommended that you skip the intention step.


This is because writing down helps increase focus, and to internalize what we are writing.

This will also help you to avoid distractions that may come up and cause doubts.

I personally manifest with a pen and paper and I honestly think it works better that way.

##Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Now, I understand removing worry, fear and doubt from your mind isn’t an easy task.

Our emotions, thoughts and vibrational frequency all arise from our subconscious mind.

So, removing it just from surface-level won’t remove them completely.

I highly recommend this magic manifestation course which has helped me and many others who have problems manifesting because of doubts and worries.

Once you get rid of these, manifesting becomes effortless and easy.


So, can you manifest without writing?

Well, it’s up to you and how advanced of a manifestor you are.

If not, you should stick to manifesting by writing it out on a piece of paper or somewhere and not skip the intention creation step.

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