What is a Starseed

What is a Starseed? 13 Signs You Are A Starseed

Have you ever had a feeling of dislocation, as if you were an “alien” dropped here on Earth without a map and yearning to return home?

There may be a purpose for it. You might be a Starseed, sent here on a mission to help people.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are extraterrestrial souls incarnated on Earth from other places in the universe.

They have a mission to complete and they all share common traits.

Starseeds also have the ability to absorb and process energies from other dimensions, or parallel universes.

They are usually highly sensitive people who may be able to see spirits and ghosts, feel the energy of crystals and stones, sense when something bad will happen in advance, have visions of future events or past lives.

Often they can’t do these things on purpose but their senses are always switched on which means that they often need time alone to recharge by going into meditation.

They are not aware of their mission on earth until they get to their Starseed awakening.

What are Starseed Markings?

Starseed markings or Starseed alignments indicate whether or not you have Starseed origins based on your celestial body aspects in birth charts.

What’s a birth chart?

A birth chart is basically a map/blueprint which looks at your time of birth and location and based on that it checks how certain events and alignment happened during that time.

You find out your Starseed markings by the positioning of the sun, moon, and other planets in relation to other star systems during your birth. You may learn about your Starseed heritage by tracking down where they were at the time of your birth.

There are many different Starseed types that come from different places. Based on the star system they were born in, Starseeds may have a certain personality, behavioral tendencies, certain traits and physical features.

Some Starseeds actually remember where they are from however, most don’t at first.

Usually, this becomes clear when you experience the Starseed awakening. (In future, I will make a guide on how to find your Starseed Markings!)

Starseed Awakening – How A Starseed becomes aware of their Goal

A Starseed awakening is a realization that you are a Starseed and understanding your purpose and which planet, galaxy or star you are from.

It can happen suddenly or it may be a gradual process over time.

Many Starseeds don’t know what’s happening to them and why they feel so different from everyone else until much later in life, sometimes when they read an article about Starseeds or meet someone who tells them that they are one.

This realization or awakening can happen in many ways: by a chance encounter with a book about spirituality and extra-terrestrial life, an out of body experience where you feel yourself moving through space at phenomenal speed towards the stars, perhaps during meditation when you find your consciousness suddenly shot up into another dimension travelling faster than light, or maybe you have a dream where another being appears to tell you that they are here for your protection.

Once you slowly realize that you are in fact a Starseed it may take on an obsessive quality and grow into a determination to find out as much information about Starseeds, UFOs and other dimensions as possible until finally one day something happens which pushes you into action.

Are you close to Starseed Awakening? Here are 17 symptoms that you are close to Starseed Awakening!

Are You A Starseed?

It isn’t very easy to tell if you are a Starseed or not however, the main symptom of a Starseed is if you feel like you don’t belong with the people around you.

If you get this feeling then there is a chance that you are a Starseed.

13 Signs That You Are A Starseed

1. You’ve always felt different from everyone else.

You always feel like you don’t belong here on Earth and that your home is somewhere out there in the universe, maybe among the stars or planets.

Maybe even another dimension of space-time far away from this reality.

2. You’ve had dreams of other planets and civilizations.

You may have dreamt about floating through space among the stars or travelling to another planet where there are cities made up of buildings that look like crystals, pyramids or temples.

You might even remember having a past life in an alien world.

This is your subconscious trying to send you messages from the other side.

The universe is always speaking to you through your dreams so don’t ignore them!

3. You have an intense dislike for the current political situation on earth.

You think that world leaders are corrupt and power-hungry, looking out only for themselves but not caring about the people they rule over.

The global elite are trying to keep you down while keeping their true agenda hidden from the public which is why you don’t believe anything that’s being shown on TV or reported in newspapers.

You are very aware of the corruption within politics and you refuse to fall for their lies anymore.

They have been controlling humanity with fear through wars, famine, economic crashes etc., but people are waking up now which is why they need another way to control us.

4. You have a deep connection with the planet and nature.

You feel at home when you are outdoors, surrounded by trees or near bodies of water such as rivers, lakes or oceans.

In fact, it can be difficult for you to live in cities because there is too much concrete around which blocks your energy from coming through.

You prefer to spend your time in nature instead.

You also have a deep affinity with animals and may even be able to communicate telepathically with them, or at least understand what they are saying!

This is because you come from the stars which contain all of these things. It’s part of your DNA memory coming through so embrace it as much as possible!

5. You are very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others.

You may become overwhelmed by other people’s emotions which can cause you stress because it is like they are projecting their energy onto you!

This means that if someone around you happens to be angry or upset then this will affect your mood as well even though there was no logical reason for it.

You are much more sensitive to the energy around you compared to most people which means that you can easily pick up on others’ thoughts and feelings without even trying.

