How To Manifest On Paper

How To Manifest On Paper? (Fast!)

Do you want to manifest on paper? But, How To Manifest On Paper Fast?

To answer it shortly, you have to create an intention, write that intention on paper then visualize. After visualization, you want to replace limiting beliefs and recite affirmations.

In this blog post, I will discuss whether manifesting on paper even work, manifesting examples on paper, does manifesting have to be on paper and how to manifest on paper quickly.

How To Manifest On Paper Quickly?

Here are the steps you want to take:

  1. Create an intention
  2. Write down that intention
  3. Use that intention to aid your visualization process
  4. Replace your existing beliefs with new ones
  5. Recite affirmations

1. Create an Intention

1. Create an Intention To Manifest On Paper

I have made a guide on this you can check out.

But, essentially you want to:

  1. Sit down and get comfortable
  2. You want to relax your mind more by meditating
  3. Now, you want to vividly imagine the things you want to manifest.

You want to vividly imagine every aspect of what you desire. This includes things like:

  • How will you feel after receiving your desire?
  • Feel the emotion you would feel
  • Vividly picture every aspect like the location, smell, sight and sound.

2. Write down that Intention

After that, you want to write down those intentions on a piece of paper. This is called your intention.

3. Use that intention to aid your visualization process

Now, you want to use that intention to help your visualization process.

Set that piece of paper in front of you.

Make sure you read it over a couple of times. Then you want to visualize the thing that you want in every possible detail.

The more detailed you are the strong the conviction, faith and focus you will have.

This is what we need in order for the manifestation process to work.

4. Replace your existing beliefs with new ones

Now, you want to replace your limiting beliefs with new ones.

These are the beliefs that will influence you to not manifest your desires.

You want to replace them with empowering ones like:

  • I am capable of achieving my goals and dreams
  • I deserve abundance in all forms including money, love, happiness etc…
  • The universe is abundant and there is plenty for everyone. I attract what I need into my life.
  • I am worthy of abundant living and I know it, now let me live it!

And so on… you get the idea.

5. Recite affirmations

Now, you want to recite the affirmations.

Every day, you want to get up and look at yourself in the mirror or write down your goals/aspirations on a piece of paper and read them aloud several times.

This is called affirming something into existence with your words.

The more often we speak our desires out loud the stronger our conviction is.

How to manifest on paper example

How to manifest on paper example

Let’s say your goal is to manifest positivity for that day.

You want to start by creating your intention. (Keep in mind you don’t always need an intention but, the stronger an intention you create the higher chance you have that the manifestation will work.)

Vividly picture yourself being more happy and positive. Imagine the things that you do when you are being positive.

  • How do you feel when you are being positive?
  • How different my life will be when I have more positive energy?
  • What does it look like, smell and sound like?

After that, write down your intention for the day on a piece of paper.

Then, you want to visualize that intention.

Vividly imagine yourself being more positive and how that makes you feel. (Remember to be as descriptive as possible, use the intention to go more detailed in the visualization process.)

Next, you will replace any limiting beliefs that you have towards why you can’t be positive for that day.

For example, you might think “I can’t be positive because I’m not happy with my life.”

This is limiting. You know it doesn’t have to affect your positivity for the day so why let it?

You want to change this thought to something like: “Positivity is an attitude and all of us are capable of choosing that attitude.”

After you have replaced your limiting beliefs, recite affirmations.

You can say them out loud or write them down on a piece of paper and read it aloud several times throughout the day.

For example: “I am an incredibly positive person with an amazing life.” (Or whatever positive words fit your goals.)

Why Do We Write Our Manifestations Instead Of Just Visualizing Them?

We know that the visualization process is the strongest way to manifest. However, not everyone can just use their imagination alone to visualize it all at once.

Some people need to write things down, and this just increases your chances greatly of your manifestation coming to fruition.

Does Manifesting On Paper Work?

Yes, it does. However, it depends on your skill level more so than whether you use paper to manifest or not.

The more you practice the better at it you will get.

Your goal is to use this method as a tool for your manifestation process – not the only way of manifesting things into existence.

Does Manifesting Have To Be On Paper?

Does Manifesting Have To Be On Paper

No, it does not. You can manifest on a phone, journal, or any other device you want.

Don’t focus on the medium, it’s about how strong your signal is to the universe which matters.

The stronger the conviction, and fewer doubts you have the stronger the signal.

You can use any medium you like so long as it helps you to visualize your intentions.

Do not think that writing on paper is the only way of manifesting things into existence because it’s simply not true!

It just so happens that paper is a great tool for visualization and manifestation work in general, but there are other options available too – don’t rely solely on this one method.

How many Times Should you Write Down your Manifestations?

It does not matter how many times you write down your manifestation. What matters is the conviction and faith you have towards it.

If you are up to writing down your manifestation several times or even many times, then go ahead.

It does not make any difference if it is only once written on the paper because there should be no doubt in mind that this thing will happen.

We only write things down and recite affirmations because they reduce the doubt in us and increase our faith and focus.


I hope my article answered all your questions regarding how to manifest on paper!

Manifestation on paper is a tool that you can use to increase your faith and focus on the manifestation.

It does not matter how many times it’s written down or where, what matters at the end of the day is whether you have achieved your goal or not.

Don’t worry about all these little things when trying out this method, just focus on your goal and what you’re trying out to achieve.

In the end, all that matters is whether it worked or not!

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