Can Manifesting Be Dangerous To You Or Others

Can Manifesting Be Dangerous To You Or Others? What to do?

What are you manifesting? Are you creating the life that you want for yourself, or are you attracting things into your life that could be harmful to others? Can manifesting be dangerous to you or others? Is it possible to manifest dangerous events in your life, like a car crash or even worse, an illness?

The short answer is no, it’s not dangerous but, it can go wrong if you are not careful.

In this blog post, I will go over whether manifesting is dangerous or not, can manifesting go wrong/backfire, can you manifest bad things for others, is manifesting safe, and lastly whether there is a limit to manifesting or not!

Can Manifesting Go Wrong Or Backfire?

Yes, manifesting can go wrong or backfire. Picture this, you don’t give a thought to consider how your wishes/desires affect others.

You have to be conscious about what you want to manifest and come to reality because unintentionally we might cause harm to those around us.

For example, you want to manifest a new job and you don’t give it much thought. You get what you ask for, but in the process, your current employer gets laid off and is left unemployed because of your success.

Do you see how that can be dangerous? It’s important to think about all angles before making wishes or desires come true.

Now, picture it from another angle. You can cause good things to happen for others but, cause harm towards yourself in the process. (Unintentionally of course)

When you start to learn how to use your mind powers more effectively it is important for you, as a conscious creator, to be aware of what kind of energies you are attracting into your life.

The Universe is always listening to your thoughts, words and feeling. You are constantly sending out powerful signals that you might not even be aware of.

It’s like an energetic boomerang effect; whatever energy you put out into the world will come back to you ultimately (whether good or bad). The way it works with manifesting is no exception.

Manifesting is a wonderful tool that we can use to create the life of our dreams, but you need to be careful about the state you are in constantly.

What I mean is, when you get angry, are resentful or fearful you slowly condition your subconscious to attract these things.

This is why it’s so important to be in a positive state so that you are always sending out good vibes that the Universe will pick up on.

Can You Manifest Bad Things For Others?

Can You Manifest Bad Things For Others

No. You cannot manifest bad things for others because you are only in control of your life.

However, you can manifest things that might indirectly cause harm to others. But, you can generally do no great harm to someone.

If you are intentions aren’t fully pure then your manifestation will fail.

Can you harm someone by manifesting intentionally?

Nope, you can’t cause harm to someone intentionally.

The only way you can harm someone with the law of attraction would be unintentionally but, even then you can’t do anything too dangerous or harmful.

Negativity and intentions which aren’t pure just will make your manifestation fail.

Is Manifesting Safe?

Is Manifesting Safe

Yes, it is safe. You can always make sure you are ready and willing to accept what you wish for.

When we manifest, the Universe will provide us with an outcome that is in alignment with our thoughts and feelings.

So just because we think about something bad doesn’t mean it’s going to happen – unless of course, your dominant thoughts consist of negative ideas such as “I hate my life” or “life is so miserable”.

As long as you can keep a positive mindset and be open to receiving all types of outcomes, whether good or bad, from the Universe it will always work in your favor.

Is There A Limit To Manifesting?

Yes, there is a limit to manifesting if you are impatient or have harmful intentions.

You can’t just wish for something and expect it to come true within your next breath – you have to be patient! It’s not going to happen immediately even though that might be the case sometimes.

The law of attraction works based on what you are putting out into the world so if you are sending out positive signals then you can expect to receive more positivity in return.

However, if you are in perfect alignment and have pure intentions, there are no limits to manifesting and the law of attraction.

You can get anything you truly and wholehearted believe in. Just be patient and wait for it.


In conclusion, manifesting is safe as long as you are conscious about what kind of energy you put out into the world.

Be patient and stay positive because when you do that there is no limit to what can happen for you or others!

Manifestation will always work in your favor if it’s done correctly with pure intentions and a positive mindset.

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