Can You Burn Your Manifestation Paper Should You

Can You Burn Your Manifestation Paper? Should You?

Most people say that you can’t burn your manifestation paper. However, there are some who would disagree with this statement. So what is the truth? Can you burn your manifestation paper?

To answer it shortly, yes you can burn your manifestation paper because the paper doesn’t hold the power. The paper is just a physical object, what is important is your conviction in the belief of achieving that desired outcome.

In this blog post, I will go over why you can burn your manifestation paper, why you should or shouldn’t do it and more!

Why Can You Burn Your Manifestation Paper?

The reason why you can burn your manifestation paper is that the physical object does not hold any power. The only way that you will achieve what you want is by believing in yourself and feeling it as if it has already happened for real.

The Law of attraction works based on the level of conviction you have. The higher the conviction the stronger the signal you send to the universe that you want something. The stronger the signal, the faster you will receive what you want.

In order to have a strong conviction for attracting something into your life, it is important that you should believe in yourself and feel that whatever outcome or goal that you are trying to achieve has already happened.

By burning paper your not burning your desire, conviction and faith in the fact that you will receive your desired outcome. So you can burn your manifestation paper if you want!

Does Burning Your Manifestations Make Them Stronger?

Does Burning Your Manifestations Make Them Stronger

It depends.

If you truly believe that burning your manifestation paper will make it sink in your subconscious mind causing you to send a stronger signal to the universe then yes burning your manifestations will make them stronger.

However, the physical act of burning the paper doesn’t do anything. What it means you is what really matters.

So, if I were to do it, it wouldn’t work since I don’t believe burning the piece of paper would cause it to make my manifestations stronger.

Should You Burn Your Manifestation Paper?

You can if you want however, I recommend not to burn your manifestation papers.

This is because you won’t be able to look at your manifestation paper again if you burn it.

You can make sure to always take glances at that manifestation paper so that it stays in the back of your mind.

Remember, you want the desire to ingrain in your subconscious mind so that you are much more likely to attract it.

Can You Throw Away Your Manifestation Paper?

Yes, you can but, again I don’t recommend it because you want to keep taking look at it.

Although, one thing I want to make sure you guys understand is that the paper itself is not magical or powerful. It doesn’t magically make your manifestations true.

Throwing away your manifestation paper AFTER you have manifested what you wanted is completely fine. You won’t undo or reverse your manifestation if you do this.

However, if you don’t throw it away, you can show your manifestation paper to your friends and family which brings us to the next segment.

Can You Show Your Manifestation Paper To Others?

Can You Show Your Manifestation Paper To Others

Yes, you can however, I don’t recommend showing your manifestation papers to people or even talking about your desires to others.


People are very negative. Those who are the closest to you are the first ones to doubt you. Not because they are malicious and don’t want you to get the life you desire but, because most people don’t operate in at a high-frequency vibration.

They tend to have a ton of doubts, fears and worries stopping from achieving what they want in life.

This is why I personally keep my papers and manifestations to myself until and unless I have accomplished them.

And even after I have actually manifested them, I only share with those with an open mind.

The last thing you want is doubt and negativity.

But, it’s entirely your choice on whether you want to share or not.

What To Do With The Manifestation Paper?

You can burn it, throw it away or even show your manifestations to others.

But, the best option would be to keep them in a journal and take quick glances at them every day.

That way you get constant reminders about what you want while also keeping yourself focused on achieving those goals!


In conclusion, you can burn your manifestation papers if you want however it’s not necessary to burn or throw them away.

The best option is to keep them in a journal and take quick glances at them every day.

This will help you feel more connected with your manifestation while also keeping yourself focused on achieving what it is that you want!

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