Are You An Old Soul?

Are You An Old Soul? 8 Signs and What It Really Means

While the term “old soul” may sound like a compliment, it’s actually an insightful way of understanding yourself and your purpose in life.

Old souls come to this world with wisdom and knowledge that is put on hold until the time is right for them to share their message.

If you find yourself constantly feeling wise beyond your years or people tell you all of the time how mature you are, then there’s a good chance that you’re an old soul!

In this blog post, I’ll cover 12 signs of being an old soul and what they mean for those who identify as one.

I will also talk about some famous people who have been called “old souls.”

What Exactly is An Old Soul Or Vintage Soul?

If you’ve ever been told that you seem older than your years or that there is something wise about you, then you might be an old soul.

An old soul is someone who has been here before.

They have lived many past lives and they come back to this life with a lot of wisdom from those experiences.

In other words, an old soul person feels like a stranger in a world that doesn’t make sense to them or feel “right,” while at the same time feeling very much at home and comfortable in other realms.

An old soul person is one that should not be judged as lazy or unproductive, but rather should be seen as someone who has vast knowledge and wisdom from their past lives.

Old souls tend to have a spiritual connection with life itself and they know things without having to go through the same lessons over again.

The most common comparison is to a senior citizen who has all the knowledge and wisdom from their past life experiences.

They may not have had any formal education, but they know how to deal with situations that make no sense because they’ve been through it before!

Old souls are very patient, caring people who want what’s best for everyone around them and in turn, they will get the best in return.

8 Signs Of Being An Old Soul And The Meaning Of Them

While there are many old soul traits, characteristics and personalitiess, I have narrowed down the list to 12 signs of being an old soul that will help you identify if this is who you are or not!

1. You feel like a stranger in a strange land.

“I’m from another planet. I’m not from this world.”

“I don’t belong here, but yet…this is where I am?”

These are all phrases that old soul people will say on a regular basis as they feel like a complete stranger in their own skin!   They may have been born into the body of an adult or young child, but they do not feel like that is the case.

Old soul people will often say things out of place and seem to lack a sense of proper timing or appropriateness for certain situations, which can cause them to come off as awkward because it’s hard for them to read other people sometimes.

2. They just don’t get social cues…

Old soul people will often come off as a little “off” because they do not get the point of jokes, sarcasm or other social cues that can be used to tell whether someone is being serious or joking.

This lack of understanding by old souls causes them to take everything at face value and end up missing out on personal connections with others because they can’t tell if someone is being serious or not.

Old soul people simply do not understand why others don’t “get it” and will often feel out of place when around a lot of other people in a group setting because there’s no one else like them!

3. They’ll say things that make sense to only themselves…

This is a surefire way to tell if someone is an old soul.

They’ll say things that don’t make sense to anyone else, but they do!

They may not be able to explain their reasoning behind them or even know why it makes sense in their head, but for some reason…it does and no one else understands this.

These statements are usually metaphorical in nature and hard for others to understand without being able to have the same insight that old soul people do.

For example, they may look at a tree or something else non-human living and say “They’re just like us.”

This is an impossible statement because trees cannot think nor feel emotions, so no…they’re not just like us.

However, an old soul person may look at a tree and see human-like characteristics in the way it grows or how it interacts with other trees around them because they can feel its pain or joy.

This is where their connection to nature comes from as well as why many of us love watching nature documentaries because it allows us to see the world through their eyes.

4. They can be very deep thinkers.

Old soul people are often misunderstood because they look at the world in a different way than most others do.

They will ask “why” to everything, even things that have nothing to do with them personally and it seems like they’re always trying to find an answer for something or figure out how life works on a deeper level.

They may get sad or depressed if they cannot find the answers to their questions and this can cause them to withdraw from others because they do not want people making fun of them for it.

5. They can be very emotional beings.

“Don’t cry over spilt milk.”

This is a phrase that most people have heard at some point in their life, but not many fully understand what it means to “not cry over spilt milk”.

When an old soul person spills something or someone says they shouldn’t feel sad about having made a mistake, they will often cry over this because it hurts them deep down.

They may not understand why, but for some reason…it is very emotionally powerful to them and they cannot stop the tears from flowing no matter how hard they try!

This can make people think that old soul people are weak or overly sensitive when in reality; their emotions run far deeper than most others can imagine.

The point of this is to not minimize their feelings and cause them more pain because they will remember it for years to come!

6. They can be very down to earth.

Old soul people are some of the most grounded individuals you will ever meet!

They feel connected to nature, love animals and believe that anyone can connect with them if they take the time to get past their “wall” because it’s just a defense mechanism for when they’re feeling overwhelmed by others.

