Signs You're A Plant Empath

6 Signs You’re A Plant Empath – And What It Means?

Empaths are the savior of this world. They play a crucial role in binding people together and healing them. These compassionate beings are much more than just “sensitive”. They are understanding, kind, genuine, and above all “special.” Society takes them for granted and labels them as weak and vulnerable, but the reality is – they are stronger than most of us. They are not only managing their own emotions but also absorbing others’ painful sentiments and lending their helping hand to cope with them.

As you might know, empaths come in a wide variety and exercise their power of empathy in diverse ways. There are actually 11 types of empaths and for today’s article, I have chosen “Plant Empaths” to base our discussion upon. Let’s get going!

What is an empath?

An empath is an individual who vibes with energies and auras. Such people are hypersensitive and try to see good in people all the time. They love to explore the complex minds of humans and heal them from past traumas. They are like the comfortable pillows one can embed their heads in and cry for hours without feeling judged.

Our society has perceived empaths a little differently. If we go by their common notion, empaths are weaklings who don’t have clarity about their own emotions. Well, this perception is highly flawed and extremely unfair towards empaths!

I am not denying that empaths can be a little too sensitive for this world and find themselves confused about their emotions. But that is only because their minds function differently and they share a different view about humanity. Empaths have a supernatural ability to see and hear things that we do not. Their intuition-making powers are out-worldly as they get to know the other person at a deeper level. It would not be wrong to say that empaths are humans in the purest form.

What is a Plant/Flora Empath?

What is a PlantFlora Empath

Plant or Flora empaths are an extension to Earth empaths. Earth empaths tend to show great empathetic behavior towards the whole of nature, whereas, Plant empaths concentrate their abilities on only plants. They pick the signs shown by green lives and also are quick to spot the problems associated with their health.

Being an empath is mostly the game of catching energies. Plants are mute but do have life, and average people normally pay less attention to this aspect. Empaths are all about giving something to the nature and people around them. They have an irresistible urge to contribute to others’ lives and make this world a better place to live.

6 Signs of Plant Empath

Signs of Plant Empath

1. Nature is your best friend

If you are a plant empath, you value nature the most. It’s both your best friend and your escape. Whenever you feel exhausted, you like to lie down in a quiet, serene environment and recharge yourself. It’s also possible that you talk to plants, which might be seen as absurd by many people. But really, who cares?

2. Plant empaths hurt when they see plants hurting

As you might have figured out by now, Plants empaths are highly emotional towards plants. They can sense when a plant is hurting and that in turn can bring them immeasurable sadness. They will try to go to great lengths to cure them.

3. They have an immense interest in medicine

Plant empaths pick up the hidden illnesses of plants and endeavor to find their cure. They show vast interest in the agricultural domain and have a bright future in disciplines like horticulture, entomology, weed science, etc. Their concern and curiosity are driven by their urge to eliminate plant ailments.

4. They feel happy watching the greenery

Being a plant empath means you derive satisfaction from watching plants grow healthily. Greenery helps you refresh your mind and you crave beautiful landscapes. Plant empaths are known for experiencing sudden mood changes which are steered by their surroundings.

5. They participate actively in environmental activism

Since plant empaths consider nature as their family, they can be considerably sentimental about them. These individuals cannot stand the acts that harm the plants in any way and always raise their voices against excessive use of pesticides, air pollution, and deforestation. They are great supporters of environmental activism.

6. Plant empaths are futuristic in approach

Plant empaths worship nature and consider vegetation as the source of life. They take an active part in plantation drives and promote sustainable development.

Pros Of Being A Plant Empath

  • Plant empaths heavily contribute towards environment conservation.
  • Their highly sensitive approach inspires the people around them for the betterment of the natural environment.
  • Plant empaths have bright futures in careers related to the agricultural domain.
  • Plant empaths can derive great contentment watching lush green landscapes.
  • Being this kind of empath means there is almost no scope of catching negativity, as plants do not carry baggage like humans.

Cons of Being A Plant Empath

  • Plant empaths get overwhelmed watching wilting trees and can develop Seasonal Affective Disorder at certain times of the year not favorable for plant growth.
  • They feel helpless watching humankind exploit natural gifts without due care.
  • Plant empaths can try to find their escape in nature and run away from their problems.
  • Their highly sensitive psychological condition can bring them a significant amount of distress.
  • Plant empaths are often found debating over-development vs environment, which can be a little unwelcoming by other people.


If you are an empath, being a plant empath can be a little less complicated when compared to the other types. All you want to do is look after the needs of the mute beings and extend a helping hand to help them flourish. However, you have to be careful enough to not let the plant emotions blend with yours. It will make it difficult for you to realize your own feelings.

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6 Signs You're A Plant Empath - And What It Means

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