Signs Your House has Negative Energy - How You Can Remove It

Signs Indicating the Presence of Negative Energy in Your House and How You Can Get Rid of It

Have you ever had a certain feeling of restlessness in a particular corner of your home? Nothing like the usual mess but something wrong with the feeling of that room. You could not concentrate because your mind just wandered off to a different place for some unknown reason. Or the place where you used to relax after long hours at the office wasn’t making you feel relaxed and peaceful as it used to. 

Do you find it difficult to go to sleep after a long day? Sometimes a place as relaxing as your bedroom may not make you feel well-rested after a long day. 

But if there is no significant change in your surroundings, what is the cause of such a tense environment in your home? 

And why are there spots in your home where you like to work or where you feel more productive while some spots don’t make you feel good? 

You may have heard people citing negative energy because they don’t want to be in certain places. This means that the place doesn’t bring out the best in you but fills you with negativity. And sometimes, you might have noticed that the aura of the room changes when you make specific changes to it. When you shift to a new area, you may find it difficult to relax, and certain things may bother you all the time. 

That is why it is essential that your home is arranged according to your mental and spiritual health. This will help you stay distant from any kind of negative energy and be more productive in your workspace. In order to make sure their house is free of any negative energy and makes them feel calm and relaxed, people have been practicing various techniques to cleanse their home. 

Clutter is a significant cause for making you feel demotivated at your home. Sometimes, your home may emit some wicked energy despite being neat and clean, which makes you feel gloomy.  

Below are some signs that mean there is a presence of negative energy in your home and a few techniques using which you can eliminate it:

Feeling Lack of Comfort in Your Home

For any person, their home is where they want to get back after a long and tiring day. But what if, after coming back home, it doesn’t give the feeling of calm and peace you were yearning for so much. 

You may start experiencing headaches, anxiety, and restlessness if this happens more often. 

Therefore, it is advised to have a specific relaxing space in your home that oozes calm and peace from every corner. 

You need to give your attention to a few things if you feel the presence of negativity in your relaxing place at home. First of all, make sure it free from any sort of mess. An organized and well-sorted space is a positivity trigger for your mind, and you are bound to feel more relaxed in a place like this. A messy place is going to stress you out even more and is a significant cause for distractions. Make sure to clean and organize your room more often, most likely every day. Frequent cleaning will help you save time as you won’t have to clean the big mess in a single day. Also, coming back to a clean room every day will surely make you relaxed as soon as you look at it.

Next, make sure that the colors in your room are resonating with your soul’s energy. The colors that make others relaxed don’t need to give you peace too. That is why find out what colors make you calm and try to incorporate those colors in your room. 

Use comfortable sofas and chairs to work. If they have rough sources that make you uncomfortable, change them. 

Also, pay special attention to the scent of your room. Indulge in fragrances that reduce anxiousness, lightly perfumed candles, or incense sticks, or use essential oils to calm yourself and relax. You need to get rid of any source of loud noises that can disrupt your peace. 

Also, in Feng Shui, removing sharp-cornered objects from your home and decorating it with circular objects like round top lampshades, tables and boxes will help bring positivity into your home. 

Making these small changes will help you feel much better, and within no time, your room will reflect positivity from everywhere. 

Frequently Distracted and Unable to Focus on Your Tasks

Do you feel unproductive in your home office? Are you unable to focus on the tasks that need to be done and find your thoughts wandering to someplace else? 

The solution to this problem is quite similar to the one we have mentioned before. The corner in your home, which is meant to be your productivity hub, should be as tidy as possible. Avoid using bright colors, intricate patterns and anything that makes you restless and anxious when you look at it. 

After you are done with your work, no matter how exhausted you are, try to clear away any clutter and tidy up your room. This will help you feel inspired and productive the next day you come back to that room to work.  

Use mild scents to create a peaceful atmosphere in your room. Strong scents in your home-office can sometimes be too intense and can cause distractions and headaches. 

Keep in check that your room has proper ventilation. If your room is very congested and doesn’t have proper aeration, it can make you feel suffocated, and you can’t concentrate on your work properly. Always keep your windows open for the air to cross and the sunlight to come in and light up your environment.

