Starseed Awakening Symptoms

17 Starseed Awakening Symptoms – Are You Close To Starseed Awakening?

Are you experiencing any of these Starseed Awakening Symptoms?

We all move at our own speed and in our own time, according to who we are.

And, in general, the whole evolutionary process is about how we each run our own individual energy and what our beliefs and experiences are (Your vibrations).

The rules are universal, and everything will adjust as we clear more light within ourselves.

These are the few Starseed symptoms you will start to experience when you are close to awakening.

17 Starseed Awakening Symptoms

1. An unexplainable discomfort with the thought of owning material possessions.

Starseeds are often drawn to people who live in poverty or suffer from homelessness, and they will attempt to help them unconditionally.

Starseeds do not believe that anyone deserves this kind of life because everyone is a part of God’s creation.

They desire for all souls to experience a life of abundance.

2. An aversion to violence, aggression and war.

Starseeds have a deep understanding that life is precious in all forms.

They would never harm another person unless it was absolutely necessary for self-defense or defense of someone else.

Most Starseeds feel as though humanity should find other ways to resolve conflicts instead of killing each other.

Starseeds would rather make a difference in the world by helping people to heal and feel loved, not through violence.

3. Disorientation.

Starseeds are known to be somewhat disoriented when they first arrive on planet Earth.

This is because it takes time for their spiritual selves to adjust and filter out the dense frequencies that exist here.

Many Starseeds experience memory loss, lack of focus, confusion about who they are or why they’re here upon arriving in this world.

Starseeds often feel as though they aren’t from here and that their home is somewhere else.

They also may have a hard time understanding why everyone around them thinks or acts in ways that are so different from how they view the world.

4. Unusual aches and pains.

Your body is purifying blocked energy which is the 3-dimensional plane (3D) but, you are vibrating at a much higher dimension than that.

Starseeds will often experience a variety of aches and pains that come with this process.

5. Feeling as though you don’t belong on Earth.

Starseeds can feel very misplaced or alone when they first arrive because many people do not understand their mission.

After all, no one really feels like they fit in with the rest of the world, right?

Starseeds are often told that they’re too sensitive or different when in reality they just have a stronger connection to their spirit than most people do.

Many Starseeds feel as though Earth is not their real home and that there’s another place out there where they belong.

6. Difficulty getting along with family and friends.

It’s not that you don’t love the ones around you, it’s just that there is a higher vibration within yourself than most people can relate to.

Starseeds often want nothing more than to connect with other like-minded individuals but cannot find anyone who understands what they’re going through or why they’re here.

This can lead to a disconnection from their family and friends because they just don’t feel the same way about life as them anymore.

7. Your thoughts are very powerful.

Your mind is one of your most powerful tools because it can be used for good or bad depending on how you choose to use it.

That’s why many Starseeds have a hard time concentrating.

They are bombarded with the thought process of everyone around them which makes their own mind very cluttered.

8. Deep Sleep

You get long and deep sleep quite often.

You feel very rejuvenated after this.

It’s like you are sleeping to rest your body and soul not for wasting time which is what most people do.

9. You have an extremely high intuition.

You are very perceptive to the energies around you which is why you can feel so out of place in this world.

Your mind, body and soul are constantly receiving information that most people aren’t aware of yet because they just don’t know how to listen for it yet.

10. Increased sensitivity to everything around you.

Everything around you has energy and when your sensitivity is high it can be loud.

You notice everything from the way someone says something to how others behave towards one another in public.

Your mind hears, sees and feels things that other people just aren’t aware of yet.

11. You may feel like your going crazy/mental illness.

Most people are afraid of what they can’t understand which is why there’s so much stigma surrounding mental illness.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’re crazy or weird if these symptoms resonate with you in any way.

Your mind just works differently than most others around you and your brain sometimes has a hard time processing everything that’s going on.

12. Loss of Appetite.

You may not feel hungry in the mornings or at night because food is an earthly/3d desire.

13. Anxiety and panic attacks

You are feeling anxiety and panic because you are dissolving your ego.

You are going through a dimensional shift and your body cannot handle it.

14. Intense Energy (Feeling Stressed)

Your body is going through a lot right now and it’s having trouble trying to keep up.

It needs time to process all of the changes that are taking place within yourself because your vibration keeps increasing which will lead to more symptoms manifesting until you finally reach equilibrium with this new frequency.

15. Becoming More SelfLess

You are slowly starting to become more and more empathetic and loving around everyone.

You give and care so deeply about others because you know what it feels like to be on the other side.

This is why many Starseeds feel as though they were put here on Earth to help heal those around them as well as their own souls.

16. Synchronicity

Your life is becoming very synchronistic as if you are being guided by your higher self.

You’re beginning to see signs and symbols everywhere which will lead you in the right direction towards a major shift in yourself.

The universe is always helping guide us when we need it most because there’s no such thing as coincidence or luck, everything happens for a reason.

17. Out of Body Experience

You’ve had an out of body experience where you left your physical vessel and visited another realm.

This can be quite scary for some but it’s a very common thing that Starseeeds go through because their vibration is so high right now which will result in them having multiple OBEs until they finally reach equilibrium with this new frequency.


As you can see, there are many symptoms that Starseeds go through which lets them know that they are close to a Starseed Awakening.

It’s because their vibration is constantly changing and the higher it goes the harder it will be for them to keep up with this earthly reality.

Their minds work differently than most others around them but they were chosen to be here to help those who are struggling as well as themselves.

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