Empath Abilities And How To Strengthen Them

7 Insane Abilities Empaths Have & Ways to Strengthen Them!

Are you an empath wondering what type of hidden abilities you possess?

In this blog post, I will go over the special abilities that empath possess, how to harness and utilize your empath abilities and how to strengthen them!

What is an Empath?

Empaths have a unique ability to understand and feel the emotions of others. When you are an empath, you can actually put yourself in the shoes of the other person and understand the experience that they might be feeling.

What is Special about Empaths?

Being empathic has numerous advantages. Empaths, on the other hand, make terrific companions. They are exceptional listeners. They are always there for their friends when they are in need. They have a big heart and are quite generous. Empaths also have a strong sense of intuition and emotional intelligence.

However, some of the attributes that make empaths such wonderful companions can be difficult for empaths to live with. Empaths can become overwhelmed by painful emotions like worry or rage because they literally feel what their friends are going through.

Empaths have a proclivity for taking on other people’s difficulties as their own. Even when too much is being requested of them, it is tough for them to set boundaries and say no.

What Are Key Abilities and Strengths of An Empath?

When you research over the internet, you will find that there are numerous articles focussing on the negative elements of being empathetic and things that an empath should be aware of. However, this is actually not so as there are several positives and tremendous advantages of being an empath.

However, one needs to realize the true elements of being empathetic, thereby making it a powerful boon for themselves and their family.

Following are some of the key abilities to be an empath

1. Psychic Abilities

Empaths are really great to see as well as analyze every angle of a situation. They are able to understand and see situations from the point of view of every individual. Through this, they are able to pick on in-depth themes as well as understand symbology. An empath also does possess psychic abilities in certain important interactions.

They have really a penetrating insight which is quite powerful and strong. This allows them to detach from the complexity of situations and understand them at the core.

So, when you are making a decision based on certain situations, an empath is quite likely to come up with a much more credible and perfect solution. Also, if there is any disagreement regarding any problems, then an empath is much likely to arrive at a solution that will help to solve such disagreements and troubles.

Hence it is often said that empaths have the powerful ability to become strong as well as visionary leaders.

2. Highly Intuitive

Empaths have a unique, empathetic ability; however, they can be severely harmed by immoral individuals like of energy vampires. Energy vampires try to suck out all the positive energy from a person and try to undermine the self-respect and esteem of others.

Hence it becomes really important for empaths to realize that they have got the gift of intuition, and they need to protect it at any cost. The power of intuition would help to protect as well as safeguard negative energy.

Since empaths are people who are really sensitive about their as well as other feelings, they have a powerful instinct or often termed as ‘gut instinct.’ If used properly, this can remove dangerous as well as harmful situations, which can be in the form of mental, emotional as well as physical harm.

If you are an empath, you would definitely understand this. As an empath, you might have experienced certain moments which are unexplainable or that cannot be comprehended. There is a gut feeling happening inside you regarding something. This in most cases, you are absolutely right.

This feeling happens to most empaths, and this is actually the intuition that is trying to speak to you. If you are an empath, you should always listen to your intuition as it would guide you towards a path of strength and morality.

Also, if you have a friend or a near and dear one who is an empath and they warn you that something bad is going to happen, you should always try to listen to them.

3. The empathy that is Long Distance

Being an empath, you might have experienced that suddenly you remember about a particular person, and that person is etched to your mind throughout the day. You may also find yourself in a situation where there is a sudden urge in you to reach out to a particular person. This person may be miles apart from you.

This is another unique ability of an empath, which is to ‘sense and feel’ someone. They somehow are able to understand and care about their needs even if they are hundreds of miles away.

Well, there is no possible explanation as to why empaths do this. In my understanding, I feel that they do possess a certain depth of connection.

If you are an empath, you might have experienced this with your close best friend or your partner. You can feel their discomfort or difficulties even if you are not beside them.

Most empaths feel that this ability is a real blessing for them as they are able to take care and be aware of the problems that their near and dear ones might be facing.

4. A Presence that is Powerful

A person who is a full enlightened empath signifies their presence by sheer power. However, this does not come easily to an empath. An empath has to undergo several challenges before achieving this. It is said that when an empath allows themselves to let their fear go away, the fear of being overwhelmed by emotions they experience a power.

This power can actually be healing to so many people in various ways. It acts as a source of healing to different people.

One of the most powerful empaths about whom we all have heard and read is Mother Teresa. She was always seen as a natural caregiver and able to understand human pain and emotions instantly.

Empaths have the ability to heal people just by their presence. You might question that “How is it possible?” Well, it is so because that they have the ability to lift the shroud and actually understand the feelings which are unspoken. They can thoroughly understand the person in unique ways, even by not directly communicating with them.

