Is Manifesting Some Type Of Magic Manifesting Vs Magic

Is Manifesting Some Type Of Magic? Manifesting Vs Magic

Many people think of manifesting and magic as the same thing. After all, the law of attraction states you naturally attract what you desire. So, naturally, you wonder is manifesting a form of magic?

No, manifesting is not magic. Manifesting happens due to a strong conviction that has the ability to give you something in reality. Magic is nothing but mere illusions.

In this blog post, we will discuss whether manifesting is magic or not and some differences between magic and the law of attraction!

What is Magic?

Magic is nothing more than illusions that have the power to make you wonder!

For example:

  • Houdini’s escape tricks
  • sword swallowing
  • X-men magic

There are many different forms of illusions and each one is unique.

For example:

  • trompe l’oeil (trick the eye)
  • sleight of hand or prestidigitation
  • card tricks

Not only that, when you call something magic, it means that it is supernatural and fictional.

What Is Manifesting? The Law of Attraction Explained

Manifesting is a concept of The law of attraction which states that “like attracts like” or that you naturally attract what you desire.

For example: If your dominant thoughts are about being broke, then this will be the experience of your life. However, if you think abundant and act as if you have money, the law of attraction will bring opportunities to make more money in your life!

Not only does it give you what you desire, but it also gives you the opportunity to bring things in your life that are similar.

I know it might sound a little crazy at first, but you have to try it out yourself to see what it can do for you.

How Are Magic And Manifesting Different From Each Other?

How Are Magic And Manifesting Different From Each Other

  • The biggest difference between magic and manifesting is that Magic is nothing but mere illusions while with manifesting you can alter your own reality.
  • Magic creates an illusion of things happening whereas the law of attraction works on your subconscious level, attracting opportunities to you based on your thoughts and emotions.
  • Another major distinction between magic and manifesting is that magic is unreal while the law of attraction works in physical reality.
  • If you want something bad enough in life, you will naturally find ways to achieve it. This is simply what the law of attraction is whereas in magic you’re expecting things to happen out of thin air.

Can You Use Magic Instead Of Manifesting To Get What You Want?

Nope. There is no way you can use magic to get what you want. You may trick your mind into thinking that you have received something but, we know that’s not reality.

The process of manifesting is rooted in reality because when you truly want something in life, you naturally tend to seek it.

And what you seek is generally what you get.

When you are in the manifestation process, you don’t expect things to come into existence out of thin air.

Through the visualization, intention creation, and reciting affirmation process you deeply influence your subconscious mind so that it naturally attracts these things.

It will naturally make you take action towards getting your desires.

Manifesting Vs. Magic – What Is Better?

Manifesting is 100 times better than magic. They are not even on the same level.

Magic can be used for entertainment. It is a form of deception because it is merely a bunch of illusions.

Manifesting on the other hand is entirely real and you can truly get what you desire.

If you truly want something in life, manifesting will help you achieve it. While magic can’t get you what since it’s not real.

What Is The Similarity Between Manifesting And Magic?

  • When you say something is magic, it means you don’t know how it happened. And if you are ignorant of how manifesting works, you may call it magic.
  • Manifesting may feel like magic because you are subconsciously attracting the outcomes you want in life so, when they happen to you, you may feel as if it’s magic.
  • They both originate from thought and imagination even though manifesting creates something in reality whereas magic is just illusions.


Manifesting has nothing supernatural about it whereas when something seems like magic people tend to think it’s something supernatural.

I hope you now understand why manifesting is not like magic and how they are completely different.

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