How To Make A Wish Come True In 30 Seconds

How To Make A Wish Come True In 30 Seconds

Who doesn’t have a list of wishes and dreams they want to fulfil in life?

I’m sure you have too.

But we often feel burdened by our everyday lives so much that these wishes remain far from getting converted to reality.

What if I tell you that to make your wish come true, you just need to think about it, and you’ll have it soon.

Sounds unrealistic, right?

But it’s not.

Your mind possesses a power that you have been underestimating for too long.

Now is the time to realize your mind’s true potential and put it to use for your own good.

This can be done by manifestation.

Let me explain.

This universe revolves around the law of attraction. In simpler terms, this means that you get what you desire.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you desire something at this very second, it’s going to appear in front of you.

You need to desire that thing with your most genuine intentions. It is believed that everything in this world, including your thoughts, has an energy and some frequencies associated with them.

So, when you desire that thing with sincerity, you emit the frequencies that will help you attract stuff that has the same frequency.

Basically, this means that like attracts like.

In the same way, you can make your dreams come true.

You just need to use your mind’s full potential and manifest those wishes in your daily life.

People have been following this method for years to come closer to achieving their goals and making their wishes come true.

Is It Even Possible In Just 30 Seconds?

Well, to be honest, it’s not right to say that you can make a wish come true in 30 seconds.

The real motto behind saying this is that you can start the process that will take you to your goal.

You can’t get things in your life unless the universe thinks it’s the right time. That is why you need to be patient so that everything happens as it should.

All you need is 30 seconds to manifest that dream/wish into reality. These 30 seconds will be enough for you to visualize and take the power of your thoughts to a new level.

The dream will definitely come true at its destined time if you genuinely wish for it.

Steps To Make A Wish Come True In 30 Seconds Using Law Of Attraction

1. Visualization

Visualization is a very important aspect when it comes to manifestation.

You need to imagine yourself in that situation where you have achieved your goal and see how great you feel about it.

In order for the law of attraction to work, this visualization has to be as vivid as possible so that there are no chances of doubt whatsoever.

Your imagination should be as vivid as possible

This is the most important step.

You need to imagine yourself having that thing and living your life like you’re already doing it.  This will help you get closer to manifesting your wish.

In this step, make sure that you feel every part of the experience in your mind and body as vividly as possible. You can’t just sit down thinking about it with a casual mindset.

For manifestation to work, you need conviction.

You need to feel your emotions

It is said that whatever you feel, your mind and body go through the same feeling.

So, if you want something to come into your life, it’s important for you to have an emotion attached to it.

You need to understand how powerful emotions can be in bringing forth what we desire from this universe.

If you feel the emotions associated with your wish as you visualize, it will help attract those things towards you.

Write your wish down on a piece of paper

After visualizing and feeling your emotions, you need to write your wish down.

Take a pen and paper and start writing your wish in vivid description. Describe and write every aspect of it, and how it’d make you feel.

You want to have such pure intent and focus that you believe that it will happen soon.

This will also help you in making the universe believe that this is what you want.

It help’s you out when you write it down in the whole visualization process.

2. Acknowledge Limiting Belief And Replace It

After you have written your wish down, it’s time to acknowledge the limiting belief that is preventing your manifestation.

You need to find out what is holding you back from manifesting your wish.

It can be anything, for example, fear of failure or lack of belief in the universe’s power to make things come true.

There are various limiting beliefs that people have towards the manifestation and attraction process. It could be because it seems too good to be true or they don’t believe in this law of attraction stuff.

Our limiting beliefs are usually the ones that make us feel unworthy, undeserving or incapable to have what we want.

It’s like a voice inside our head saying “you can’t do it” which is stopping you from doing so.

You need to silence this negative belief and replace it with a positive one.

You need to acknowledge the fact that any negative belief is just an illusion and limits you from manifesting your wish.

3. Reciting Affirmations

Once you have figured out the limiting belief, it’s time to recite some affirmations.

You need to keep on reciting the affirmations until you feel that your belief has changed.

It will definitely take some time, but it will work eventually if you are strong enough in your thoughts and feelings.

Stay positive throughout this process because negative thoughts can really affect what you’re trying to achieve here.

These steps of visualization, writing down, and reciting affirmations will help you have a stronger connection and desire with your wish.

Dont Talk About Your Wish To Anyone

Have you ever talked with your friends and family about your goals?

They are among the first to judge and doubt you.

These are your goals, not theirs, so only you understand them.

This is why I personally never tell or discuss this with anyone.

Even if their intentions are good, don’t let anyone influence you because this can significantly hamper your ability to manifest things.

That’s why it’s best you left your wishes to yourself.

Don’t Think About How, When and Where It Will Happen

Don’t think about when, where or how the wish will happen.


You don’t want to be dwelling on the thoughts as this could create negative thoughts such as doubt or anxiety about the whole process.

You want to go on with your day like you normally do after you are done with the wish manifestation.

Even the slightest bit of doubt or worry will stop you from manifesting anything.

Detachment – Manifesting & Law of Attraction Principle

You need to detach yourself from this wish.

The more attached you are to something or some idea, the more badly you want it, you will naturally send out vibrations that are lacking and reek of desperation.

Negative emotions will overpower your desire to bring about your goals and make the whole endeavor far more difficult than it has to be.

You want to stay relaxed and calm about this whole process.

Remember that the universe is working with you towards gaining your wish, so everything will fall into place at the right time.

If you seem too anxious or desperate for something, then it won’t come as soon as possible because you’re sending out negative vibrations which attracts like energy.

Don’t get disappointed when something doesn’t come in exactly how you imagined it would be. This is natural because we all have different perspectives of what good and bad look like.

When you expect certain things to happen in a specific way, then this can lead to disappointment or even depression which will affect your ability to manifest anything.

Programming Your Subconscious Mind

Make sure you follow everything I wrote above and watch as your wishes come true.

Now, this can be hard for some people out there because negative emotions of any kind towards manifesting can make the whole process not work.

You need to program your subconscious mind to not have any of these doubts or worries.

Your emotion, feeling and vibrations all come from your subconscious mind.

Therefore, you need to train it to make manifesting and the law of attraction possible.

I highly recommend you check out manifestation magic course, it’s by far the best manifestation course out there where it teaches you how to program your subconscious mind and become an expert at manifesting and attracting anything they want.


I hope you understand the whole process of how to make a wish come true in 30 seconds.

It can be hard at times, but if done right then anything is possible.

You just need to believe and follow what I wrote above for this to work out perfectly fine.

Keep in mind that for beginners this could take a lot longer since you have way more doubt, anxiety, and worries.

Someone more advanced will have way more faith, pure intent and focus.

Therefore, this is something you should aim to achieve and strive for!

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