This also means that empaths are able to mold and adjust their thinking and their approach to exactly what that person needs. Often most people have said that they start feeling better and healed just by being around an empath.

Since being an empath, you tend to put yourself out there to heal people; most people do not try to use this power. Or even if they do, they try to do so with their close people.

We would suggest that you try to keep it personal and limited to your family as well as best friends. As often, when you are out there for strangers, there would be some energy vampires who can be a threat to your energy.

5. Spark of Creativity

Often, we see empaths pursuing various creative activities. You must have heard about Nicole Kidman, who did reveal in an interview that she was an empath. And she went ahead to pursue acting as her career. Similarly, Oprah Winfrey, who openly explains about empathy, went ahead to become a really big entrepreneur.

Most common practices or professions for empaths include healing, marketing, design as well as teaching.

You can question that “Why such occupations?” However, there is really no solid answer for it as we are also discovering it. According to us, it may be that their inherent ability to comprehend emotions into a particular form to deliver a solution.

It is critical for empaths to recognize and accept their artistic side. While some empaths excel at analytical or athletic careers, many empaths find their real calling in creative endeavors.

Empaths typically feel unfulfilled in their life until they discover this, and the pressure to conform to more ‘conventional’ jobs can lead to them burying their strengths.

6. The Vision to See

Empaths have the superpower capabilities to be a leader who possesses a vision. When an empath is completely awakened, they are capable of seeing situations and understanding the symbolism. They try to comprehend and understand what is happening to their bodies, minds and get a deeper meaning of things.

With the bird’s eye view, it allows you to disengage from minute situations and helps to focus on the issues that are real and impactful situations.

When you are an empath, you tend to get responsible for your superpowers. When you get responsible for your superpowers, you tend to take a stand for your future—the future and the harmony that is needed for the world.

Often empaths feel that when they can feel others and when they are able to see the good in others, it makes them really vulnerable. However, if used properly and with caution, this is a really powerful gift that empaths possess.

If you are witnessing that some people are taking advantage of you being an empath, then it’s time that you develop your skills.

7. Healing Ability

Being an empath, you already know that you have got a unique power; the power to heal yourself as well as others around you. However, most empaths do not understand it completely nor discover it.

Science tells that empaths have a hyperactive neuron system in their brains. These hyperactive neuron system cells are responsible for the feeling of compassion. Since, as an empath, you have the tendency to experience the pain in others, you learn how you can be caring and try to shoulder the sufferings of the world.

When you are with an empath, you will see that it is comfortable around you. Empathy provides a deeper message which is to hear people in their darkest times. When you are around an empath, you automatically feel safe.

Since empaths can shoulder the responsibility of others, they have the unique ability to heal others. However, most empaths do not try to reveal this openly as sometimes they tend to become an emotional sponge for some people.

How You Can Strengthen Your Empathic Abilities

How You Can Strengthen Your Empathic Abilities

Below you will find ways to strengthen your empath abilities!

Accepting and Acknowledging Yourself as an Empath

Being an empath, you know that compassion is something with which you believe and your heart lies with. You are here for a special purpose. There is a purpose for your birth; you are here to bring light to the planet. When you acknowledge that you are an empath, it is the first step to let the light within yourself shine.

Try to Undertake Challenges

In order to understand your powers completely, it is important that you challenge yourself. Try to do this by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone completely; for this, try to learn a skill or develop a hobby. These things will make you apply your power in different situations and help you realize your power in a much better way.

Believe and Trust your Intuition

Being an empath, you do understand that you are different from others. You are sensitive to things and people which other people might not feel. You can sometimes read the minds of people, receive images related to your psyche, pick up smells. Yes, these are not experienced by people, and you have this gift. Hence you should always try to learn how you can believe your intuition. When you trust your intuition, you are in a much better position to develop profound as well as healthy relationships with others and stay away from energy vampires.

Say no to the Victim Card

The continuous lack of self-worth may make your mentality play the victim. You feel that you are hardly loved. Often in certain spiritual relationships, this is noticed where the guru gathers all the resources and the devotees or learners are devoid of money as well as self-worth.

Practice Meditation

What most empaths don’t understand is that they need a certain time to recharge themselves. By practicing meditation, you fulfill the process of meditation. With the help of meditation, you can feel surrounded by the energy of your heart.

When you’re experiencing sensory overload, this is a terrific way to reclaim your power. You don’t have to sit to meditate, though. Spend time in nature or visualize yourself in a safe bubble where only light can pass through but dark energy cannot. Repeat this process multiple times a day.

When you meditate, you gain profound energy, and this energy helps you to develop yourself from within. We advise all empaths to definitely take some time from their schedule to practice meditation as it has tremendous effects in enhancing your empathy abilities.

