Is Manifesting Easy Or Hard 10 Reasons Why Is Manifesting So Hard

Is Manifesting Easy Or Hard? 10 Reasons Why Is Manifesting So Hard

We all have been told that with enough determination and faith, we can manifest anything. Is manifesting easy or hard? Can anyone manifest or only certain people?

To answer it shortly, manifesting is hard for those that are just starting out, however, as you gain experience it becomes easy.

Do you want to know the truth about whether or not manifesting is easy or hard? In this blog post, I will share 9 reasons why it’s difficult.

1. Manifesting Requires Patience

Manifesting requires a lot of patience.


The reason why you need patience for manifesting is that when you are first starting out, doubts will arise in your mind.

As soon as you start to doubt, your manifesting won’t work. And because of this, you will face a lot of frustrations of your manifestations not working.

The more patient you are the better manifesting results you will get.

If you don’t have any practice with manifestation, it’s advisable to start small and see how far your power of intention can take you before going for bigger things.

Remember that patience is key when starting out manifesting!

2. Manifesting Requires Elimination Of Doubt, Fear & Worry

2. Manifesting Requires Elimination Of Doubt, Fear & Worry

Manifesting does not work if you don’t eliminate doubt, fear and worry.

When you start doubting yourself, you begin to weaken your signal to the universe.

Once your signal gets weak, it becomes hard for the universe to hear you.

As soon as that happens, you will start experiencing problems with manifestation because of the lack of energy needed to bring about what you want into reality.

This is especially really hard because you need to reprogram your subconscious mind since it is where thought, emotion and vibrational frequency lay.

Just thinking positively alone won’t remove all doubt from your brain completely.

3. Manifesting Requires You to Let Go – Stop Looking For Signs Of Manifestation

Manifesting requires you to let go of what it is that you want.

When your mind keeps looking for signs, this creates resistance within the manifestation process because you don’t truly believe the manifestation process.

When you are looking for signs, it means that you still doubt the manifestation process.

This is why many people have a hard time figuring out what they want to manifest because their minds keep thinking about where to look or how will the universe bring them what they want instead of just focusing on feeling good and being grateful in the moment!

4. Manifesting Requires Conviction, Faith and Focus

Manifesting requires you to focus on what it is that you want and give it you’re all.

To manifest anything, you need conviction and strong faith that it will happen!

When you truly believe in something without any doubt, this allows for the manifestation process to work because of your stronger signal to the universe to attract those things.

However, the stronger you believe in something and remain focused on it without wavering or doubting yourself; then the faster your manifestation will come into fruition!

This is much harder said than done.

5. Manifesting Requires Effort

5. Manifesting Requires Effort

Manifesting requires effort to work. It doesn’t just happen by itself, despite what many people believe!

You need to put in the hard work and really go after it if you want anything to manifest into reality.

Manifestation is not a daydreaming process. It requires you to do deeply believe and ingrain the desires you want into your subconscious brain.

This is why many people who don’t put in the work and effort, fail to see manifestation coming into fruition.

6. Manifestation Is A Skill You Need To Hone

Manifesting is a skill you need to hone which takes time.

It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires some practice, patience and consistency.

You cannot expect to get good at manifestation if you don’t put in the work or effort into practising!

This is why it’s important to start off with smaller things and work your way up.

You will find that manifestation becomes easier as you hone the skill of knowing what you want, how to focus on it and being patient enough for the universe to deliver what it is that you need!

7. Manifesting Requires The Right Mindset

Manifesting requires you to have the right mindset if you want anything to come to fruition.

This is why most people remain stuck in one place because they don’t possess the correct mindset that’s needed for manifestation.

It starts with learning how your mind works and changing it so you can manifest what it is that you truly desire!

8. Manifesting Requires Action

8. Manifesting Requires Action

Manifesting is a process that requires action.

It doesn’t happen on its own and it won’t work if you don’t take the necessary steps to make it happen!

You will need to take the right actions that are aligned with what you want and not do anything that goes against your intention.

The fact that you’re not putting in any action and just assuming manifestation will happen without any action will just make sure your manifestation won’t come.

If your conviction was strong enough you’d naturally be taking action.

9. Manifesting Requires Being Decisive

Manifesting requires you to be decisive about what it is that you want.

If you keep switching your manifestation then that won’t work.

Your mind needs to be focused on one thing at a time. Not many different things which keep changing every second.

When the mind lacks clarity and focus, then taking action becomes hard because there’s no certainty of where to go next.

This makes manifesting things much harder when you aren’t decisive.

10. Manifesting Requires Strong Visualization

Manifesting requires strong visualization skills that you need to develop.

This is why manifestation isn’t easy because many people don’t know how to visualize and use their imagination in order for the universe to make it happen!

You need to be able to vividly picture every detail, emotion and experience for your manifestations to work.

This is a bare requirement, if you can’t visualize then you won’t be able to manifest.

If you can’t even visualize what you desire, you will have a really hard time manifesting it.

This is why I highly recommend a solid course like magic manifestation. Especially if you are a beginner at this. It has helped many people along with myself to make manifesting become effortlessly.


I hope I answered your question on whether manifesting is easy or hard!

It is definitely not easy, especially for beginners. As you gain more experience you will become better at manifesting and it won’t be as difficult after.

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