Is Life Harder As An Old Soul?

Is Life Harder For An Old Soul? 11 Difficulties Of Being An Old Soul

There is a commonly held belief that old souls have it harder than the average person.

Is this true?

To answer it shortly, yes but, that depends on the way you look at it.

In this blog post, we’ll explore more in order to get a better understanding of just how tough living can be for someone who has lived many lives before.

Why Is Life Harder For An Old Soul?

Well, let’s first consider the reason why old souls have it harder.

Old souls have more knowledge and understanding behind their actions.

And if you think about it, people who are wise beyond their years will be judged for being different by those around them, as they lack the innocence that is often associated with a person’s age.

In addition to this, there is also the experience of having been through many hardships in past lives, which leaves them with a greater burden to carry.

11 Reasons Why Life Is Harder For Old Souls

1. Experienced Loss Multiple Times

Old souls have experienced loss in some form or another, multiple times.

Whether it is the loss of loved ones, physical possessions, relationships that they worked hard to build only to see them crumble before their eyes…etc.

So when an old soul experiences this for the first time again (e.g death of someone close), they are bound to be more affected by it.

Their reaction will be stronger since they are used to experiencing this loss multiple times before, meaning that the first time ever for them is not as bad as you would expect.

2. Relationships Are The Hardest

When someone has been around for a long time, they have gone through many significant relationships.

It is harder for an old soul to form new ones since the first one was probably life-long and there isn’t much left in this world that can compare to it.

So when you find yourself continually going from relationship to relationship with nothing that great coming out of it, know that you are in the presence of an old soul.

Their relationships will be complicated and won’t always end well since they don’t find it easy to move on from their past experiences.

This is why forming new ones might not come naturally for them.

Although difficult at times, this does not mean that forming new relationships is impossible for old souls.

It just takes some time and effort, something they are willing to put in since their past experiences has taught them not to take anything or anyone for granted.

3. Overthinking

Old souls know a lot of things and this makes them more experienced than others.

It also means that they are more likely to overthink things.

So if you find yourself often worrying about the future or second-guessing every decision you make because of past experiences then, congratulations!

You’re probably an old soul too!

There is nothing wrong with this since it comes from a place of wisdom and experience but, there is just one little issue.

Overthinking often leads to stress and anxiety which can lead to other problems such as depression or insomnia.

4. Being Too Empathetic

This is due to the fact that old souls have been around for a long time and have seen it all.

They know what pain feels like, they’ve felt it before…and this makes them more sensitive to other people’s problems.

When an old soul hears about someone else going through something tough such as heartbreak or betrayal, their first instinct is to help or be there for them.

This might not always go as planned since old souls do not handle rejection well and can come off as clingy which makes it even harder for the other person to open up.

5. Hard to Make Friends

Old souls tend to want deeper conversations with people not small talk.

Eventually, they’ll find themselves in the presence of people who don’t share this same mindset and will just want to go with the flow since deep conversations can be uncomfortable for them.

They might realise that it’s best not to force anything so when you notice yourself distancing yourself from everyone or lacking friends altogether, know that old souls struggle more than others with this.

This is because they are not interested in superficial relationships and prefer to keep things casual instead of investing their time into something that doesn’t interest them.

6. Trouble Expressing Verbally

You find language to be quite limiting.

You can’t seem to express yourself fully with just mere words.

You know there’s more to what you’re saying than just the words that come out of your mouth.

This is because old souls understand things on a deeper level and don’t like feeling stifled by language.

They also find it hard to explain what they are thinking and how they feel because they know that language is not enough to do so.

It’s one of the reasons why old souls tend to develop an alternative way or form of communication such as writing, art or music.

This helps them express themselves more freely and without boundaries since they find words inadequate on some occasions.

Their feelings can be complicated and abstract which makes it particularly difficult to understand them.

7. You expect too much from yourself

In most cases, old souls are hard on themselves because of their high expectations.

This is why they tend to beat themselves up over the smallest mistake and strive for perfection in everything that they do.

This is a good thing since they aim for excellence but it can also be detrimental if taken to the extreme.

They might get so caught up in their work that they forget to take some time for themselves and don’t realise when things start spiralling out of control.

When you find yourself struggling more than usual with your daily tasks, know that it’s okay to give yourself a break every once in a while!

You deserve it.

8. You feel like you’re missing out

This is another common old soul trait.

They are always longing for something, whether it’s a person or an experience.

It might not be easy to pinpoint what exactly they need since this feeling could stem from many different things but no matter how much time passes by, nothing ever seems to fill the void.

This is because old souls are searching for something more.

They don’t want to settle down or feel stuck in a certain lifestyle, they crave freedom and adventure which means that an ordinary life would never be enough for them.

9. You want to do something meaningful with your life

This is another thing that old souls struggle with, the need for a purpose.

Since they’ve seen it all and done it all (at least in their eyes), this can cause them to feel unfulfilled at times which makes them want more out of life than just going through the motions day in and day out.

They might feel like they’re wasting their life away or that there has to be more than what is staring them in the face at all times, which can cause anxiety and even depression if it wasn’t dealt with properly.

Feeling lost when you look back on your time thus far isn’t a bad thing but it is something that you should take seriously because an old soul who feels like they are stuck in this state will not be happy.

10. You feel like you don’t fit in

You know the feeling of being somewhere but still wanting to be someplace else.

This can stem from not finding a role model or someone who is similar to you which will make it easier for an old soul to feel misunderstood and alone at times.

They might feel as if they are floating around aimlessly, trying to find themselves in the process.

This can make an old soul feel like they don’t fit anywhere and that their life serves no purpose at all which is why it’s important for them to acknowledge this feeling if they ever experience it.

11. You’re indecisive

Old souls are naturally more inclined to have a special kind of mindset.

They want to be able to see the bigger picture and can’t handle too many details at once since this stresses them out, which is why they tend to make decisions based on their gut feeling rather than following through with what’s right in front of them.

This can cause them to procrastinate and take their time with everything which means that they might not be too keen on committing themselves to anything.


As you can see, being an old soul isn’t the easiest thing in the world which is why it’s important to remember that everyone goes through their own struggles.

However, it’s all about perspective some might feel like these are burdens and others may feel that life is greatly enhanced because of these things!

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