Breathing Practice

Apart from meditation, there is another exercise that empaths must practice. Try to develop a practice of breathing. To do this, you have to sit in one place and breathe in and out consciously. When you are exhaling, try to think about breathing all the negative energy from your body.

And when you are breathing in, try to feel that you are regaining emerging. Remind this to yourself that as you breathe out, you are removing negativity and stress from your body. Similarly, when you are breathing in, try to feel that you are regaining energy, positivity, and power. Try to perform this breathing exercise throughout the day in order to eliminate any kind of stress or negative energy in your body.

Eliminating Negative Energy

As an empath, you would definitely agree that you have taken on a lot of negative energy. Hence it is very important that you eliminate this negative energy from your body. Try to look for ways through which you can eliminate this energy from your body.

One of the most effective methods in doing so is using crystals. Crystals are known as energy modulators, and it helps to bring peace to you and absorb negative energy from your surroundings.

Try to improve the aesthetics of your room. Even when you are in a difficult situation, try to speak positively. If possible, try to make situations light-hearted and find humor in situations that would help to eliminate all the negative energy out.

Also, this is an important technique that you can use- “The gratitude affirmation.” This essentially means expressing gratitude for everything in life. Such exercises help you to start each day with great positivity and help in eliminating all kinds of negative energy.

Ensure Self-Love

Being an empath, the purpose of your life is to take care of yourself. Yes, that is the simplest thing that you are asked to do. You can do this by listening to your own emotions as well as thoughts. Try to take some time off from your everyday schedule and try to acknowledge and honor the feelings and sensitivities.

Try and recognize that sometimes you can be strong, and sometimes you can be vulnerable. Try to listen to your intuition and trust it. Always try to practice doing something that makes you happy as well as strong.

You should always remember that when you live your life happily and in full potential, you are actually able to transform the lives of others.

How To Have Complete Control Over Your Empathetic Abilities – Master Your Empath Abilities

How To Have Complete Control Over Your Empathetic Abilities - Master Your Empath Abilities

As an empath, you have certain unique traits in yourself which are unique and different from the rest. In the above points, we discussed some of the unique, empathetic abilities.

Now let us understand how you can actually master these abilities.

Mastering Sensitivity to Negative Energy

You can turn negative vibes into positive ones by channelizing your emotions into a positive way as well as by picking up information. When you have a greater amount of information with yourself, you are in a much better position to make better decisions.

In our lives, we face different relationships, but how we navigate different people who come to our contact. When you try and incorporate your emotional intelligence, you are in a much better position in navigating your life.

Mastering Reading People’s Mind

As an empath, you often experience that you know what the person is going to say. You can master this by channelizing your empathic abilities to rediscover and improve your personal relationships. Also, you will be in a much better position to interpret people’s feelings and accordingly act in that way.

Mastering Intuition

Another benefit you can see as a gift is the ability to better prepare yourself for possible negative news, allowing you to move on more swiftly and effortlessly.

Losing something close to your heat is always painful, but if you can predict it before it happens, you can shorten the time it takes to recover. The sooner you understand and recognize that danger is awaiting you, you will be in a much better position to attend to the effects of the incident.

Mastering Problem Solving Abilities

You would all agree that you get a sense of fulfillment when you can be of help to people in their dire circumstances. As we know that empaths have the unique gift where they can read the minds of people, empaths can try to channelize this to help people to understand and deal with their emotions.

It may happen that someone who is near to you might be feeling really depressed, but there is no one who actually checked up on that person.

Being an empath, you can actually understand what the other person is feeling and thereby be able to comprehend their problem much easier and in a much more effective way.

Mastering Anxiety

As an empath, you have the ability to detect potential problems before they reach their apex, which means you may be able to prevent them from becoming as serious as they could otherwise.

Perhaps you’ve begun to notice an extraordinary amount of tension between two of your buddies, for instance. Use your empathetic abilities to moderate the situation before it spirals out of control, or prepare yourself for the consequences of your efforts to make peace fails.

Try this as this is a really unique tool that you can use, and in all cases, we hope that you will be able to succeed with it.


As an empath, it is really important to embrace your empathic abilities. By embracing your empathic abilities, you are able to experience a greater amount of joy.

When you embrace empathic abilities, you will be able to understand the in-depth picture and experience a greater amount of joy and purity.

By embracing your empathic abilities, you will also be able to fill your own cup of energy by aligning yourself directly with the source of the divinity.

With the above-mentioned points, we hope that you have been able to understand different empathic abilities and how you can master them.

With time you will be able to evolve much more practices which will help you to understand your empathic qualities and ensure that you can strengthen them effectively as well as efficiently.

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