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11 Types of Empaths – What Type of Empath Are You?

Different people have different perceptions about empaths. Some find them godsends who make this world a better place and contribute towards humanity, others just see them as emotionally weak people. Though both perceptions are quite widespread, the latter drives people to turn a blind eye to the healing power of empaths. Comparing high emotional sensitivity with weakness is just unfair. Isn’t it?

Another crucial thing about empaths is- they can have distinct traits from one another. You’d be surprised to know that there are almost 11 types of empaths and each type exhibits distinct biological and psychological characteristics. Not only do they have behavioral dissimilarity, but their triggers for empathy could be completely diverse as well.

In this article, I am going to briefly describe each type of empath and answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Get ready to discover which type of empath you are!

What is an Empath?

An empath by definition is a person who feels the emotions of others and imbibes them as their own. Such an individual puts himself in the other person’s shoes and tries to understand their feelings in depth. Due to the higher empathy levels, empaths connect with people easily and try to form tighter bonds with them.

I know, empaths at this point might seem superhuman to you, but the experiences undergone by them aren’t as delightful as you think. Feeling everyone’s pain overburdens empaths and they often get overwhelmed by all the stresses and develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and other mental issues.

Can you be different types of empaths? How many types of empaths are there?

Can you be different types of empaths? How many types of empaths are there

Being an empath is definitely a great gift, but it comes with challenges as well. If you don’t know how to handle your power of empathy, sensitivity, and big-heartedness, your emotions can easily drain you out. In such a scenario, knowing which type of empath you are can help you cope with the stress and come up with barriers that are necessary to maintain your mental health.

You may find yourself not fitting in the general definition of an empath. You find your traits differing significantly from what’s known or told to you about empaths. Well, that is not an irregularity. You may be a different kind of empath and show some universal signs but not all.

In this article, I have discussed 11 types of empaths and all you need to do is go through each of them and relate yourself. I hope you find your traits fitting in one of the descriptions. Why wait then? Let’s get started!

11 Types of Empaths

Physical Empath

This type of empath picks up the physical sensations of people. They can get attuned to the physically exhibited emotions and they react in a similar way. For instance, if a physical empath looks at a person being touched or gets to know that he/she has a severe stomach ache, they’ll start feeling the same sensations.

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Emotional Empath

Emotional empaths pick up on a person’s emotions and relate to them. They can “feel” the sentiments of others and understand what they are going through. Such empaths get happy knowing about the good things happening in their close one’s life but also get extremely sad when a sad experience is shared with them. They form long-lasting bonds and are generally highly sensitive.

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Intuitive/Claircognizant Empath

You can say that intuitive empaths are a part of emotional empaths. In fact, this type is a larger umbrella. Intuitive empaths can understand unspoken sentiments and can read people. They vibe with the energies given out by people, plants, and animals.

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Dream/Precognitive Empath

Dream empaths are a pro at interpreting their dreams and derive clarity about a situation when sleeping. Their mind throws symbols at them in dreams and remembering those symbols, they interpret what it wanted to say. A dream empath might feel more comfortable while sleeping than bring wake and can travel to other realms as well.

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Animal/Fauna Empath

These empaths relate to the emotions of animals. They love animals and associate themselves with their feelings. Animal empaths derive the feeling of contentment by healing animals. Their energy capturing ability enables them to understand the pain and requirements of animals which is near to impossible for a regular person to do.

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Plant/Flora Empath

Plant empaths as the name suggests, connect with the emotions of plants. They get to know what plants need and love to spend time in greenery. What’s best is, healthy plants cheer them up!

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Earth Empath/Geomantic Empath

Earth or Geomantic empaths are deeply connected with nature. They can catch the energies or signs radiated by earthly elements. These types of empaths have the special ability to predict future natural disasters as they read the signals given by nature which is impossible to do for a normal person.

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Telepathic Empath

Telepathic empaths can know exactly what a person is thinking even when their thoughts aren’t expressly conveyed. They can easily get attached to non-living things and use their five senses to form telepathic connections with other people.

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Psychic/Medium Empath

Psychic empaths are spiritual beings. They read auras and will know what is going to happen in the future. These types of empaths have a spiritual guide, which could be a godly image, a sound, or even an animal. They can talk to their guides and get clarity about their thoughts. Now that’s a superpower, right?

Psychometric Empath

This type of empaths can pick up energies from inanimate things. They can form intuitions from photographs or even a story told to them. Their imagination is exceptional and they have high clairvoyance abilities.

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Heyoka Empath

The word “Hyeoka ” originates from a native Sioux tribe of America and means “sacred clown”. These empaths are attracted to negative energies people emit, even when they aren’t actively participating in the conversation, and try to get to the depth of the concerned person’s problems. Trying to heal people is an instinct of Hyeoka empaths and they go to great lengths to do so.

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How to Tell Which Empath I Am? Which Empath Type Am I?

How to Tell Which Empath I Am

To know which type of empath you are, you will have to indulge in a long and thorough process of self-discovery. You will have to read and study your emotions, your reactions and identify the factors that trigger your empathy instincts. You might also take professional help, like that of a psychologist to understand your condition better.

It is often seen that empaths face difficulties in keeping their emotions apart from others. This means the messing of emotions and fading boundaries. To know which kind of empath you are, you will have to learn how to keep your emotions away from merging with that of others. Maintaining a diary, journal, or even spending time in nature might help provide you that clarity.


Wrapping your head around the whole empath situation could be backbreaking and I understand how you feel. Here are a few commonly asked questions to ease down the process for you. Please have a look:

What is the strongest type of empath?

Many people believe that Hyeoka empaths are the strongest as they can read minds. However, opinions tend to differ. According to my understanding, when it comes to empaths, there is no strongest or weakest type. Every empath has a unique ability to heal others. The strength of doing so, however, depends upon how better the empath knows about himself. Once you know how to utilize your power and cope with the negatives that come along with it, there is no stopping. You can be a blessing to the people around you.

How can empaths cope with stressful situations?

Empaths easily get overwhelmed and it’s quite normal. They even tend to run away from reality and shut themselves down from the entire world. Well, that’s not healthy at all. To successfully deal with stressful situations, empaths need to find ways to get them out of their minds. They can pick up a hobby or talk to mental health professionals to let their emotions out. Absorbing such a large amount of emotions can result in bottling up, and so, empaths should try to find ways to let them out.

Are empaths born or made?

This is a decade’s long debate and despite numerous studies and research, no conclusion has been made yet. Some people believe that empaths inherit their abilities and are unique creatures while others believe that any person can become an empath throughout life. Since high empathy levels have also been found in toddlers, the side of “empaths being born” weighs a little more. However, since the environment and people around us have a huge impact on our lives, the possibility of “empaths being made” could not be struck off either.

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11 Types of Empaths - What Type of Empath Are You

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