Can a Christian Burn Incense

Can a Christian Burn Incense?

Christianity is an incredibly diverse religion with many sects and denominations.

This includes Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Lutheranism, Methodism, Anglicanism, Baptist Christianity and Pentecostal Christianity.

While each sect has its own set of rituals for worshipping God (such as the use of incense), it’s important to note that not all Christians are Catholic or Protestant.

For example: Buddhists who identify themselves as Christian sometimes burn incense during prayer time; Zoroastrians believe in a single divine creator called Ahura Mazda; some Muslims also partake in burning incense when praying to Allah;

One question that gets asked a lot is whether or not Christians can burn incense.

The answer to this question is yes; however, there are some circumstances in which it should not be done.

First and foremost, Christians shouldn’t burn incense out of respect for the Vatican’s rituals.

Secondly, if someone believes that burning incense will lead them closer to God or gain favor with him/her then they probably shouldn’t burn it.


Because it’s important to remember that God is everywhere and omnipresent; burning incense won’t change his/her mind about someone.

There are some who believe the use of incense in Christian liturgy was inherited from its origins in Judaism.

Others argue that since God (or Allah) dwells with his people, it shouldn’t be surprising to see them using sweet-smelling items like frankincense when worshipping him.

In general, burning incense is a custom that has been carried over from ancient times and continues to be used by many Christians today.

Any Christian who wants to burn incense can do so without worrying about going against any of their religion’s teachings or traditions!

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