Careers For Each Type Of Empaths

Careers For Each Type Of Empaths and Which Ones to Avoid

Choosing the right career path is essential for any individual but in the case of empaths, it becomes even more crucial. When you have a superpower, you must know how to channelize it the best way or it could be a curse. No, I am not trying to scare you and if you are an empath, you already know what I mean.

Before I start discussing the most suitable careers for each type of empaths & avoiding those not fitting their personalities, let’s first try to understand who is an empath.

If we go by the dictionary meaning, an empath is an individual who possesses great empathy for others. This person can feel the emotions of others as their own and absorb feelings like a sponge. An empath’s emotions are guided by the emotions of others and he can connect with the distress of others effortlessly. Though this quality seems like a blessing, it could be a super-stressor as well.

Since empaths relate with emotions that aren’t even their own, they often find themselves overwhelmed. Some also experience conditions like Mirror-Touch Synesthesia, where they can feel the sensations of other people being touched. Empaths are generally highly sensitive and let the outer world affect them quite easily. When the extent of blurring of emotional boundaries is so much for empaths, they might find difficulties in choosing a career that matches their unique skill set.

If you are an empath yourself and encounter difficulty in choosing your career, don’t worry, I am here to help! In this article, I am going to talk about what is a good job for an empath and what jobs are empaths good at. Since I have enlisted the jobs as per the specific types of empaths, you won’t find any difficulty exploring the best career options for yourself.

But what jobs should empaths avoid? Grab your reading glasses, I will be revealing those too!

Best Career For Each Type Of Empath & What Jobs To Avoid!

When each individual is unique, why do we try to classify some careers as top-notch and others as average? Why do empaths have to take up intense jobs to prove themselves when their interests and skillsets are totally compatible with less intense, creative, or artistic jobs? Well, these are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves and the society we live in!

This article is more about guiding you in the right direction, towards a better future. Empaths on one hand are considered to be godsends, and on the other, seen as weak individuals who have no control over their emotions. The latter view could be extremely detrimental for empaths as they might shut themselves down to avoid societal pressure or develop anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue.

To be able to deal with society and use your power of empathy for the betterment of others, you must study your condition properly first. Empaths are generally classified under 7 different types and individuals under each of these types exhibit distinct psychological and behavioral characteristics. Too complex?

Well, here’s what I am gonna do. I will introduce you to each type of empaths one by one and jot down the most appropriate jobs for them. You will also be able to make a note of the jobs that should be avoided by your particular lot. Easy enough to navigate? Let’s dive into the main part!

Physical Empath

Physical empaths, as the name suggests, absorb the physical sensations of others. The ones with higher empathy levels might even get overwhelmed when they see someone in pain or feeling uneasy. For example, a physical empath might start experiencing sensations around or inside their head when they see someone suffering from a headache. Yawning and feeling ticklish are some of the most common sensations felt by low-level physical empaths.

Feeling physical sensations while only watching someone experiencing the same is crazy and I know this all might sound even scary. However, the break in the clouds is that physical empaths can also feel pleasure seeing the well-being of others. Since they absorb others’ emotions, watching a person deriving physical benefits from exercises, laughing, and getting relief from bodily pain can actually motivate them.

Career For Physical Empaths

Career For Physical Empaths

Physical empaths can opt for a career in the health and medicine sector. Curing a person and relieving them from long-existing pain can comfort their inner self and boost their empathy. Being a physiotherapist, orthopedic or gym trainer could be a great option for such empaths.

If you lie on the higher-level side of physical empathy, going for the job of a surgeon or any other medic that encounters serious cases of accidents could be a mistake. Such intense sights can overwhelm you and negatively affect your mental health.

Emotional Empath

Not all empaths are highly sensitive or emotional. It’s a false notion that many of us have about empaths because that is exactly what society teaches us. We need to understand that empaths are not weaklings who need constant support and attention. Having an emotional empath as your buddy could be a blessing as they would put themselves in your shoes every time you express your emotions with zero judgment.

The major problem with emotional empaths is – they become a home for a lot of people. Maybe they don’t even want to hear another story of a friend getting dumped or stood up but their empathy pushes them to be there for anyone that seeks their help. Being exposed to negative experiences can affect anyone’s mind and on top of that, emotional empaths literally go through all the emotions expressed in front of them! Their level of exhaustion and frustration could be hardly understood by anyone.

