Is Manifesting A Person Bad

Is Manifesting A Person Bad? Do These 5 Tips Instead

Is manifesting a person bad? Should you try to manifest someone you like? Can you manifest a specific person?

To answer it shortly, yes, it is since you are not respecting their free will. When you take away their free will, it’s the same forcefully making them get in a relationship with you. However, you can also get yourself into a toxic relationship if you pick the wrong partner causing you to suffer. This is why it’s best to manifest a relationship rather than a specific person.

In this blog, we will cover is manifesting a person bad, why you shouldn’t manifest a specific person, what to do instead of manifesting someone specific, does manifesting a specific person even work, what it means when someone is manifesting you and can you feel if someone is manifesting you.

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Manifest A Person?

1. Violation Of Free Will

Manifesting a specific person can also be considered as violating their free will. You are not respecting them just like you would if they were forcing themselves into your life no matter how much you didn’t want it.

You need someone who truly wants to be with you and loves every part of the relationship which includes all good times and bad. If you think of manifesting someone specific, it’s like forcing them to be with you which is not the right way.

2. You Might Hurt That Specific Person Or Someone Else

2. You Might Hurt That Specific Person Or Someone Else

If you do manifest someone specific, they might already be in a relationship with another person. This other person will obviously not like the fact that this random stranger wants to take their lover away from them.

This can cause serious harm and even physical damage towards anyone involved which is why it’s best to avoid manifesting someone specific no matter how much you like them.

3. Sure You Might Get The Specific Person But, They Might Not Meet Your Needs Or Wants

Just because you have manifested a specific person, does not mean they will meet all of your needs and wants.

If this was the case, everyone would be in a relationship with their dream partner but real life isn’t like that. The reason why people become unhappy is from being in relationships that do not provide what they need or want.

If you think of manifesting a specific person, it’s like going to the grocery store and getting food but not being able to eat because you have no teeth. You need someone who is ready for a relationship with all their needs and wants open so they can be completely happy in this type of situation.

4. You Lower Your Self Esteem by Doing It

Isn’t it a wonderful thing when someone wants you but, doesn’t need you?

Sooner or later you will realize that this person didn’t pick you out consciously or out of choice.

Tell me this, would you want someone who picks you because they have no one else they can be with? Or do you want someone who has a ton of options but, chooses to pick you?

You only got with this specific person because you manifested that specific person.

This is actually damaging once you realize that the only reason you EVER got with them was because of the manifestation process.

5. Most Likely They Will Leave You Once They Realize What You Have Done

5. Most Likely They Will Leave You Once They Realize What You Have Done

If you did manifest a specific person, they will eventually realize what happened and leave.

This means that the relationship is not how it should be because there was no true connection between both parties.

This can cause serious damage to your heart and spirit which might lead to depression or even worse if the situation goes on for a long period of time.

6. Others Will Judge You And Your Might Lose Your Friends

Imagine if you did manifest a specific person, how would your friends feel?

You might lose them because they don’t want to be around someone who is using the manifestation process to manifest someone specific.

7. You Might Manifest Someone Toxic

If you manifest someone specific and they end up being an overall toxic person, you will be the one who will pay the price.

This will cause you a great deal of pain, time and energy wasted.

What To Do Instead Of Manifesting Someone Specific? 5 Tips And Suggestions

What To Do Instead Of Manifesting Someone Specific 5 Tips And Suggestions

1. Work On Yourself First

The first thing you need to do is focus on yourself and what makes YOU happy.

When finding out what it is that really brings joy into your life, then manifest this feeling of happiness.

Instead of focusing on the person who will bring you all these feelings, just work on how to be a better version of yourself which attracts positive people rather than negative ones.

This way, manifesting someone specific will never enter your mind again because you are completely happy with who you are as a person!

2. Learn To Love Yourself

The next thing you need to do is learn to love yourself before anyone else.

This means that you want the best for yourself and your life but, don’t require someone specific to make this happen.

3. Become More Conscious – Practice Freewill

3. Become More Conscious - Practice Freewill

You want to practice being conscious. This means you choose to be with someone who also wants to be with you.

Not because they are forced or need you.

You don’t need that person in any way shape or form and yet, you want them, now this is the right way to pick a partner.

4. Practice Gratitude and Be Generous

When you practice gratitude, it helps pinpoint all the things in your life that truly matter.

The next thing to do is be generous and this means giving without any expectations or needs of getting something back.

This comes from a space deep inside where you know what you are doing will make someone else happy but, also yourself at the same time.

This is not about being selfish but, instead just wanting to share your good fortune with someone else.

5. Try To Manifest the Perfect Relationship Rather Than Someone Specific

Instead of manifesting a specific person, try to manifest the perfect relationship.

This means that you want someone who will bring love and happiness into your life.

Together both people in the relationship work as one unit with each other because they are co-dependent on each other for support and good energy!

Is It Bad Karma to Manifest Someone Specific?

Is It Bad Karma to Manifest Someone Specific

Absolutely! This is because you not only hurt yourself but, others in the process as well.

But, it depends on how you manifest someone, if there is someone in your life you want to be with, you manifest trying to help them out and send love towards them. This way you are helping them out and you are actually improving their life.

Another way which I recommend would be to become a loving person that most people are attracted to.

Work on yourself and naturally, you will attract many partners who want you for who you truly are!

Does Manifesting A Specific Person Work? Can You Manifest A Specific Person?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to manifest a specific person into your life depending on how good you are with the manifestation process.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should manifest someone specific.

It may not end up working in the way you would like it to work, people will sense that something is wrong and this doesn’t help anyone.

Instead, try to a perfect relationship, this will not only make your future partner happier but you as well!

What Does It Mean When Someone is Manifesting You?

What Does It Mean When Someone is Manifesting You

To answer it shortly, it generally means that they like you and they want to be with you.

This is a red flag in most cases because they don’t respect free will or don’t understand how this would hurt them in the process.

You should most likely pass on their offer. You could also guide them and make them understand how this is wrong and why it is wrong.

Although don’t assume they are trying to manifest you, just simply ask them if you have any doubts.

Ask for their true intentions and see if they are genuine and who knows you might want to be in a relationship with them!


I hope I answered every question you had about whether manifesting a person bad or not and what you should do instead of manifesting a person.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel to drop them down in the comments below!

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