How To Change Your Eye Color With Law Of Attraction And Subliminal Tracks

How To Change Your Eye Color With Law Of Attraction & Subliminal Tracks

Have you ever wondered how to change your eye color with the law of attraction? Can Manifesting Change Your Eye Color? Is it even possible to change the color of the eye with the law of attraction?

Yes, it is. You need to match the frequency of the color that you want. You do this by using manifesting techniques such as subliminal track to change the melanosomes and melanocytes of the eye.

In this blog post, I will be discussing how to change your eye color using the Law of Attraction.

How To Change Your Eye Color With Law of Attraction

Changing your eye color is a lot harder to do with just the regular manifestation techniques.

This is why you should utilize subliminal tracks alongside manifesting methods in order to achieve any eye color that you desire.

So, follow the process of changing your eye color sequentially below.

Biggest Problem – Doubt of Whether It’s Possible To Change Eye Color Or Not By Manifesting

Biggest Problem - Doubt of Whether It's Possible To Change Eye Color Or Not By Manifesting

Most people simply don’t even believe that it’s possible to change your eye color by manifesting.

So, just that thought alone makes it impossible for them to even attempt to change their eye color.

If you know anything about the law of attraction you know that doubt is the biggest problem when it comes to your manifesting not working.

When you start to doubt, worry or fear naturally you send out a weak signal to the universe that you want something.

If you are constantly sending out weak signals then the universe will ignore it.

So, you want your brain to realize that it’s possible to change your eye color with law of attraction without any doubt.


You want to visualize yourself looking in the mirror and noticing how your eyes will look like.

You should completely take in your new eye color.

Notice the pigmentation that will be around your eye.

Also, visualize how this will make you feel, how it will make those around you feel.

You want to be as vivid as possible in these visualizations that you do.

Do them daily as many times as you can.

Make sure you are in a relaxed and pleasant mood or else it’s pointless to visualize.

The more pleasant and relaxed mood you are the more malleable your mind becomes. The more sad or angry you are the more rigid your mind becomes.

Act As If – Act on that Visualization

Act As If - Act on that Visualization

You need to act as if you are already in this situation.

Do not wait for the actual change of your eye color, start acting like it is happening now.

Act how that new eye color will make you feel and look into a mirror every day admiring yourself looking at your beautiful eyes with the new color that they have.

Don’t forget, when manifesting it is important not to attach a time frame onto what exactly will happen and when.

This limits your ability with manifestation because there is no such thing as time.

So, if you do attach a time frame onto your manifestation it will not come as fast as possible and may even take longer than expected which can be discouraging to people new to manifesting.

If this happens then they become discouraged and the doubt of whether or not it’s really working comes back into their mind almost immediately. They haven’t had enough time to convince their mind that the new manifestation is happening and therefore doubt comes back.

So, make sure you act as if your eyes are already changed without any attachment of a timeframe onto when this will happen.

Writing And Recite Affirmations For Eye Color Change

You want to write down physically affirmations for eye color change. This will deeply ingrain it in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is the force that actually helps you manifest your desires.

So, if something isn’t deeply embedded into your subconscious then it will not happen for you even if you visualize and act as if it’s happened.

For these affirmations make sure they are in first person singular form such as I, me and my instead of it.

You want to write these affirmations as many times as you can every day until your new eye color has manifested into reality permanently.

And you want to recite them daily in the morning and before you go to bed.

20 Different Affirmations For Eye Color Change

  1. “I am changing the color of my eyes to a beautiful, vibrant green.”
  2. “I now manifest that my eyes are already changed into their new beautiful state.”
  3. “I am now seeing the green pigmentation around my eyes and I love it!”
  4. “I am becoming more comfortable with this new eye color.”
  5. “I have many friends who are always complimenting me on how beautiful my eyes look now.”
  6. “My new eye color is the perfect shade for my skin tone and it makes me feel amazing!”
  7. “I love how my eyes look now with the green color around them.”
  8. “Every day I see more and more people complimenting me on my new eye color.”
  9. “I now have beautiful vibrant blue eyes.”
  10. “I love my new hazel eye color”
  11. “I see myself in the mirror admiring how great I look with this new eye color.”
  12. “Every day when I look in the mirror I cannot believe how different and gorgeous my new eye color looks!”
  13. “I love my new eye color so much!”
  14. “I now have dark brown eyes.”
  15. “Everyone is in shock that I changed my eye color!”
  16. “I can’t believe how great I look with my new eye color.”
  17. “I feel so confident and happy now that my eyes have their gorgeous green color back!”
  18. “My eyes are golden down and I love them!”
  19. “My new eye color is perfect for me.”
  20. “My new eye color is already here and I love it!”

Photoshop Your Eye Color

There are many apps nowadays which allow you to take a picture and change the color of the eye.

You want to do this to further convince your mind that this new eye color is for real and it’s already happening.

You can do the same thing with photo editing software on a computer as well if you have one available to you.

  • Take a picture of yourself
  • Edit the color of your eyes in that picture. (You can also wear contacts)
  • Look at that image often and maybe put it as your background on your phone or computer

Here is are 2 videos I found on how to change your eye color on a photo without using photoshop:

Lastly Use Subliminal Tracks

The last step is to listen to these subliminal tracks as much as you can. I have linked 3 different ones, if you can’t find the one

You want to make sure:

  1. You listen to this in a relaxed state
  2. Don’t distract yourself while listening to this. You need to be focused on this 100% completely.
  3. Experiment with different subliminal tracks, not just the ones I list below.
  4. Put on headphones and have this playing while you are sleeping. Remember, your conscious mind is not awake but your subconscious mind is.
  5. You should also listen to this while you are conscious as well.
  6. Focus on feelings in the eyes. This could be a slight burn, watery or dry eyes. (Don’t force it though, just be aware of it.)
  7. Don’t force yourself to listen to these subliminal tracks if you don’t like them.
  8. Make sure you’re consistent with your schedule of listening to these subliminal tracks.

Here are 3 tracks you can listen to:

Eye Color Changing Through Manifesting is Not Supported By Scientific Research

There is no scientific research that suggests that you can change your eye color. As of right now, it isn’t scientifically proven. Scientists only believe that certain treatments done surgically can change eye color.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

There is no question whether or not you can influence your mind and body with the law of attraction.

Your mind has great power over your body. Take a look at people who are stressed. Being stressed has negative effects on the body.

You can even measure this scientifically by getting a blood test done.

So why can’t you also change your eye color with the power of your mind?

There are people out there who have manifested eye color change.

You can see a few people who got results below:


I hope you enjoyed this blog post on How To Change Your Eye Color With The Law Of Attraction.

Now that I have covered all of the steps, it’s time to put these techniques into action and start manifesting your new eye color!

Remember: Stay committed and keep doing what is working for you. If something isn’t working, then try something else until you find what works.

You can do it!


Do Subliminals really work for changing eye color?

Yes they do, humans are a psychosomatic species. This means that your mental state affects your physical state.

You can view videos above of people who have changed their eye color through subliminal tracks and the law of attraction.

Are subliminal effects permanent for eye color?

Yes, as long as you truly believe your eye color changed. Just make sure you have no doubts about your new eye color!

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