Whenever you feel anxious or restless while working in your room, play some calm and meditative music to calm yourself down. 

Relentlessly Feeling Apprehensive and Always on the Edge

Are you scared of going to certain rooms in your own house? Does your mind gets filled with anxious thoughts and feelings when you enter your home? 

The leading cause for this is the negative energy that is filled in the place. The primary cause for this negative energy can be credited to the mess in your room. 

 If you are fond of collecting artistic objects that have a history, make sure to cleanse them before bringing them inside your home correctly. These objects can harbor energies from the places they have come from, and these energies can cause all disruption at your place. 

Therefore, before bringing any antique showpiece into your home, make sure to cleanse it properly to remove any negative energy associated with it. The same thing goes for second-hand objects. 

If you have any items that are broken, replace them immediately or repair them as soon as possible. This is very important as broken and damaged objects are most likely to have negative energies associated with them. 

If you just purchased a house or a rented accommodation, salting the corners of your rooms will help you eliminate any negative energy of the previous occupants. This technique involves pouring salt into four corners of your room and let it sit for two days, after which you can sweep it out of your room. 

You can also bring crystals like rose quartz and black tourmaline to ward off any negative emotions and energies that are present in your space. 

Lack of Motivation and Creativity

If you feel like your home cannot inspire you for doing anything, if you don’t get any motivation from your home, then your house definitely needs some changes.

Try the various changes we have mentioned in the above points, like using more toned-down colors that resonate with you, use calming aromas and scents like chamomile and lavender, and the main part- clean any mess. We don’t pay attention, but more often than not, it is the mess lying around in our rooms that make us anxious and doesn’t let us think with a clear mind. Hence, to have a creative and productive day, make sure to remove anything that may distract you. If you are disturbed by any noise, remove its source, or change your space to where there are no such loud disturbances. 

Don’t pay attention to the ongoing trends. Design your place as it suits your spiritual and mental health. Mask away the things that do not bring you joy and throw away those that make you unhappy. If you sit on a sofa or a chair, make sure their surfaces are not rough or itchy. Use soft and comfortable surfaces to help you work in utmost comfort.  

For better creativity and concentration, you can also use Feng-Shui. It is a practice that involves arranging things in a particular order that creates a balance with the environment. This helps your inner self to re-align with your environment, which results in the flourishing of better ideas. 

Often Feeling Sleeplessness 

Insomnia or sleeplessness is one of the principal signs that there is some sort of negative energy in your house. Therefore, it is important to pay proper consideration to the place you sleep to feel well-rested the next morning. Remove any kind of noise disturbance and strong scents from your bedroom. Make sure to dust your bedsheets and pillows before sleeping. Keep your blankets, bedsheets, and pillows in the open air once a week to properly aerate them and kill any germs under the sunlight. 

Organize your bedroom according to your requirement. Keep it neat and clean. 

If you get any headaches or get any negative thoughts while you prepare to go to sleep, you can light scented candles and use essential oils in your room. Also, keeping plants that provide soothing scents can help you get better sleep.  Lightning sage is a well-known practice for getting rid of any negative energy in your home. It involves lighting the sage, blowing it out and then letting the smoke diffuse throughout your home. While smudging the smoke throughout your house, make sure to think of positive thoughts. 


Everyone needs their home to be a place where they can be themselves and not be bothered by any stresses of the outer world. However, our house often starts resonating with bad or negative vibes for which the reason cannot be inferred. Without stressing much about the cause for this, you can identify the signs of negative energy and make a few changes to feel at ease. 

Colors, sounds, textures are some of the essential things you should consider if you feel the presence of negative energy in your home. These things stimulate our senses, which in turn affects our moods and thoughts. You will see people suggesting many things like how a particular color makes them happy, but that same option might not work for you. That is why it becomes essential to choose things that work in your favor. Try to incorporate various techniques useful in cleansing the aura around you, like lighting a sage, using scented candles, or keeping plants that make you feel at peace within yourself. 

These were a few signs that are an indication that your home needs rejuvenation and cleansing to clear it out of any negative energy. We hope this article was helpful for you and will help you move forward towards a calmer and more peaceful environment in your home.

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