Dangers of Opening the Third Eye

Dangers of Opening the Third Eye

We’re sure you are all fascinated by the subject of the opening of the third eye. 

The third eye is the sixth chakra or energy center in our body, the opening of which can give you access to realities that exist beyond our ordinary lives. Situated at the center of our forehead, the third eye cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be felt as a source of energy if you concentrate regularly. 

It is not compulsory that the third eye will open only when you follow a specific type of meditation. If you are dedicated to your task and are determined to achieve your goals, your third eye may open, which results in better sentience of your work. This means that you will understand the reason behind everything due to your intensified intuitive abilities. 

Although the practice of opening the third eye is not that simple, and not everyone can experience it. If you want to experience this, you need to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. This means that there are many changes one can expect in their life by opening their third eye. Therefore, you have to be prepared and bear all the repercussions of opening your third eye. 

If you have decided to open your third eye, make sure to read this article to understand its dangers and then make a final decision.

Enhancement of your five senses

The opening of your third eye occurs when all your senses are in complete alignment with each other. This results in the working of all your five senses, i.e., sense of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling, to their full potential. 

You can observe the minute details around you and start to feel things on a spiritual level. At first, you may feel like you have become overly sensitive to everything around you, like you will become irritated easily by loud noises and bright colors, but as time passes, you will adapt to these changes. You just need to have patience, and soon you will find yourself on another level, spiritually. 

Difficulty in sleeping

Due to the increased sensitivity of your senses, you may find it difficult to fall asleep at night. For people who don’t like any disturbance while sleeping, this may come as a big nuisance. 

You will start to see lights of different colors and obscure patterns when you close your eyes to fall asleep. This will make it difficult for you to fall into a complete state of sleep. All of these result from the opening of your third eye, and you will get used to it as time passes. 

Frequently occurring weird dreams and nightmares. 

One of the most common occurrences associated with the opening of the third eye is having strange dreams and, sometimes, nightmares. These can make you feel like some negative energy surrounds you, but it is not the case. These dreams and nightmares are not something to be scared of but should be interpreted as a message from the universe. This message is usually related to something that is happening in your life. The reason for these dreams and nightmares is your increased accessibility to the positive and negative realms of the universe. Your regular sleep schedule can be highly disturbed due to these dreams and nightmares. 

Increased anxiety

All of these strange happenings and your increase in sensitivity to everything around you may leave you baffled and perplexed. The suddenness of these changes might scare you initially as you cannot figure out what will happen next. 

This can result in bouts of anxiety at a certain point where you would find it difficult to accept these transformations in your life, especially if you had no idea about them before you took this decision. Therefore, you should know that with the opening of your third eye, there will be drastic changes in your life, and you should prepare yourself accordingly. 

Experiencing headaches very often

Headaches are highly likely to occur if your third eye is opening. The frequency and intensity of these headaches may vary from time to time. 

But why does your headache when your third eye is about to open? 

This can be understood by the following fact- your third eye is located at the center of your forehead between your eyebrows. So, when your third eye chakra starts aligning, there is the accumulation of Kundalini energy at your pineal gland or the third chakra. Due to the increase in the energy in your brow chakra, there is always a feeling of slight pressure, and frequent headaches become quite common. 

Disconnected from the real-life

The opening of the third eye opens a gateway between different realms. This can make it hard for people to stay connected to one place or reality, and their minds may wander off to different places very easily. 

This can make your mind unstable as it would become difficult for you to figure out what is real and what’s not. 

Accurate predictions

Owing to the increased activity of your senses and your access to different metaphysical realms, your intuitive abilities will also reach a new height. In layman’s terms, you will be able to read people’s thoughts and what action they will take. 

So, you need to prepare yourself to face any situation. You may some harsh realities about people you had your faith in, and it may come as a great shock to you. This can put you in an uncomfortable situation in life. 

You should not get scared of this but consider this as a blessing in disguise. These abilities will help you stay away from situations that can become toxic for you in the future. Also, they will help you figure out the best decisions for yourself. 

Astral projections 

Have you heard people talk about an out of the body experience? They talked about feeling like they were floating outside their body and looking at the world from a new perspective. It felt like they were looking down at their body from the outside. 

Well, this is known as astral projection. 

And if you have decided to practice opening your third eye, you may also experience these astral projections. It will scare you a lot when it happens and can also be dangerous for you. 

When you experience astral projections, your soul will be able to travel different universal realms and gain a lot of erudition while it travels. Both your soul and body become separated and, as a result, become more vulnerable to the outside world and the spiritual world. 

A sudden burst of emotions

All these drastic changes that come with opening your third eye may frustrate you to a large extent. You may lash out at people without any reason and feel irritated very quickly. To make matters worse, you’ll be experiencing headaches, anxiety and bizarre dreams and nightmares. All of this can confuse you, and you won’t be able to think with a clear mind. Your family and friends may start to worry about your behavior and lead to many relationships going downhill. 

Of course, this moodiness may not last forever, but you must be patient enough to get used to this.

Ruining of some chapters in your life

Many relationships in your life may get the blow because of the drastic changes in your life. You will not be able to give adequate time and attention to your personal relationships, which can destroy the bond you have with people around you. 

During this time, it is very difficult for you to understand your complicated behavior, let alone explaining it to somebody else. Also, not every person believes in the subject of spirituality, and they may not believe anything you say. This may cause you more hurt and pain, resulting in you isolating yourself from the world. 

You will feel a bit depressed when you are undergoing so many changes in your life, but you need to understand that these changes will benefit you in the long run. It will help you cut off toxic and pretentious people from your life and realize what is best for you. 


Opening the third eye requires tremendous dedication on one’s end, not to mention that the path is also not straightforward. You have to be prepared to face things that people have only read in books. The changes that occur when you are walking on this path will surely intimidate you, but if you are determined, you will get used to these changes as time passes. The gifts of opening the third eye require you to cross several tests, and if you pass them, it means you are destined for achieving incredible feats in your lifetime. 

These were the signs that are associated with the opening of the third eye. Make sure to understand the whole process properly under the guidance of an experienced person and take any decision only after you are ready to face all the tough challenges.

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