Grow Your Hair Back Spiritually

How to Grow Your Hair Back Spiritually? Angel Number, Archangels & Law of Attraction

Hair loss is a serious problem that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for both men and women.

Hair makes up an important part of your identity, so losing it would leave you feeling vulnerable in social situations or even just walking around town.

It’s easy to start seeing hair as something to be ashamed about when you have thinning hair or balding patches, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Losing your hair is something that happens to a lot of people and it doesn’t make you any less attractive as a person – in fact, there are many ways spiritually on how to regrow hair!

In this blog post, I will go over the 3 different spiritual methods I suggest for growing back your hair that has been lost or just speeding up hair growth!

  • Angel Number For hair growth
  • Archangels For hair growth
  • How to use the law of attraction and manifest for hair growth

Angel Number For Hair Growth: Angel Number 6

Angel number 6 is one of the most powerful numbers to call on when you are in need of growing back your hair or just speeding up the process.

The reason for this is because any angel number containing 6 signifies physical beauty and healing.

Normally angel numbers are a coincidence, not something you force however, to activate the numbers in your subconscious mind you can repeatedly start noticing any angel numbers with the number 6.

An easy way to see this number is by carrying around the number 6 with you all day, using it as a screensaver on your phone or even just writing down the number 6.

Remember it does not need to be 6 alone, it could be any angel number with 6 in it.

Archangels For Hair Growth

The archangels can be thought of as our guardian angels.

They are the ones who protect us and guide us through life to ensure we reach our full potential.

They want what’s best for all people, including you!

What Archangels help with hair growth?

The archangels that can help with hair growth are:

  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Michael

These two angels work together to protect you, heal your body and release any negativity blocking the way for abundance!

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael’s name literally translates into “God heals” so he is here specifically to kick out all those nasty viruses that cause loss of hair.

He will also help you to release any negative energy that may be causing your body or mind to become imbalanced in some way, which can lead to poor health and loss of hair!

Ask Archangel Raphael to heal you and grow your hair back.

There is no need for chanting just close your eyes and genuinely ask for Archangel Raphael to heal and grow your hair back!

##Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the angel who offers protection for all people across the world – including yourself!

This means he makes sure no harm comes to you both physically and emotionally so your hair stays in the best condition possible.

He will also help to heal any emotional pain that may be holding back your ability to grow healthier hair, which is why it’s important to do this ritual with Archangel Michael!

The same process with Archangel Michael as said with Archangel Raphael.

Law of Attraction & Manifestation for Hair Growth

Your thoughts are your most powerful tool when it comes to regrowing hair!

The law of attraction states that the energy you put out into the universe is what will be returned back to you in some shape or form.

If this feeling isn’t strong enough, it’s time to step it up a notch and really start believing in what you want.

It may seem like something as simple as losing hair is out of your control, but that’s just not true!

You can channel the power of positive thinking into manifesting great things for yourself – including hair growth!

We all know how much stress and anxiety can affect our lives in a negative way, but did you know that it also affects your hair growth?

1. Visualization

Think about your hair, how it looks now and what you would like it to look like.

Start imagining yourself with a full head of healthy hair that’s growing back or even better – already grown out!

Visualizing this will work as a reminder every time something triggers your negative thoughts around losing your hair.

It’ll remind you that you’re capable of doing anything and that your hair will grow back.

The law of attraction is all about the universe bringing things to you when they are in alignment with your thoughts – so make them good ones!

Start by visualizing yourself as a happier, healthier person who’s more attractive because their full head of hair makes them feel more confident.

It doesn’t have to be a specific image, just the thought of being happier and healthier overall will attract good things into your life – including hair growth!

2. Acknowledge limiting belief

The next step is for you to acknowledge the limiting belief that’s stopping you from growing your hair back.

For example, if it was a traumatic experience that caused your hair loss – do some research on ways of overcoming trauma and moving forward with your life.

Or if it was simply genetics or age-related thinning – think about how you can live a healthier lifestyle to reduce the chances of it happening again.

You have an opportunity here to change your life for the better and grow back what was taken from you through no fault of your own!

Visualizing yourself with great hair will help bring this closer but don’t forget that you need to take action, too.

3. Reciting Affirmations

It may seem a little silly but reciting affirmations can help you manifest your hair growth!

There are plenty of ways to go about this, from writing them down and sticking them around the house so they’re constantly staring at you or simply saying it out loud when no one’s listening.

Just remember what we said before – if you don’t believe it, neither will the universe!

Every time you feel like giving up or your confidence slips because of the thought of losing your hair – recite an affirmation.

It could be as simple as “My perfect head of hair is growing back” and then going on to list all the reasons why you deserve full scalp coverage at last!

List your affirmations in a notebook or journal where you can look back on them later.

You’ll be surprised at how often the universe brings these things to mind and helps you gain confidence along with hair growth!


As you can see, there are so many different methods and tools when it comes to hair regrowth by spirituality.

But remember, you have to keep believing and stay focused on your goals.

As soon as the negativity starts creeping back in, take action by repeating an affirmation or visualizing yourself with great hair!

The key is consistency so start now and never give up hope that it’ll happen for you too!

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