Words and Phrases to Avoid When Manifesting

13 Words and Phrases to Avoid When Manifesting

Many people have heard of the Law of Attraction and know that it is a powerful tool to help manifest your desires.

But oftentimes, many people don’t realize what words you should avoid when trying to manifest something.

There are certain words and phrases to avoid when manifesting because they might block your manifest all together or slow it down.

In this blog post, we will discuss some common phrases and words to avoid when trying to manifest anything in your life!

Why should you avoid certain words when manifesting?

There are certain words to avoid when manifesting because they can cause your manifestation to fail or stop.

The things you think about and say, have a deep subconscious impact on you. That’s why you create intentions, write down and recite affirmations.

All this is done so that you deeply ingrain the message into your subconscious mind so, you can send out a powerful high vibrational frequency signal to the universe.

However when you say certain words or phrases that are negative or bad, then your frequency is lowered and it can actually stop your manifestation altogether.

What to Not Say While Manifesting – Words & Phrases To Avoid For Manifestation

What to Not Say While Manifesting - Words & Phrases To Avoid For Manifestation

1. I Don’t Know Or I am Unsure

Now, this may sound pretty harmless and we all use it in our day to day language.

However, when it comes to manifesting and how you are referring to it, this is blocking it from coming to you.

You need to speak and think about your manifestation with conviction.

“I don’t know” or “I am unsure” shows a lack of certainty.

If there is something in your manifestation that you haven’t decided, a better way to say it would be to:

“I haven’t decided it yet”

Saying this makes you hold your power and keep it. You don’t lose your conviction like the words I don’t know or I am unsure.

This allows you to still be in control of whatever you want to create.

You have to realize the only reason why you’d say “I don’t know” is because you have doubts about your manifestation.

2. Can’t / Wouldn’t

These words and phrases are the worst! They show doubt, lack of certainty, and an overall negative mindset.

When you use these words or phrases when manifesting something it shows that there is no way for this to happen 100%.

“Can’t” means not possible. “Wouldn’t” means you won’t.

These words give off a sense of negativity and you need to get yourself out of that way of thinking before anything can come to fruition!

A better word or phrase would be “I am choosing not to do this right now” because it makes the decision yours and leaves no doubt in your mind.

3. It’s Impossible

There is no such thing as impossible in the universe.

“It’s Impossible” or “That can’t happen.” are horrible words to say when manifesting something you desire!

Even if it seems like an impossibility, that isn’t stopping anyone from creating what they want!

If your manifestation was 100% possible then someone would have manifested it before.

The only reason why you wouldn’t be able to manifest something is because of your own doubt or lack of certainty that it can happen!

If you want to change this mindset, try saying “It’s possible” instead. This allows for the universe and yourself to see what is possible rather than impossible.

4. I am trying

4. I am trying

This is another phrase that shows doubt and lack of certainty.

When you say “I am trying to manifest” it suggests that there might be a chance you won’t succeed or will fail at your manifestation.

A better way would be to say “I am manifesting something new!” because this makes the decision yours 100%!

No one can try to manifest something because you are either doing it or not.

There is no in-between! Saying “I am trying” gives off the idea of half-hearted effort and this never allows for your manifestation to come into fruition!

5. I Don’t Want Or I Do Not Want

You don’t want to give attention to things that you do not want. You don’t try to repel negative situations by NOT wanting them.

You are putting more energy into whatever it is that you don’t want.

With the Law of Attraction, where energy goes, energy flows.

So, you put a lot of energy into the things that you don’t want happening then that is what the exact opposite will happen.

You don’t put energy into the things you want to avoid.

6. I Hope Or Wish

You never want to say these words when manifesting.

I hope this happens means that it may not happen and you’ll be let down if it doesn’t come to fruition.

If your manifestation is something “hope” for, then what’s the point of doing Law of Attraction?

You never want to “hope” for something because all it does is leave doubt in the back of your mind and will not come to fruition!

A better way would be to tell yourself what you intend on creating.

It’s as simple as saying:

“I am manifesting a new home!”

This is that simple. You want to get rid of any expectation and be in the moment with what you’re doing because it already exists! Just not on your physical plane yet.

7. Should

When you say should to yourself it puts a lot of pressure on your manifestation.

