Starseed Vs Lightworker

Starseed Vs Lightworker – What’s The Difference & Similarities?

We have all heard of the terms lightworker and Starseed, but what is the difference?

There aren’t many clear resources which state which exact is which.

The two groups share many similarities but there are also distinct differences between them.

In this blog post, we will explore these differences so you can decide which group best fits your needs!

What are Lightworkers?

A lightworker is a soul which comes from the dimensions above the 3D, the Earth’s interdimensional energies.

They are here to help out the planet with its ascension.

Lightworkers have a wide range of purposes, ranging from being healers to spiritual teachers and everything in between!

They can also be just normal everyday people who want to contribute their energy towards raising consciousness on Earth.

Lightworkers usually work best at frequencies above that of the physical world.

What are Starseeds?

A Starseed is an extraterrestrial soul which has been incarnated on earth.

They are from a faraway planet, galaxy, or reality.

Starseeds, like lightworkers, have come to bring love and light into this world.

Their primary focus is on bringing knowledge of the universe through their abilities as psychic mediums.

Starseeds are at a much higher level of frequency than the 3D dimensional one.

They have much higher states of consciousness.

You can read more on what Starseeds are and signs you are one here.

Starseed races (Planet/Galaxy Based Categorization)

  • Lyran
  • Pleiadians
  • Sirians
  • Avians
  • Andromedans
  • Arcturians
  • Orions
  • Reptilians
  • Mintakans
  • Alpha Centaurians
  • Venusian
  • Hadarians
  • Polarians

Starseed Types (Traits and Life Mission Categorization)

  • Indigo Children
  • Crystal Children
  • Rainbow Children
  • Diamond Children

Differences Between Lightworker and Starseeds

Where do they come from?

This is one of the most common ways to differentiate between a Starseed and Lightworkers.

While both are higher dimensional beings they do have few differences from where they originated.

Starseeds are from another planet, galaxy or cosmos outside earth.

They are not quite human and you might even call them alien.

Whereas, Lightworkers are from the 3d dimension of the earth. Their vibrational frequency is much higher than 3d but, they are more or less belong on Earth.

What is their purpose?

Both souls have the same general purpose which is to spiritually advance but, another purpose which personal. (Meaning only you can fulfil)

One of the many differences between Lightworkers and Starseeds is their purpose on Planet Earth.

Lightworkers come to Earth to help with the spiritual shift that needs to happen at a planetary level by spreading light and healing.

Lightworkers mostly choose professions that involve interacting with people, but Starseeds use writing or art as platforms for their ideas and shaping minds positively.

Starseeds come to Earth for “planting a seed” in the collective consciousness to encourage love, forgiveness, and empathy amongst people.

Some Starseeds don’t need to choose a profession as they can influence the collective consciousness simply by being here.

Also, Starseeds have a great deal of wisdom and understanding from their species that we humans need to help speed up our own enlightenment.

Their Lives On Earth

Lightworkers seem to fit in very well with others on Earth for the most part.

However, with Starseeds it’s a different story.

Starseeds have a hard time fitting in on Earth.

Many Starseeds struggle on Earth due to the fact they feel like misfits. They suffer from depression and isolation which can lead to a sense of emptiness or loneliness inside of them.

Starseeds tend to also have troubled childhoods due to the fact that they don’t feel like they belong on Earth.

Starseeds often find it hard to make friends and have a sense of being an outcast in society due to their extraterrestrial origins.

Lightworkers, on the other hand, tend to function just fine in society due to their human origins.

They tend to be very social and love being with and around people.

Keep in mind that Lightworkers can also feel isolated or lonely at times but it’s not on a regular basis like Starseeds do.

Behavior & Attitude

Lightworkers and Starseeds have different behavior which can be described as a result of their origin.

Starseeds will most likely not feel emotions in the same way that humans do, but they might express them differently.

They are more interested in impersonal pursuits rather than personal relationships with people on Earth because of this it is possible for a Starseed to struggle with social anxiety.

It is hard for them to relate to others and be social because they are not from earth.

Lightworkers, on the other hand, might feel more in touch with emotions and be able to express them well.

They are much better at connecting emotionally to people around them because they can empathize easily!

Lightworkers are much more likely to engage in social situations and enjoy engaging in deep conversations about philosophy and spirituality than Starseeds who usually want to talk less and listen more.

Blood Types

Typically Starseeds tend to have much rarer blood types since they are not from earth.

Starseeds are way more likely to have AB-, B- and AB+.

Whereas Lightworkers tend to have more of the common blood types such as A+ and O+.

However, both Lightworkers and Starseeds tend to have a higher chance of having RH negative blood.

I made an article on Starseed rare blood types You can check out!


If you are sensitive enough to sense the energy of Starseeds and Lightworkers, you will note that they are very different.

Now, for Starseed, their energy will be based on what stage of the Starseed Evolution/Awakening they are at.

So, their energy isn’t always positive and bright. It all depends on what stage of life they are at.

But, with Lightworkers, you can tell immediately they generally have positive energy or uplifting energy which doesn’t change that much.

Things They Share in Common

Lightworkers and Starseeds both came to Earth for spiritual purposes which is why they are interested in metaphysics.

They also might have psychic abilities, clairvoyance or even extrasensory perception (ESP).

Both Lightworkers and Starseeds can be empathic, meaning you can sense what other people feel. This makes it easier to help others emotionally.

Both Lightworkers and Starseeds have a strong connection to the divine which they use as guidance for their actions in life.

Starseeds, like Lightworkers, can be very spiritual individuals who are interested in esoteric teachings such as spirituality and metaphysics even if it is not from an Earthly perspective!

Both of them want to help the world through their spiritual work.


As you can see, there are many differences between a Lightworker and a Starseed.

Hope this cleared up any confusion you had on whether you are a lightworker or a Starseed.

Now, keep in mind, you could be both a Lightworker and a Starseed.

So, it’s not a situation where you’re either one or the other.

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