How to Create a Manifestation Box

How to Create a Manifestation Box – A Creative Way to Start Your Manifestation Journey

The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws that govern our lives. It is always in motion, scrutinizing our every movement and determining the results of our efforts. But it is only us who can determine how the law of attraction works in our favour as it is said that we are the creators of our destiny. Your reality is being created by your thoughts at every moment of your existence. If you can understand how this process works, you can change your life by a lot and create a great future for yourself. 

Manifestation is one of the most central elements that help you attract the universe to work in your favour. People follow different kinds of manifestation practices all around the world. Manifestation should be considered as a meditative activity, and your routine should be devised according to it. In this article, we will be talking about one such method of manifestation, i.e., by creating a manifestation box. It is an ideal tool for people who like to be creative and want to bring their creativity into their spiritual journey. 

Let us understand everything about the manifestation box in detail. 

About Manifestation Box

A manifestation box is a personalized box or a tool representing all your wishes, dreams, and visions. It acts as a medium to channel your energy during the process of manifestation and is very similar to a vision board. 

To create a manifestation box for yourself, you don’t have to go overboard with your budget. This box is very affordable to make and a creative way to embark upon your spiritual journey. 

To create a manifestation box, you need a box to decorate with your creativity. Now you need to fill the box with a few things that are imbibed with your energies. These objects will help you send your message across the universe and bring you nearer to your goal. 

Perks of Having a Manifestation Box

The many benefits that are involved with creating a manifestation box are as follows:

It helps you to manifest more effectively.

A manifestation box helps to make the manifestation process more effective as it clearly reminds you of your goals. Each and everything that is present in the manifestation box reminds you of your intentions very clearly and prevents you from being distracted. When you focus only on the crucial things, it boosts the process of manifestation and brings you closer to fulfilling your goals.

Good idea for people who have a knack for creativity

Manifestation is a perfect way to follow the spiritual path with gusto of creativity.  Also, creative activities have their way to calm and relax a person. Channelling your creativity by creating a manifestation box can help a person release stress and concentrate on their goals better. 

It’s personalized

Personalized items make us feel more special as they are something that belongs only to us. They can’t be found commonly and represent only you and your thoughts or feelings. Similarly, a manifestation box doesn’t go by a rule book, so that you can tailor it according to your likelihood. This gives the box a personal touch, and it will help you relate to the stuff inside it more easily. 

Useful for people who have trouble manifesting using their imagination only

Not everyone is good at creating scenarios in their heads. And for some people, it may become difficult to imagine and feel their emotions with the focus that manifestation requires. 

Many people rely on visual and kinesthetic cues to understand their surroundings better. Manifestation employs the use of items that signify your intentions, feelings, and goals. So, every time you hold them, you are reminded of the intention associated with the particular item. That is why a manifestation box is a perfect choice for people to understand their emotions better and focus on their goals intently. 

Acts as a physical reminder 

A manifestation box is basically a physical reminder of what you want in life. It helps you to filter out things that are unnecessary and can distract you. If you manifest only using your imagination, there is a high possibility that your mind wanders off to different places resulting in the weakening of your concentration. Instead, having a physical reminder helps your mind to be on track and channel your energy towards the main issues. 

A break from your monotonous life

Often the monotony of our lives prevents us from engaging in spiritual activities. Many people don’t find these practices engaging enough, and they are unable to focus on manifesting their ideas into reality.

That is where a manifestation box has a significant role to play. It can act as a creative outlet for people as well as lets them experience spiritual enlightenment. People can use scented candles, aroma oils or play sombre music that they enjoy while making their box. Doing this will help them put their mind to ease and relieve them from stress. 

It is an inexpensive way to start your spiritual journey.

Many spiritual practices can demand out of box expenses, making people hesitant to start their spiritual journey. Some guides will ask you to buy their courses, books and items promising you effective results. But a manifestation box doesn’t require you to spend a lot from your pocket. It doesn’t even require you to purchase some specific box from the market. You can just pick up any box lying around unused and improvise with your creative skills. Add colours of your choice, paint some doodles, or wrap it with a glazed paper; the options are endless. It should calm you down at the end of the day, and you ought to enjoy the process. 

Step-by-step Guide to Create Your Manifestation Box 

To create your manifestation box, the following are the basic pre-requisites 

  • A box (of course!): A box is the first and the foremost thing you will require to create your manifestation box. There is no specified type of box that you should use. If you have any packaging boxes lying around, consider the work half done. If you want something more distinctive, you can opt for a wooden box to add different aesthetics.  
  • Colours glitter, paints, wrapping paper: This includes anything you can use as an embellishment for your box. If you have some beads and stickers lying around, you can use them to make your box more cheerful and unique. You can add some beautiful keywords or pictures that signify your manifestation box. This will make the box more relatable to its defined purpose. 
  • Few objects to place in the box: Now, you will require some objects you intend to fill up the box with. If you don’t have any such objects, just plain paper and pen will suffice.  

The steps that to set up a manifestation box are described below:

1st Step: Define your goals

To begin your journey of manifestation, you should be clear about your goals in your mind. This is very important because if you are not properly aware of your goals, it is highly likely that you will get distracted, and your focus will deviate from the primary goal. 

