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Old Soul Child: What is It? 6 Signs You’re Raising A Gifted Child

What does it mean when a child is an old soul?

Some people believe that their souls reincarnate after death, and they can be reborn as another person.

Others believe that their souls are just born at a different time than most people.

But, old souls are basically souls who have experienced multiple lifetimes, therefore being much wiser and deeper understanding.

What Does It Mean When A Child Is An Old Soul?

A child with an old soul is someone who is aware of the world, and its problems.

They feel overwhelmed with life’s lessons which can cause them to become quite shy because they are observing everything around them.

They may not show much interest in playing or socializing like other kids their age do.

Because old souls seek knowledge and understanding through experience – instead of learning from others’ mistakes, they are more cautious in life.

They have the wisdom to know that they will fail, but still keep trying until they succeed!

Also, old souls tend to be overly responsible and mature beyond their years.

Others may see them as “old” because of their serious nature – even though others can’t possibly understand what’s going on inside of their minds.

Here are common traits of kids who are old souls.

  • They feel like they don’t belong in this world.
  • Lack of interest in playing games or doing activities that other children their age enjoy.
  • They do not like to be treated as a child, they want to be more mature and responsible.
  • They feel like they are the grown-up of the house and everyone is relying on them.*
  • Their physical body doesn’t seem to fit with their soul.

Why Are Some Children Old Souls?

Children are old souls because of past-life experiences.

They may have had a hard life before and that is why they are now reborn as someone more sensitive, loving and aware than most people who don’t understand them or even judge them for being different from others.

They are reborn to help others in this lifetime – but they may not realize it until much later.

Also, being an old soul is a spiritual gift.

It can be very challenging for them to live in this world because of what they have seen and experienced – so the best thing you can do as a parent or guardian is to love your child unconditionally!

6 Signs You’re Raising A Gifted Child

1. They are much more mature than their friends.

They will often talk to adults as if they were their peers because of the way they think and what is important to them.

This can sometimes make it difficult for children who are born with old souls, especially when trying to fit in with younger kids!

But parents shouldn’t worry about this unless your child truly does not want any friends or seems to struggle socially.

When kids are old souls, they will usually find their place in the world with people who share similar interests and values as them!

2. They can be very sensitive to the world around them.

They are able to pick up on other people’s feelings and are great at reading between the lines.

They know when someone is being fake or dishonest, they see things that others do not which makes it difficult for them in life because of what they have seen before!

3. They may feel like they don’t fit in.

They might not enjoy the same activities as their peers, and many times will to prefer staying home instead of going out with friends.

Because old souls want to experience everything possible – including life’s lessons and failures! They do not like leaving things undone or unfinished because it can leave them feeling much more anxious and depressed.

They will take their time to do something because they don’t want it to be a waste of their precious life, which can become frustrating at times for other people!

4. They are very spiritual.

They may have an interest in spirituality or feel drawn to it because of the nature of their souls and why they’re here on earth.

They are very connected to the universe and can sometimes sense when something bad or good is about to happen.

And this makes them naturally more open-minded than others even if their logical mind doesn’t understand why.

5. They are not interested in things that most children their age care about.

Gifted kids don’t feel a need to follow the crowd and may question why everyone else cares so much about what brand of clothes they wear, who is dating who or even where they want to go for vacation this summer!

In fact, many times old souls will feel like they are the only ones who don’t care about these things!

Old souls have seen it all before so what’s actually happening in this moment is much more important to them.

They may be drawn towards history, politics or even science because of their great interest in learning and understanding why everything exists as it does.

6. They are not afraid of telling the truth.

They have no problem speaking their mind even if it means hurting someone else’s feelings because they don’t want to be fake or dishonest – which can sometimes lead them into trouble with friends and family members who prefer being told what they want to hear!

Old souls know that hiding how you truly feel can lead to problems down the road and it is better, to be honest from the start.

And they have a lot of wisdom that will help them know when someone isn’t being truthful or genuine with them so you can trust your child’s instincts!

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