Incense Scents that Attract Money

12 Incense Scents that Attract Money

Did you know smelling certain fragrances can actually make you more successful at money-making ventures?

Believe it or not, your sense of smell is closely connected with your brain and how it functions.

As a result, the scent that you inhale through your nose can subconsciously encourage you to perform better in all aspects of life.

For example, research shows that babies who are breastfed will be more successful in life by having a greater income and education than other individuals.

Scientists say this is because the smell of breast milk gives off relaxing vibes for infants, which then manifest themselves later on in life.

Following this train of thought, it might not come as a surprise that the scents of certain plants growing in the wild can also be beneficial to your financial success.

12 Types of Incense Scents To Increase Prosperity

So, here are 12 incense types and ingredients that will help you bring in more money than ever!


This is made from resin and it’s known for its cleansing properties.

You can use mastic by burning it or adding some warm water to a few drops of oil and seeing your money flow.


This is a popular incense ingredient for its spiritual properties.

However, you can also burn frankincense to improve your chances of financial growth!

It will give you the strength and courage to succeed in business ventures.

Furthermore, it’s known for improving memory, which means it will help you recall the right decisions to make.


This plant is known to be beneficial for all types of relationships, particularly love!

Aside from that, jasmine has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can also boost your money flow.

Just add a few drops of the oil in your next bath to soak in its abundance.


Lavender is good for stress relief and to help you relax after a long day at work.

It has also been known to improve memory, balance mood swings, and relieve tension within the body.

You can add lavender oil in any room of your house to receive its positive energy and improve your own personal mood.

Cedar Wood

This type of wood is used by many people as a natural moth repellant.

However, it can also be useful for attracting money because cedarwood oil reportedly has the ability to draw in prosperity.

You can use it with other essential oils or burn it as incense to aid in your money-making ventures.


This is great for improving balance, especially after a stressful day.

It can also help you attract prosperity by encouraging you to be more confident and assured about the financial decisions that you make!

You can mix vetivert oil with cedarwood oil to make a powerful incense.


This is a herb that’s been known for its sensual properties since ancient times!

Burn patchouli to give off an intoxicating scent and increase your chances of money-making opportunities.

It will also help you achieve balance in all aspects of life, so it will be easier for you to turn even the smallest opportunity into a windfall!


This is used in many cultures to attract money.

Sandalwood oil can bring together all of your desired qualities and help you attract money through your thoughts.

It’s also good at calming the mind, which makes it an ideal incense ingredient.

You can add it to other strong scents, such as patchouli and frankincense, to create a powerful blend that will bring prosperity into your life.


This is a type of rock made from fish waste that floats in the ocean.

Some cultures believe that ambergris brings good luck!

Its strong scent is also known to be a natural aphrodisiac, so you can use it along with other ingredients to create a sensual blend.


No money-attracting incense mixture is complete without cinnamon!

It will bring you the confidence and courage that you need to win your financial battles!

Just be sure not to allow the cinnamon oil to touch your skin because it can cause irritation.

Instead, burn the incense mixture in a separate room while you go about your usual routine.


This type of root is known to balance energy levels and mood swings.

It also helps with mental alertness and physical strength.

Add a few drops in your next incense mixture to bring in money and encourage love within your life!

Tonka Beans

This is an ingredient that’s been used to attract wealth since ancient times.

It can help you reach financial prosperity by encouraging you to be more confident when it comes to making decisions!

Add tonka beans to your incense mixture along with other ingredients that are known to aid in money-making.

Where to Burn The Incense For Prosperity?

You don’t have to do anything special in order to attract money when you use the right incense for prosperity!

Simply burn the mixture in an area of your home or office where you can be alone and undisturbed.

Be sure to open any windows and doors so that the scent will spread.

Give yourself at least 15 minutes to sit quietly and meditate on the money that you are trying to attract.

Focus on your desires, visualize them coming to fruition, and say positive affirmations about your financial future!

Afterwards, you’ll discover that it’s easier than ever to reach your financial goals.

Don’t hesitate to tweak this recipe according to your preferences!

The basics are the most important thing – find out what scents work best for you and experiment with them!

You can also change the scent of the incense throughout the year depending on your energy needs.

For example, choose different scents in the spring to attract new opportunities and in the fall when you want to focus on achieving balance with what you have!


Although money can’t buy happiness, it sure does help!

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your financial situation, consider using incense mixtures made with ingredients that attract money.

Just be patient and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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