Mintakan Starseed

Are you a Mintakan Starseed? 21 Major Traits, Mission & Purpose

Have you ever wondered if you were a Mintakan/Mintaka Starseed?

Mintakan Starseeds are a rare group of Starseeds who are known to be the oldest group of Starseeds and are thought to be the original lightworkers.

They are also known to be water-based creatures resembling mermaids and those Mintakan souls which are incarnated here on earth tend to naturally be drawn to water.

In this blog post, I will cover everything there is to know about the Mintakan Starseeds.

What is a Mintakan Starseed?

Mintakans are said to be one of the oldest groups of Starseeds which have been on Earth the longest.

They are very positively oriented souls. It is very negative for them to make conscious negative choices. They also don’t understand negative intention and choices from others either because there really wasn’t any negative choices on Mintaka their home planet.

They see the highest potential in others and have an incredibly positive outlook.

They are said to be the original lightworkers.

Many other Starseeds tend to be homesick but, Mintakans feel much more homesick than other Starseeds.

Where Do Mintakan Starseeds Origin From?

Where Do Mintakan Starseeds Origin From

Mintakans come from a star called Mintaka, which is situated in the Orion constellation. Mintaka, Alnitak, and Alnilam are all 3 stars that form Orion’s belt.

Mintaka no longer exists which is what a lot of Mintakans believe.

Mintaka was a utopian Waterworld. It was this beautiful water-based planet where the water looked like air. The water was a lot less dense, less translucent.

What is Mintakan Starseed’s Mission and Purpose?

What is Mintakan Starseed's Mission and Purpose

As with most Starseed, their goal is to raise human awareness and consciousness to new heights!

Their specific purpose however to release our true inner potential. Mintakans have a strong healing/therapy ability that they use to accomplish their mission. They are very intuitive and psychic with a deep understanding of the human mind.

They have a deep understanding of nature and the Earth. They are usually very connected with their own bodies and health too which makes them great healers.

Their mission is to help release our true potential from old limitations that keep us from living our best life.

They do this by using their abilities to heal and teach others how they can also begin to live the best, happiest lives possible too!

21 Mintakan Starseed Traits & Characteristics You Might Have!

1. Drawn To Water

Mintakans are usually drawn to water. They love being near or in the water whether it be a river, lake, ocean etc…

They have incredibly high respect for all life forms that live in water including dolphins! So if you’re around someone who constantly talks about their dolphin experiences then they might just be Mintakan!

They are highly sensitive to the energy of water too. They can understand things that would be difficult for someone who isn’t a Mintakan Starseed to understand with just one glance at an object or place near/in water.

Water is their home and they love being in it as much as possible!

2. Deeply Homesick

Mintakans tend to feel extremely homesick.

Mintaka no longer exists but, they still long for it very badly! They are always hoping that maybe one day in the future their home planet will return.

They can’t really explain why this is though because in most cases they don’t remember much of what life was like on Mintaka. They just have a deep longing to return.

3. You are very positive and optimistic

Mintakans are very positive and optimistic because in their home planet there is only positivity. They know that if we all work together then we can create a much better world where everyone feels serene, happy, and fulfilled!

4. You are quite social and value family

Mintakans are quite social and value family very highly. They really love creating an environment where people can feel loved, accepted, understood etc…

They enjoy being around their friends and family but they also don’t mind spending some time alone either!

5. You see the potential in people and believe in their ability to change

Mintakans always see the potential in people and have an incredibly positive outlook. They are optimists but, sometimes they can be unrealistic though.

They don’t like negative people and will usually try to change them into someone more positive if they can.

They see the potential in everyone which is why they enjoy helping others discover their own power too! They believe we all have a lot of untapped potential inside us that once released, we could do anything with our lives!

6. You get taken advantage of or hurt very easily

Mintakans are very sensitive and it is easy for them to get taken advantage of or hurt.

Because of their overly positive and loving nature, they can get taken advantage of or someone might hurt them.

7. You are curious and love to learn new things

Mintakans are always curious and love to learn new things. They are always trying to learn new skills or discover something that will help them accomplish their mission!

They are very good at teaching others too because they have a deep understanding of our minds and how we think. They can easily break down the information into understandable pieces so anyone could understand it if they wanted to!

8. You are a true empath

Mintakans are very empathetic and can easily understand someone else’s pain if they have been through the same thing.

They feel a strong connection to people even if they don’t know them because it is so easy for them to sense others emotions!

Whenever someone needs their help or support, Mintakan Starseeds will always be there for them.

9. You can be controlling at times

Mintakans can be very controlling at times because they want to make sure everything is done in the right way. They are afraid that if something isn’t done then someone could get hurt or suffer.

So they tend to take control of a situation so it doesn’t happen again!

They have good intentions though and don’t mean to be controlling, they just want everyone around them to be safe.

10. You have good leadership skills

Mintakans are very good leaders because they can see the potential in everyone. They know that if we all work together, this world could be a much better place!

So Mintaka Starseeds really want to help people discover their own power too so more of us would start taking control of our lives!

You might find yourself in leadership roles if you’re a Mintakan.

11. You’re not a fan of technology

Mintakans aren’t a fan of technology because they prefer to live in nature. They find solace and peace within the natural world.

They love the energy of nature and Mother Earth, it is purer than anything technology can offer!

12. You are an old soul

Mintakans are old souls because they are one of the oldest Starseed types.

They tend to be much wiser and more understanding than their peers because their soul has been incarnated many times.

13. You are drawn to supernatural things like astrology and spirituality

Mintakans are drawn to astrology, spirituality and anything paranormal because they believe in the power of magic.

