11 Signs You’re Emotional Empath and What It Means?

Empathy is a wonderful emotion that exists in distinct levels in every human being. For some people, the wires of empathy are totally overlapped by sympathy or vice-versa, altering the levels of both these emotions significantly. So when everyone possesses empathy, why is being an “empath” a huge deal?

Empaths are more than just being individuals with greater compassion and kindness. They are special humans who have unbelievably high levels of empathy to the extent that they feel others’ emotions. Not only that, empaths come in a wide variety and each type possesses a combination of diverse traits which makes understanding their dynamics extremely difficult.

In this article, I am going to throw some light on emotional empaths. They are the ones who are considered to be the most sensitive people.

To generate a better understanding of emotional empaths, you will first need to find your way around empaths in general. So, what does the word “empath” really mean?

What is an empath?

Many studies and researches have been conducted to give a proper, universal definition to the word “empath” but we can still find irregularities among these definitions. To get a broad idea- empaths are the individuals who have a more advanced emotional configuration. They can feel the sentiments of others and go through their experiences like they are their own.

Empaths are, in a way superior to normal people when it comes to matters of emotions. They imbibe energies from around things and people and try to explore them with their senses. They are also found to have better and more accurate intuitive abilities.

What is an Emotional Empath?

What is an Emotional Empath

Now, coming to our main question-  What is an emotional empath?

An emotional empath, as the name suggests, is a person whose emotions overpower all his other senses. Such individuals connect with the sentiments of other people and try to feel them for better understanding. As per the norms of society, all empaths are highly emotional and sensitive. But the reality tends to greatly differ.

Among all the types of empaths known to us, only one i.e. emotional empath is the overly emotional type. All the other empaths have unique traits that play a deciding role in determining their behavior. To be precise, there are at least 11 types of empaths- physical, intuitive, dream, plant, animal, earth, telepathic, psychic, psychometric, hyeoka, and emotional.  If you find yourself exhibiting elevated empathetic behaviors, it’s going to take a while to recognize which type of empath you are.

Emotional empaths are confused to be weak and vulnerable. If you explore their plight with due consideration, you will find that they are dealing with a lot regularly. You might also start to notice that they are one of the strongest people one can find.

11 Signs of Emotional Empath

Signs of Emotional Empath

1. You Mirror people’s behavior

It is no hidden fact that emotional empaths mirror other people’s emotions. They try to reach the depth of what the other people are feeling, consume their emotions, and radiate the same.

2. You experience Mirror Touch Synesthesia

Many empaths experience Mirror Touch Synesthesia, which is a condition where an individual’s senses are blended and amplified. Though this condition is not considered a  disorder, empathy might get overwhelmed by feeling others’ emotions all the time.

3. You have good communication skills

Emotional empaths like talking to a lot of people and making new friends. Due to their advanced emotional understanding, they are even able to do so without any difficulty. Most of the empaths are great at communicating and have mastered the art of making others feel comfortable around them. These individuals also possess incredible convincing power as they know what the other person is thinking and what he/she wants in the end.

4. You understand people’s thoughts like no one else

Emotional empaths are exceptionally understanding. They pay attention to the most minute details which help them obtain an understanding of a situation like no one else. They also are barely judgemental and like to see the good in people. It is one of the main reasons why people are drawn to them and like revealing their secrets to them.

Emotional empaths also like to look at the broader picture and give the most appropriate pieces of advice without considering their gains. They are the best friends everyone needs!

5. You like to listen to people’s stories

Emotional empaths love to listen to people’s stories. They have great imaginations and can picture the instances described to them. Because of this ability, they can understand people’s emotions with more clarity and connect with them at a higher level.

Emotional empaths also make notes from a person’s story to get to know them better. They use these insights to form accurate perceptions about them which eventually helps them to cultivate stronger bonds with them.

6. You maintain long-lasting bonds

Emotional empaths can get easily attached to people and things. Once they start mirroring someone’s emotions, there is no turning back. They begin feeling protective about the concerned person and have trouble letting them go.

People close to emotional empaths feel blessed to have them around. In the end, they have someone who wishes the best for them and listens to all their stories without any judgment. Such mutual feelings give rise to beautiful friendships and relationships that go a long way

7. You feel burdened most of the time

Since emotional empaths are always absorbing energies and listening to people’s unhappy experiences, they get frequently frustrated. They try to shut themselves out of the world and escape from reality. Though people blame their high sensitivity for their condition, it is unreasonable to do so. We need to realize that it is not their fault to feel this way as they are born with their abilities and can’t get rid of them how much they try.

8. You want to heal everyone

If you are an emotional empath, you aim to heal people’s souls. You go to great lengths and breadths to ensure that the person is always at ease and is feeling comfortable around you. You try to peek into others’ souls and have an irresistible need to know why they are hurting. In this process, you often get so invested that you end up messing with your mental health.

9. You are good at reading emotions

Emotional empaths are undeniably great at reading emotions. They do not need to express conversations about how a person is feeling at a particular time. They will just notice their expressions and perceive what they are going through.

10. You hide your emotions

Emotional empaths go through a lot of emotions daily. They become home for a lot of people as they are good listeners and can give valuable insights and bits of advice. However, when it comes to them trying to open up in front of others, they prefer remaining shut down.

They know that their feelings are unusual and a lot of people might not be able to understand them. In such situations, they will only look ridiculous and vulnerable. To avoid going through these possibilities, emotional empaths just hide their emotions from the world and keep them bottled up inside them. This in turn takes a toll on their mental health and leaves them feeling frustrated and lonely.

11. You pick up energies

Interacting with energies is a universal characteristic of all empaths but for emotional empaths, this trait could be a little too overpowering. At times it also might happen that they are just trying to enjoy a peaceful time with their loved ones and a barging of energy spoils their mood.

Empaths of this specific kind are more watchful towards negative energies and identify them much quicker than anything else. It could be both a boon and bane for them. Getting to know about negativity can alarm them of upcoming future hardships but also makes them extra conscious and they are left with nothing but worries.

11. You get strong intuitions

Emotional empaths are known for getting strong intuitions. They can predict how a person is going to act or how a particular decision is going to work out. It won’t be wrong to say that they can foresee the outcomes of a happening to a certain extent.

Since they have an innate ability to befriend energies, they might also get intuitions when they are trying to ignore them.

Pros Of Being an Emotional Empath

  • Emotional empaths connect with people at a deeper level.
  • They are quick to sense negativity.
  • Their intuitions are generally accurate.
  • They are creative people and always look for solutions to people’s problems.
  • They are a blessing for the people around you as you heal them from their traumas.

Cons of Being an Emotional Empath

  • Emotional empaths might feel lonely at times as they don’t want to trouble others with their issues and are often misunderstood.
  • Their decision-making abilities could be a little impaired as they are always looking at all aspects.
  • They are always distracted and looking for escapes.
  • They can get frustrated with their thoughts.
  • They ignore their own emotions as they can’t determine exactly which ones belong to them.


When people describe empaths generally, they are mostly stuck at emotional empaths. It’s a good thing in a way that people get more aware of the plights of these individuals. But it’s also a bad thing because society blames emotional empathy for being the way they are and constantly pesters them with pieces of advice like – become strong or don’t be a crybaby!

If you are emotionally empathetic, I hope this article helped you recognize your signs. You can try relating to them to find out whether you belong to this class of empaths or not.  That’s all for this meet! Take care of yourself.

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11 Signs You're Emotional Empath and What It Means

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