15 Crystals For Unicorn Magic

15 Crystals For Unicorn Magic

Crystals have been used throughout history for all sorts of spiritual and magical works.

Since crystals have a very distinct vibration and energy towards them, you can utilize them to enhance you on your spiritual journey!

In this blog post, I will discuss the 15 different crystals for those that want to explore the unicorn realm and are aligned with unicorn energy.

But, before we get into those, make sure you keep these in mind before going forward.

Make Sure You Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals Frequently

Make Sure You Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals Frequently

Crystals should be cleansed and charged regularly, especially if you are working with them for unicorn magic.

You can cleanse your crystals by smudging them with white sage, placing them in the moonlight or sun, or using a crystal cleansing elixir.

Energize Your Crystal With An Intention & Keep It Close To You

When you’re working with any type of crystal, it’s important to set an intention for what you want to achieve.

This is not a required step however, this magnifies and energizes the power the crystal will have on you.

You want to recite a certain affirmation depending on what your goal is with the particular crystal. This will solidify your intention and deeply ingrain it in your subconscious mind.

Not only that, this energizes the crystal to have a more potent effect on you.

After you’ve chosen your crystal, be sure to keep it close to you as much as possible.

You don’t have to have it on you at all times but, you can keep it near you at a work desk or while sleeping.

Now that you know how to cleanse, charge and energize your crystals, let’s get into the 15 different crystals for unicorn magic!

15 Best Crystals For Unicorn Magic

Below are the 15 best crystals you can use for Unicorn Magic:

1. Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in many different colors, but perhaps best known is the classic bi-colored green and black variety.

This stone has long been used for protection against witchcraft or magic that’s done with negative intent.

It can also help us release any limiting beliefs about our own personal power and capacities by helping us see the ways in which our power is limited or restricted.

2. Angel Aura Quartz

Angel aura quartz is created when clear or white quartz crystals are bonded with vaporized platinum and/or silver.

It’s an incredibly powerful stone that amplifies the effects of other stones, and it’s particularly good for working with the higher realms.

It helps connect you with your angels and Guides, enhances psychic ability, and brings a sense of joy, peace, and love.

3. Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a high-vibration, watery stone that helps with astral projection and lucid dreaming.

It’s an excellent ally for working with the unicorns, as it supports access to the spiritual realms and facilitates communication with these ethereal beings.

It also enhances intuition and psychic abilities.

4. Amethyst

Amethyst is a powerful and versatile crystal that is highly sought after for its ability to open, clear, and activate the third eye chakra (located between the eyebrows) as well as the crown chakra.

It also helps to release any negative or limiting thoughts or beliefs about oneself, thereby paving the way for self-love and self-acceptance.

5. Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua aura is a quartz crystal treated with gold, resulting in a beautiful blue-green color.

It is associated with the throat chakra and helps you communicate your spiritual truth and wisdom.

It aids in releasing fears and inhibitions, speaking your mind with clarity and confidence, and manifesting your desires.

6. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a light to a medium blue gemstone that is traditionally associated with the throat chakra.

It helps you communicate your truth from a place of purity and clarity, and its calming vibrations can soothe both the mind and emotions.

Aquamarine also supports self-expression, creativity, and courage.

7. Kunzite

Kunzite is a soft pink to lavender-hued stone with an enchantingly delicate vibration.

It can help release old, deeply ingrained patterns of being unworthy or selfless that derive from not feeling loved and accepted for who you are.

As such, it’s great to use in tandem with other stones whose magic is to enhance self-esteem, emotional stability and confidence. It facilitates deep relaxation to help you surrender to the flow of divine perfection that is inherent in all things.

8. Larimar

Larimar is a beautiful blue stone with flecks of gold in it.

This lovely gemstone carries the energies of water, serenity, and healing through its soothing vibration that helps calm the mind and ease stress.

It’s an excellent ally for anyone who spends much time by or underwater (e.g., swimmers, divers, sailors).

9. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a lilac-colored mica with a gentle, calming vibration.

It’s often used to soothe the mind and emotions during times of stress or upheaval, and it can help promote feelings of hope and acceptance in difficult situations.

Lepidolite is also known for its ability to reduce cravings of all kinds, including cravings for food, alcohol or drugs.

10. Moonstone

Moonstone is a gorgeous, pale blue-white stone that has been used for centuries to help people attract otherworldly energies into their lives.

It helps connect us with the Moon and all of its feminine mystery, grace, magic, power, rhythm, flow which can help balance our masculine drives so we can better embody both sides of ourselves at once.

11. Peridot

Peridot is a rich olive green stone that opens up the heart while simultaneously grounding it. It can help us feel more rooted in our bodies, more connected to nature and earthly life, and less likely to get swept away by obsessive thoughts or harmful emotions like anger, jealousy, greed, sadness, shame, fear of rejection or abandonment.

12. Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz is a clear, white stone that’s also known as angel or fairy quartz.

This is because it resonates with the energy of angels and fairies, which are both ethereal in nature yet earth-loving at heart.

It can help you tap into your own innate magic so that you begin to walk through life with the same child-like wonder you once had.

13. Sunstone

Sunstone is a gold, copper-orange stone that resembles the sun.

It can help us feel energized and inspired from the inside out, as it is known to promote good luck in business matters and bring abundance on all levels of life: physical resources such as money or food; emotional resources like love or laughter; mental resources such as intelligence or intuition; and spiritual resources such as joy, peace, and connection with the divine.

14. Vanadinite

Vanadinite reminds us to enjoy each moment of life, and helps foster a peaceful state of mind that’s free from worry and anxiety about what may come next.

It also enhances creative expression and manifestation abilities by opening up more opportunities for you to see the potential in any situation.

Additionally, it can help increase feelings of pleasure and happiness.

15. Zircon

Zircon is a bright, shiny, clear crystal that comes in a range of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

This stone helps us to remember our spiritual origins and our connection to the divine.

It can also help us see, recognize, remember, process, and let go of any limiting beliefs that we’ve held about ourselves for a very long time—perhaps even since early childhood or infancy.


I hope you liked my blog post on Crystals for Unicorn Magic! If you have any questions or concerns, you can ask below!

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