What To do With Your Manifestation Papers

What To do With Your Manifestation Papers? (8 Ways Explained)

If you are a Manifestor you know how great of a tool manifestation papers can be. But, once you have received your manifestations, What to do with your manifestation papers?

You can throw it, store it, burn it, sell them, gift it to someone, or recycle your manifestation papers. You have the choice of what you want to do with your manifestation papers!

In this blog post, I will go over 8 different things you can do with your manifestation papers!

8 Things You Can Do With Your Manifestation Papers After You Have Manifested Those Things!

1. Burn Your Manifestation Papers

Burn them! You can burn your manifestation papers and release all that manifestation energy into the universe.

You have manifested those things and now you are releasing all of that energy into the universe.

You can take a match, light it up, and set fire to your paper manifestation. Make sure you are safe and try not to get injured.

You can also take your manifestation papers and put them into a fire pit to burn, or you could even throw them in the campfire! You will then release all that energy and manifest those things into the universe!

Burning your manifestations is one of many ways to get rid of your manifestation papers once you have manifested those things!

2. Store Them

Store your manifestation papers either in a box or an envelope.

You can store them for future things you want to manifest!

It is very important to store your manifestation papers because you never know when you will want them again! You could manifest something else in the future, so it’s best to keep those papers somewhere safe.

You can even take photos of what you manifested and put that on your phone for easy access if needed.

3. Recycle Your Manifestation Papers

Recycle your manifestation papers!

You can recycle them and put those feelings of happiness into recycling. This is a great way to make sure you are helping the environment as well!

You could create something else with your recycled paper, or you could even donate it to someone who needs it for school projects and such. It’s up to you what you want to do with your recycled manifestation papers!

4. Gift Them

You can gift them!

If someone came up to you and told you they needed your manifestation papers because it is something that would help them. You can gift those things right then and there or save the paper, take a picture of it, and email it over to whoever needs those things for their manifestations.

This might help others out who are new to manifesting to reduce doubt. If it worked for you why wouldn’t it work for them?

5. Sell Your Manifestation Papers

5. Sell Your Manifestation Papers

Sell them!

If someone approaches you and asks to buy your manifestation papers, why not sell them if it is something that they want? You can make money off of those things.

You could also use the money you get from selling your manifestation paper for whatever purpose you need it for. It’s a way to turn your manifestations into money!

You could also create a bet with your family or friends who are sceptical of the law of attraction and tell them that if I get my desired outcomes and make my manifestations into reality, you will purchase my manifestation papers for a certain amount of cash.

6. Shred Them

You can tear or shred those manifestation papers.

Take a pair of scissors and cut them up into tiny pieces, or you can even tear it in half.

It doesn’t matter how big the shred is as long as your manifestation papers are gone forever! You have manifested those things so now they no longer exist!

This will also help with getting rid of any clutter around your house if there are any other papers that you don’t need or want anymore.

7. Throw Them Away

Throw them away!

If none of the other options above sound like something you want to do, then why not just throw your manifestation papers away?

It’s as simple as that

You can toss those things out and forget about them forever.

8. Keep Them As A Reminder When Doubt Arises

This one is my favorite.

I personally like to keep them as a reminder when there is any doubt, fear or worry which arises within me.

If you know anything about manifesting you know that even the slightest doubt, fear, resentment makes your manifestations not work.

This is because when you lack conviction and have doubts in your mind, you send out a low vibrational signal to the universe.

But, this shouldn’t happen to you since you already know the power of the law of attraction.

Your manifestation papers are the proof that no matter how hard things may seem or feel in this moment, everything will work out just as you had imagined!


There are many different ways to use or dispose of your manifestation papers.

Be creative with what you can do! You can decide on one or more ways that work best for you.

Remember the law of attraction works if we believe in ourselves and have the right intentions.

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