They know that there is more out there than what we can see or touch! They feel connected with everything around them which is why they love exploring their intuition too!

14. You care deeply about all life

Mintakans care deeply about all life. They want to help us discover our own power so that we can live happier lives too!

They can be vegan or be an environmentalist to help reduce the suffering of all creatures.

15. You have good intuition

Mintakans have good intuition and they trust their gut. If something doesn’t feel right to them, it probably isn’t!

They believe that going with your gut is one of the best decisions you can make because it comes from a place of knowing what’s right and wrong.

16. You might get sick often or have body aches and pains

Your vibrational frequency might be too high for your physical body which is 3D.

This might cause some physical problems since your body and you aren’t on the same frequency.

17. You like to be in the present moment

Mintakans like to be in the present moment because they want to live their lives with intention.

Present moment awareness is very important for them so that they can stay focused on what’s really important!

They believe that whatever we do, it should always come from a place of love and light!

18. You are very adventurous

Mintakans are very adventurous because they love trying new things.

They love to travel and want to explore all possibilities!

They believe that anything is possible and this world has so much to offer!

19. You are very nurturing and loving

Mintakans are very nurturing and loving because they want to help everyone around them.

They want everyone to feel loved and they would do whatever it takes to make sure that happens!

20. You find yourself in Leadership Roles

You are drawn to leadership roles because you know that there is more out there.

There is too much suffering in the world and only by stepping up can we help make a difference!

Mintakans often find themselves in leadership roles naturally without even trying.

21. You are good at goal setting and achieving your goals

Mintakans are good at goal setting and achieving their goals because they like to stay focused.

They know that if we all work together, we can achieve anything! So Mintaka Starseeds tend to set high standards for themselves too!

What is the Mintakan Starseed Symbol?

The symbol of the Mintakan Starseeds would be either a fish or mermaid because they are an underwater civilization.

It is actually why some people resonate so well with mermaids.

Mintakan Starseed Careers

Mintakan Starseed Careers

Mintakan Careers generally tend to be quite loving, creative and drawn to water.

These don’t indicate whether you are a Mintakan or not but more so, is a recommendation on careers to consider if you are a Mintakan Starseed.

Few careers to consider for Mintakan Starseeds:

  • Lifeguard
  • Marine Biologist
  • Oceanographer
  • Deep-sea diver
  • Sailor
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator
  • Swimming Instructor/Coach

How is Mintakan Starseed’s Energy?

Like all other Starseeds, their energy is at a much higher frequency.

Mintakans have an energy that is very loving and positive.

Crystals/Stones For Mintakan Starseeds

Crystals/Stones For Mintakan Starseeds

Mintakans Starseeds are attracted to crystals that have a high vibration that fit their personality.

These are stones and crystals which work best for Mintakan Starseeds:

How do Mintakan Starseeds Look?

How do Mintakan Starseeds Look

Mintakans on their home planet looked similar to mermaids. But, a slightly different form than the type of mermaids we have here on earth.

That being said, here on earth, Mintakans or any Starseeds, in general, don’t pick a body based on the physical appearance, it’s always based on the energy blueprint, vibrational frequency and past life experiences.

As with most Starseeds, they can be spotted in a group of people because of their high vibrational frequency and energy.

What Body Markings Do Mintakan Starseeds have on their bodies?

Every Mintakan Starseed has different markings on their bodies which means you could have anything!

Mintakan Starseeds typically tend to have tattoos of mermaids, fish or other aquatic creatures because Mintakans are drawn to water and all creatures of the sea.

What blood type do Mintakan Starseeds have?

What blood type do Mintakan Starseeds have

Mintakan Starseeds tend to have type A+, O-, and B- blood.

They also tend to have rare negative RH blood as well.

However, negative RH blood is generally more common among all Starseeds.

Mintakan Starseed Love and Twinflames

Mintakan Starseed Love and Twinflames

Mintakan Starseeds are very loving and they always want to help their partner.

They tend to see the best in everyone which is why it would be hard for them not to believe someone when they say that they love you!

Mintakan Starseeds also have a very strong twinflame connection.

Their love is deep and they would do anything for their soulmate!

Unlike many other Starseeds, it’s not very hard to find a twin-flame for Mintakans because they are so loving.

Mintakan Starseed Zodiac

Mintakan Starseed Zodiac

Mintakan Starseeds typically tend to be either Aquarius, Leo or Scorpio.

However, there are many other Starseeds that can fall into this zodiac sign as well!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Mintakans who are Aquaris are very strong-willed, independent and have a lot of energy!

They are good at being able to get the job done which is why they would be great in careers that require lots of responsibility.

Aquarius Mintakans also tend to like keeping themselves busy because if there’s nothing for them to do, it drives them crazy!

They tend to be very artistic and creative as well.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo Mintakans are very warm, loving and full of joy.

They also have a great sense of humor which makes them fun to be around!

Mintakan Starseeds which are Leo tend to go after what they want in life with everything that they got!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio Mintakans tend to be very mysterious and they love to have their privacy.

They also tend to have a great sense of intuition which is what makes them so fascinating!

Mintakan Starseeds which are Scorpio also tend to be very passionate and loyal.

They would do anything for the people they love!

Can You be A Hybrid Starseed?

There are some Starseeds that feel that they don’t just belong to one Starseed type or race.

It’s also possible that as your soul developed over time, you began to resonate with other star systems and galaxies.

If that’s the case, you should check out some of my other articles on the Starseed races below to find which other Starseeds you resonate with!

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Are you a Mintakan Starseed 21 Major Traits, Mission & Purpose

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