They will often live very simple lives, not wanting to own a lot of items they don’t need because it does nothing for them and only causes clutter in their home.

This is also why many old soul people are into minimalism or living off the grid because they feel like society has become too chaotic and that everyone needs to take some time to breathe and relax.

They may not understand why everyone is in such a rush all the time because to them, it’s just going to be over one day so there’s no point rushing towards anything!

7. They can be very detached from society.

Old soul people often feel like they do not belong and this feeling is caused by the fact that their mind operates on a different level than others.

They are constantly asking themselves why certain things happen, what causes them to occur or how everything works…but other people just go around without giving these questions much thought.

They may feel like they are not good enough, different from others or just “out of sync” with the way society operates so this is why many old soul people have a hard time fitting in.

8. They can be very understanding and accepting of others.

This is because old soul people are naturally nonjudgmental, empathetic individuals who understand that everyone has their own path in life to walk.

Each person on this planet came here with a specific reason or purpose even if they do not know what it is yet so the idea that one person is better than the other simply because they have a “better” job, car or house just does not make sense to them.

They know that everyone has their own personal struggles and demons to fight so it’s very hard for someone who operates this way to understand why others cannot see things from the same perspective as them.

The truth is that they just want to help others because that’s the only way their heart knows how to function!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Old Souls Rare?

They are not rare at all!

The truth is that many people have some degree of an old soul quality to them, but the majority only show it in certain circumstances.

An example would be if you were around family or friends and then once they left, your behavior changed drastically which was much more quiet/reserved than what people had previously seen from you.

It’s almost as if they are two different people because this is not how society expects their “normal” self to act!

How do Old Souls Love?

Old souls approach to love and relationships with a very “zen” like state of mind.

They know that everyone has their own personal journey to walk so they do not want to be the one who holds someone back from living their life because it’s just not something that feels right for them.

They accept people as they are, flaws and all, and do not get caught up in trying to change them because they think that only the individual can decide how much growth they truly want for themselves.

At the same time, old soul people are very nurturing (especially when it comes to their children) so this is why family values are extremely important to them!

Can Two Old Souls be Together?

While two old souls can definitely be together, it is not always the best idea because they will often think too similarly about certain things.

If one person decides to do something that goes against their views or what they have previously stated in regards to a subject then there could easily be an argument about it.

This does not mean that these types of relationships cannot work because they definitely can as long as both individuals are willing to find some middle ground and compromise on certain things.

Is an Old Soul a Compliment?

While it is not necessarily an insult to be called an old soul, there are some people who cannot handle the associated responsibility that comes with this label.

They may feel like they can never truly fit in or belong anywhere because of their unique personality and thinking process which causes them to feel isolated from others…and while they know intellectually that everyone has their own path to walk, it can be very hard for them emotionally.

They may not know how to handle the emotional aspect of this label and could end up acting out in negative ways which only make their situation worse because they are confusing themselves even more!

Are Old Souls Introverts?

Old souls are not necessarily introverts but they do have a deep desire to get in touch with who they really are at their core.

They know that everyone has the power within themselves to be whomever or whatever they want, therefore what makes someone truly special is knowing where you came from and being true to yourself no matter how “out there” your views may be.

This is why old soul people often feel a deep connection to nature and the universe because they realize that it’s all connected, therefore we are also connected with each other on some level as well!

Are Old Souls Frugal?

While this can depend from person to person, most of them have an innate desire to save money because they understand that it’s not just about keeping up with the Jones’, but really taking care of yourself and making sure you have what you need in case any unforeseen circumstances happen.

This is why old souls make great entrepreneurs and leaders as well since they truly want to help other people reach their full potential!

Are Old Souls Lonely?

While old souls do not necessarily feel lonely as much as they may sometimes feel isolated from the rest of society, this is because their views and beliefs can be very “out there” compared to those around them.

They know that everyone has a different path in life which is why it’s important for them to find someone who truly understands them and relates to them on a deep level where they can be themselves without fear of judgment.

At the same time, old soul people are very independent so it is not like they need someone else in order to feel complete; however, having that deep connection with another person (and sharing common interests) certainly enhances their lives!

What is the opposite of an Old Soul?

While the opposite of an old soul is not necessarily someone who acts like a child, they can sometimes come across as immature since they are unable to see past their present moment in time.

This means that if anything disrupts them or challenges their current belief system then it will cause them great distress because they lack true wisdom which comes with age and experience.

They may also be seen as selfish because they are unwilling to see beyond themselves which can create a lot of problems in their interpersonal relationships with others.

On the other hand, old souls have all this wisdom and knowledge within them yet at times it can make them feel disconnected from everyone else since they are on some sort of different wavelength!

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