If you have many things on your mind, you should prepare an organized list and place it in your manifestation box. Organizing your goals will help you clear the clutter out of your mind and bring your attention to the essential things. 

Think of this step as preparing a to-do list. Take a piece of paper and pen down your wishes one by one. Or, if you want, you can categorize them into a suitable list. In this way, you can prepare different lists such as your dream destinations, skills you want to excel at, things you want to buy etc. Letting all of your dreams out on paper and have a clear set of intentions in front of you will make you feel so much relaxed and at peace.

2nd Step: Add items that symbolize your intentions

Now that you have a clear set of intentions in front of you add items that represent those goals. These items are a medium to practice your manifestation process. Whenever you hold any of those objects in your hand, you need to think of the goal that is associated with it. This will channel all your energy inside that object and help you attract your desires into your life. 

No catalogue defines what items you can put inside the manifestation box. You can choose anything to put inside your manifestation box, given that it reflects the intention behind it. This will help you draw your attention quickly towards your intent and eliminates the possibility of getting distracted. 

Postcards, newspaper clippings, letters, souvenirs, etc., are examples of the objects you can put inside your manifestation box. 

Keep reading on to the next section, where we will elaborate on the significance of the elements that are present in a manifestation box. 

Different Elements in a Manifestation Box 

There are a few things that add a different value to your manifestation box, and according to us, they are an essential addition to any manifestation box.

Let us see what these special objects are:

  • Letters and Quotes to Self

This idea is for those who feel it more comfortable to express themselves by jotting down their thoughts on paper. Writing letters and quotes that fill you with positivity every time you open them can be a great addition to your manifestation box. 

You can also compose the quotes that will allow you to explore your inner self and evaluate your beliefs. This can be an excellent exercise for self-introspection and fill one with serenity every time they read those pages. 

Also, you can add lines or quotes of a person you look up to in life. If you have any paper cuttings that have meaningful words written on them, you can add them too. The purpose of these quotes, affirmations and small letters is to fill you with determination and bring you back on track every time you stumble upon your path.  

  • Photos and portraits 

This one is relatively simple and would be feasible for almost everyone. Visual prompts are a fantastic medium to practice manifestation every day. Make sure to include any images, portraits, paintings, drawings that are a symbolism of your dream in your manifestation box. 

If you want to be more creative, go ahead and create a scrapbook or just make a collage on a chart paper with all the clippings related to your dream. Every time you look at those collages and pictures, it will become a lot easier for you to practice visualization. 

  • Crystal Rocks and Stones

Crystals find a great significance in spirituality. They are formed over millions of years on earth and have been exposed to various environments. They are fascinating structures present on this earth and have been used by people for various rituals and ornamentation for a very long time. 

They are geometric and one of the most ordered structures that are present on this earth. Not only do they look mesmerizing, but they are also a great source of energy as they absorb any information they are exposed to and retain it, only to pass it on to their next bearer. 

You can keep different types of crystals in your manifestation box as a source of positive energy in your life. We have compiled the names of some accredited crystals that can be a great fit for your manifestation box and your life: 

  • Rose Quartz: A symbol of love
  • Citrine: To help boost your confidence and self-worth.
  • Amethyst: Helps you create that bridge between your physical world and the universe. 
  • Pyrite: For attracting monetary sources in your life. 
  • Green Aventurine: Opens a gateway of new prospects and experiences in your life. 

The subsequent steps after preparing your manifestation box

The subsequent steps are not so difficult. Your tool is ready. Now, you just need to use it. 

It is essential to realize the effort and intention that goes behind making this box.  It is not a showpiece, and you should know that if you don’t use your manifestation box, its value will be lost. 

Manifestation calls for timely attention and focus. While you are concentrating, it is essential to remember that excess of anything is not good. The universe thrives on balance, and you should also maintain that equilibrium while practicing your manifestation ritual every day. Try to develop a consistent routine and stick to it. Don’t go overboard with your practice sessions. 

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on manifestation unless you cannot focus on it intently. After you are done with your session, detach yourself from the idea of it and leave the box alone. Your work is now done, and now it’s the turn of the higher-ups.

Follow this ritual to magnify the influence of your manifestation box.  

For starters, you can begin your journey using this simple ritual that will help you get the best results out of your manifestation box. 

You can perform this ritual at any time of your suitability. However, according to spiritual significance, the time of the full moon is considered the most auspicious as the moon’s energy is on the rise and can have a positive impact on your life.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to perform this ritual:

  1. Smudge your box by lighting sage. This will clear any negative energy around the box and cleanse it thoroughly. 
  2. When you perform cleansing using sage, bring your attention to your purpose and goals in life. 
  3. Now you need to light four candles at four corners, which will symbolize equilibrium and synchronization.
  4. Recall your life’s goals and some quotes that make you feel good. Keep them repeating in your mind.
  5. The last step is to be grateful to the universe for whatever it has done for you so far. 


That was all about the manifestation box. If you are looking forward to venturing on your spiritual journey, but your wallet is holding you back, then this might the perfect match for you. Not only is it affordable, but a great way to communicate with the universe by opening your creative outlet. We hope you will try creating your manifestation box and have an overpowering spiritual experience with it.

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