How To Know If Your Third Eye Is Opening

How To Know If Your Third Eye is Opening

Our body consists of bundles of energy situated in seven different places along the length of our spine, forming a disc-like structure called Chakras or energy centers. These chakras are not visible to the human eye but can be felt through proper meditation and focus. The system of Chakras originated from ancient India and was first mentioned in the Vedas. They have been well-studied and relied upon by our ancestors and influence a person’s intuitive abilities. 

The third eye chakra represents the sixth chakra out of the seven chakras or energy centers present in our body. Also called the Ajna Chakra or the Brow Chakra, it is located at the middle of your forehead. This chakra influences your metaphysical and mystic abilities. Seers- the people whose third have been opened can travel between different realities with their heightened telepathic abilities. 

The opening and alignment of a chakra mean that the person’s abilities related to that chakra are working at their best. A person’s chakra can be opened by practicing proper meditation and aligning that chakra with the body. If a person is highly dedicated to their work, it may lead to the opening of their chakras and the attainment of spiritual balance. 

Below are some signs that will help you figure out if your third eye is going to open soon: 

There is a slight Tension between your eyebrows at all times.

One of the initial signs to know if your third eye is about to open is the occurrence of tension points between your eyebrows. You will feel a mild pressure between your eyebrows at all times, which will feel like someone is touching you at that point always. This pressure or warmth can be felt when your third eye is about to open regardless if you have spiritual ideas in your mind at that time or not. This may intimidate a person at first, but it’s nothing, just a way of your body to align with your spiritual self. 

Your intuitive abilities have been intensified lately.

If you believe in gut feelings, you may experience your intuitive abilities to be more accurate and precise as of late. You will be surprised by how you can sense people’s actions and thoughts before they let them out. This signifies that you are highly harmonized with your third eye chakra, which will open soon if you keep walking on this path. 

You have been experiencing frequent headaches.

Frequent headaches are a sign that your inner self is aligning itself to the third eye chakra and is preparing it to open very soon. The third eye or our pineal gland’s location is at the center of our forehead. And the reason for those frequent headaches is an accumulation of energy at that site. The best possible way to get relief from these headaches is to meditate regularly and doing things that soothe your mind. 

You can read people’s minds all of a sudden.

Reading minds is one of the most obvious signs of people who are experiencing spiritual alignment within their third eye chakra. As this chakra revolves all-around intuition and connection to the metaphysical realm, showing telepathic abilities is no wonder. You may find yourself reading people’s minds with great accuracy and will know if someone is thinking of you. These signs may come to you in various forms, like some voice or image in your subconscious mind. These happenings are nothing to be worried about but to be embraced as they tell you that your life’s journey is going on as planned by the universe. 

You have been getting signs about the things that are about to happen.

This point means that with your heightened senses of intuition, you may also see flashes or visions concerning things about to happen. With the help of this, you can steer clear of situations that are bound to cause harm to you, and you’ll also know if any decision you’re about to make will be right for you or not. 

These visions are a way of the universe or the divine power to warn you and guide you on your path of spiritual enlightenment and life in general. 

You are focusing more on your diet.

Becoming conscious about your diet day by day is a signal that your third eye is on the verge of opening. When we become aligned with our third eye chakra, we become more aware of our surroundings, and our perspectives start to change. We start paying attention to details in everything, especially our food. When their third eye chakra is about to open, people start noticing where their food is coming from, if it’s animal-based or plant-based and if it’s good for their body or not. 

They become more inclined towards organic farming and consuming vegan, non-processed foods. This is a method of detoxing the body of its damaging physical elements and is vital because it’s difficult to attain spiritual awakening if you are physically unhealthy. 

You have been experiencing very detailed and evocative dreams.

Dreaming is a common phenomenon in everyone’s life, but when you get allied with your third eye chakra, your dreams will become so clear that they will seem like a reality. These vivid dreams are not just ordinary dreams but a message from your guardian angel about your life. They are here to tell you that you need to make certain decisions to resolve the conflicts you face in life. Try to take dreams seriously and try to relate them with your life, and you may find something worthwhile. 

You realize that everything that is happening around you is not just a coincidence. 

Usually, people do not pay attention to the signs and signals given by the higher one as these signs more or less appear as coincidences. But if you have been deeply determined and focused on the road to fulfilling your purpose, you might start to read these signs and realize that everything happening around you is synchronized. Nothing is a coincidence, but the way of the universe to help you fulfill your purpose in life. 

And when you look back at everything you’ve gone through to date, you will realize that it had a meaning associated with it. This will enable you to understand your life better and give you the strength to deal with the situations at hand. 

You have become more sensitive to light and sound.

As we said, your senses become more susceptible to everything in your surroundings when your third eye is about to open, and this also results in you becoming more sensitive to lights and sounds around you. You start getting irked by loud noises and overly gaudy colors. This is because you have now started paying attention to the smallest details around you and seeking a peaceful and calm environment. 

You see different sequences and shapes when you close your eyes.

In normal circumstances, when people close their eyes, they are surrounded by darkness. This darkness is needed to fall asleep at night and also helps a person to experience calm from the hustle of everyday life. Whenever you feel like you’ve had enough, you can close your eyes for a few minutes and start moving wherever your imagination takes you. 

But if you find it hard to see the darkness while you close your eyes and are looking at different types of patterns, figures, and lights when you close your eyes, your third eye chakra is about to open soon. A person may see lights of different colors like blue and white and some intricate patterns that can make falling asleep seem like a task. It’s nothing to worry about, but you need to realize this as a sign from the higher one telling you that you’re destined for great things in life.

You have a goal in your life. 

All the signs we discussed above contribute to helping you make more mindful about your life’s purpose. You will soon start to find the meaning of your existence in this world. With all the newly gained mystic and telepathic abilities, you will figure out what you want to do in this life. Your interests will not only center around your needs but will address the welfare of the whole society. You will become more and more selfless and helping change the world will bring you joy. 


The opening of the third eye chakra requires a lot of focus and concentration, which can be achieved by meditating regularly. Although one should know that the third eye’s opening is not so simple, and not every person can experience it in a single lifetime. It is believed that people who have been reincarnated from a very old soul are most likely to experience the opening of their third eye. So, if you can relate to this article and feel like that your third eye is about to open, don’t get scared; instead, realize your divine calling and venture on to fulfill your life’s purpose.

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