Due to all these factors, empaths of this kind tend to shut themselves off from the world and are generally introverts.

Try to avoid those friends who are always complaining and use you as an emotional dumping bag. You are not responsible for someone’s pain and it’s not your job to comfort or heal others at the cost of your mental health. Practice self-care activities often and focus on understanding your own emotions first. Try to help those who are really in need of a listener but don’t immerse yourself completely in others’ emotions.

Career For Emotional Empaths

If you are an emotional empath, I would suggest you go for a job that allows you to use your empathic power. Being a psychiatrist, counselor or psychologist could be a good option for you.

Since you understand everyone’s emotions so much better than others, you might also polish your public speaking skills and become a motivational speaker. However, stay away from jobs that require criticizing others like politics, as your unkind words can pierce your delicate heart and leave a long-lasting scar.

Intuitive Empath

Intuitive empaths are advanced versions of emotional empaths. They can read people’s minds and interact with energies given out by people. Now, this seems like a real superpower, doesn’t it?

Being able to understand the unspoken is a unique quality that these kinds of empaths are gifted with. They communicate through energy and rely on their intuition. Watching someone going through pain in silence can trigger their empathy and they will rush to help the individual.

Intuitive empaths are highly affected by their surroundings and get fatigued often when exposed to the sadness and distress of others. They sometimes try to avoid reality and find difficulty in accepting harsh facts.

Career For Intuitive Empath

Career For Intuitive Empath

Being an intuitive empath isn’t all about dealing with negativity and struggling to keep sane in this eccentric world! These empaths love to see people growing and leading healthy and peaceful lives. In other words, they are peacemakers of the world. If you are an intuitive empath, you can build a thriving career in mentorship or volunteer work. Since you have an extraordinary gift of being able to understand the sufferings of plants and animals, you could easily become a great environmentalist or animal rights activist.

Multitasking might not be your thing. I intuitive empaths are generally highly focused individuals who dislike being rushed. As you are used to picking up unexpressed feelings, maybe babysitting could be a good job. New parents find it hard to decipher their child’s gibberish and you would be a great help in making their parenthood smooth.

Studying psychology is something you are naturally a pro at! Since you want to bring people closer and can conveniently read a room, the job of a marriage counselor, mediator or negotiator might be the best for you.

Also, avoid working in a toxic environment. Stressful corporate jobs and hitting targets could be overwhelming for you. Intuitive empaths have great imaginations and are creative beings. They are easy to slip into the world of fantasy if the present environment seems extremely negative. If you have an artistic knack, follow your talent and you can do wonders!

Dream Empath

Dream empaths are again a special kind of empaths. They derive their wisdom from dreams and remember them quite vividly.

These empaths try to find the answers to their questions in their dreams. They usually have a personal guide who communicates with them during the sleeping hours and provides them clarity of mind. This guide could be their loved ones, an animal, a self-made character, a god, a voice or even their alter ego.

Dream empaths like emotional empaths, love to live in the fantasy world. Dreaming is their favorite activity and they might want to escape from reality and try to sleep most of the time as it is comforting. Some dream empaths also believe that sleeping hours are the most productive hours of their day.

Due to their unusual power of deciphering dreams and extracting meaningful messages from the subconscious world, dream empaths can gain better insights into their own life. If their abilities are channelized the right way, they can become valuable assets to the world and help people who are looking for solutions to their complex or unheard problems.

Career For Dream Empath

Dream empaths can interpret symbols and signs and can find good career options in fields relevant to those skills. They can opt for archaeology, numerology, fortune-telling, and carrot card reading.

Dream empaths have powerful intuition of past and future and they can meditate to develop their abilities even more. Spiritual gurus and guides are often dream empaths who have greater clarity of life. They are better at decision-making than ordinary people.

If you are a dream empath, you must reflect on what you think about all day. Your environment and surroundings largely impact your dreams and you need to be extremely careful about what you absorb in the conscious state. Maintaining a journal for your out-worldly experiences. It would help you interpret the hidden meanings of your dreams.

Animal Empath

If you are an animal empath, chances are you already know it. Does looking at a dog drenched in rain bring you immense discomfort? Do you feel like taking all the homeless animals to your house and treating them? Well, then my friend you are the angelic animal empath and have got an incredible gift of picking up on the emotions of these creatures.