The idea is to put as little pressure as possible when manifesting because this brings doubt and uncertainty into the equation!

You don’t want those energies associated with what you’re trying to create now do you?

A much better way would be “I am choosing to _________”

Instead of using “should” you’re telling yourself that it’s your choice and no one else’s. If this is something that YOU want then go for it!

The pressure should be coming from within rather than without. So stop saying “I Should..” about everything in life because if the outside world tells you to do something then it’s not for you!

Self-trust is the key here.

Stop thinking that this manifestation is going to come into fruition because your mind thinks of what should happen or how things are supposed to go and leaves no room open for anything else!

8. Will

8. Will

When you say you will do something, that implies that it hasn’t already happened and you will do it in the future.

You want to change that to “I am” or “I have”. You want to act like you already have it or it already happened.

If you were manifesting a new home, instead of saying “I will find one” say “I am at my new home right now!”

This is acting as if it already exists and that changes your mindset on what’s actually happening!

9. Can

You don’t want to use this word either because while it does state that you CAN do it or have it, but it doesn’t mean it will happen.

When you say “I Can” it implies that there is a chance that you can’t.

A better way to phrase this would be “It is happening!” or “I HAVE IT NOW!”

You want to act like your manifestation already exists in the physical world! There’s no room for doubt when doing Law of Attraction because if you think about all the reasons why this won’t work then it never will!

Stop saying “I can” and start telling yourself that you are doing it or have already done it because there is no other option here.

10. In the Future Or Someday

I want you to realize that when you say maybe someday you will become rich, or you will become rich in the future, you will get exactly that.

You will become rich in the “future”. But, it won’t actually happen in the future because you live in the present.

So you will never truly become rich because the idea of becoming wealthy is not in the now.

So when manifesting wealth you want to refer to the present moment, not the future.

11. Maybe

When you say maybe to something, this implies that there is a chance it won’t happen.

A better word to use would be “definitely”.

When you say that something is definitely going to happen then the universe knows that it’s 100% happening and nothing can stop this from actually manifesting.

If you’re not sure about what your intentions are, then maybe isn’t the best way of going about things! You want to be as confident as possible when doing the Law of Attraction because that is what gets you results.

You want to be crystal clear and decisive.

12. This Is Happening To Me

12. This Is Happening To Me

Always remember, things don’t happen to you, you make things happen.

When you say “this is happening to me” it implies that something outside of yourself is controlling your life.

This means you are not the one in control and this makes manifestation very difficult because there’s no way for things to come into fruition if you’re thinking like that!

You want to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

It’s your job to make sure that you are able to do the Law of Attraction properly because it won’t work if you aren’t taking control!

13. That’s Not My Fault

When something bad happens, you don’t want to point the finger at anyone else or anything because then it means that you are not taking responsibility for your own life.

You need to realize when things happen in your life whether good or bad they are all happening because of YOU!

It’s important to take responsibility for everything and accept what comes your way because if you don’t then how will you learn and grow as a person?

When something bad happens to you instead of saying “That’s Not My Fault” say “I need to work on this so that it doesn’t happen again!”

This implies that the problem is yours, but also shows that there are ways for improvement!

Once you are able to realize that everything in your life is happening for a reason, then it will be much easier to do the Law of Attraction.

You need to take responsibility and actually believe what’s going on because if you don’t then how can anything truly come into fruition?

What can you say while manifesting? Words and Phrases You Can Use for Manifestation

What can you say while manifesting? Words and Phrases You Can Use for Manifestation

You want to use words and phrases that are confident, powerful, aggressive.

For example “It is happening now!” or “I have it right now!”.

When manifesting be sure of your intentions so things come to fruition easily.

You also want to use words and phrases that are not wishy-washy, uncertain or doubtful because this implies the same thing as saying maybe.

If you aren’t sure about something then don’t put it out there because your goal is setting things in motion which means you need to be 100% certain of what’s going on.

You want to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, and accept whatever comes along because you know it’s happening for a reason!

Finally, remember that things don’t happen to you they are always created by yourself so make sure if something is not going how you planned then learn from the situation and grow as a person.


The next time you are manifesting make sure you use the right words and phrases!

Hope this article answered any questions you have had about words and phrases to avoid when manifesting as well as words and phrases you can use for manifesting.

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