Animal empaths are generally extremely sensitive and can’t look at animals being mistreated. It breaks their heart every day to see the hurt and ill stray animals and they go to great extents to help them in any way they can. Some animal empaths also practice veganism and advocate against animal slaughtering and the meat industry.

Being an animal empath is a superpower as you can communicate with these creatures without uttering a word. Animals are your best friends and you would ditch any party to spend some time playing with them. You easily form fun connections with others pets and are proud to be a mom/dad of your pet. Talking to a stray animal brings you incomparable joy and you exchange positive energy with them.

Career For Animal Empath

Career For Animal Empath

If you are an animal empath it’s no brainer that your most suitable career option lies in the animal-life-related sciences. As you are an empath at the end of the day, healing is your ultimate pursuit. You can become a veterinary doctor and also opt for zoological study to get acquainted with both analytical and descriptive aspects of animal life.

Avoid searching for jobs in the food or clothing industry! Both of these sectors use large amounts of animal products and the ground level facts could be disturbing for you.

Animal empaths show significant mental health improvement after adopting a pet. Their empathy has to find a way to get out and what’s better than giving a comfortable life to homeless animals? If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or frequent panic attack and aren’t able to open up to people about your condition, pets can help you in overcoming your difficulties effectively.

Plant Empath

Plant empaths can pick up the emotions of the greens. They love nature and want to spend all of their time surrounded by greenery and vegetation. They are great at taking care of plants and gardens and feel content catering to the needs of these lives without asking for anything in return.

The best part about being a plant empath is that you don’t have to worry about getting exhausted. Plants will only show the signs of their sufferings and ailments and you can try your best to cure them and make them lush again. Empaths of this kind channelize their power for the betterment of something that can’t speak or express themselves. Greenery is synonymous with their happiness and healing is their greatest strength.

Career For Plant Empath

Plant empaths have a great scope in careers that have anything to do with the green life. They can become gardeners, landscapers, or even try their hands at farming. If you are a plant empath yourself, pursuing any agricultural science discipline like horticulture, plant pathology, weed science, entomology, etc could land you the peace and contentment you have been looking for.

In case you aren’t able to take up these jobs, I would advise you to renovate your house with a lot of homegrown plants. Exchanging energy with them will refresh your mood and help you cope with the daily stresses. They also land plenty of health benefits as they boost air purification inside your home and absorb air pollutants.

Earth Empath

Earth empaths are the closest friends of nature. They read the signs of mother nature and react to them. In simpler words, their emotions are driven by earthly signs.

These types of empaths grow sad on winter days and are full of high spirits in the summertime. They are great nature freaks and are often found wandering in the forests or taking a stroll around unknown trails to find unexplored natural magnificence.

If you are an earth empath, nothing warms your heart like the delightful sunlight. You can feel the power of storms and lightning and want to repair the damages caused to nature due to human activities. Understandably, you cannot bear the sight of extensively polluted natural bodies and want to jump in your tracks right away to clean up the mess humankind has created. You treat the earth as a living being and try to understand its emotions through natural happenings.

Career For Earth Empath

Career For Earth Empath

Since you are innately connected with the earth and possess the ability to decipher its signs, environmental studies should be on the top of your career list. You can also go for jobs that keep you in contact with nature like a travel guide or full-time hiker.

Earth empaths like to study the nature and evolution of our planet, so history, agriculture, and even astronomy could be a favorable area to explore for you. Since you are against any activity that harms the environment any further, avoid searching for jobs in the construction sector. Farming might be something that can bring peace to you and provide you the relief of restoring the grandeur of earth.

I would advise you to try to focus on the positive aspects of developmental activities and do your bit wisely. The debate of development Vs environment is age-old and you don’t want to dishearten yourself any further by indulging in never-ending disagreements. Just concentrate on things that bring you joy and peace, and if you are certain of making a change, no one is stopping you from taking the high road!


Now that you have learned so much about empaths, I am quite sure you must have figured out which type you are! Picked out your dream job from our suggestions of the best career for each type of empaths yet? If not, keep on researching more and you’ll get there!

Being an empath comes with a lot of responsibility and I understand that all of the pressure could be tiring. But hey, always remember that you are one of the special ones trusted with an incredible amount of compassion and empathy which could bring a change in this world. Being said that, you also need to keep yourself sane and care for your health to dodge frequent burnouts.

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Careers For Each Type Of Empaths and Which Ones to Avoid

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