6. You have a strong sense of knowing.

You always feel like you know certain things that others don’t and this is because your intuition or higher self has sent the information to you in order for it to be revealed at just the right time when someone needs it most.

That’s why sometimes even though something may seem completely ridiculous to other people it feels like the most normal thing in the world to you.

That’s because, on some level, your intuition or higher self knows what is going on even though it isn’t obvious at first!

You may also experience deja vu frequently which means that you are picking up on something from a future event and remembering it as if it happened in the past.

It is important to keep an open mind and not ignore your intuition otherwise they will continue to bombard you with information until it clicks!

7. You have a very active imagination.

You are highly creative and often spend your time daydreaming about what life would be like if you could create the ideal reality for yourself whenever you want!

You may even find that you can manifest things into being by using your mind which is one of the most powerful tools on earth!

Your creativity also helps you to understand how the universe works and what it is trying to tell you.

When something doesn’t go your way, instead of getting angry or upset about it, try looking at things from a different perspective because there may be a bigger picture that you are not seeing!

8. People feel a strange feeling about you (First impression)

You often find that people feel a strange feeling about you which they can’t quite put their finger on.

This is because even though they may not consciously realise it, your energy speaks to them at the soul level and this makes them uneasy!

Although some of these feelings are more obvious such as attraction or repulsion, others are much subtler and come in the form of your energy affecting their mood.

9. You have a strong connection to the stars & constellations in the sky.

You often find yourself looking up at the night sky and wondering about all of those twinkling lights which seem to go on forever!

This is because you still carry your Starseed origins within your DNA, don’t worry if it feels like something isn’t quite right because this is a sign that you are Starseed.

10. You may have physical Starseed marks on your body (Unique birthmarks)

You may have physical Starseed marks on your body which are not easy to notice at first. (This is not to be confused with Starseed markings which are not physical)

These come in the form of unique scars, birthmarks or moles that you can’t quite understand because they don’t seem to make sense!

11. Passage of Time

It feels to you as if time was not passing when it actually did but you remained the same.

It’s like you are stuck in an eternal now, always feeling that time is not passing by but standing still for a moment.

However, there is no way of proving this to anyone else because they would call it imagination or hallucinations and you know deep inside yourself that it isn’t any of those things.

12. You have a deep urge to visit the places you dream about.

One of the biggest signs that you are Starseed is having dreams or visions of other worlds and like many others before, they will not be forgotten as soon as you wake up!

You may even develop an obsession with going there but keep in mind it won’t be easy.

13. You feel like you have a mission or purpose to fulfil/complete.

You have a strong sense of purpose and it feels like you are somehow meant to do more than just be another face in the crowd.

Realising your mission on Earth can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what that is yet but this feeling will not go away until you finally figure out why you were sent here!

What are Starseed Traits, Personalities and Characteristics?

These cannot be grouped on Starseed bases, it’s based on the specific type of Starseed.

So, you’d have to check out each race separately below to figure out which one resonates with you.

What Zodiac Signs is Common With Starseeds?

Again it’s based on the specific type of Starseed not based on Starseeds as general. I recommend you check out the Starseed races below.

What is Starseed Energy like?

Most if not all Starseeds have a very high vibrational frequency.

Now, whether it is warm and loving or cold and ominous is all based on the type of Starseed as well as the stage of awakening they are at.

Starseed Appearance – How do Starseeds look like?

This depends on their race back on their home planet.

However, if you are talking about how do Starseeds look here on Earth, they don’t have a specific look, Starseeds choose to incarnate based on energy blueprints, vibrational frequency and past life experiences.

So, a Starseed can be any race, gender and ethnicity.

But, you can spot them in a crowd of people if you are sensitive enough to read their energy or if you are an energy reader.

Starseed Mission – What is the Purpose of a Starseed?

That depends on who you ask, some say that Starseeds are here on a purpose their main purpose is always to alleviate humanity to higher consciousness as well as the higher vibrational frequency on a planetary scale.

Some also, say they want to give back what they have received from the universe in their past lives.

However, that’s just sort of the main goal of all Starseeds.

Now, it depends on how you do that by teaching others, serving society or just sending good vibrations to everyone around you.

Starseed crystals – What are some good crystals Starseeds should have?

This depends on what type of Starseed you are.

There are general crystals you can use but, there are none that are just for Starseeds in general.

So, if you are interested in Starseed crystals, I cover them for each Starseed race below!

Starseed Celebrities – Which Famous People Are Starseeds?

There are a ton of famous Starseeds out there but, here is a list of some:

  • Darren Hayes
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Mac Miller
  • David Bowe
  • Lana Del Ray
  • Solange Knowles
  • Elvis
  • Princess Di
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Albert Einstein
  • Socrates
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Robin Williams

Keep in mind that they may belong to different races.

Starseed Love, Relationship & Twinflames

Starseed who have a twin flame have more than just 1 mission.

They have the ability to radiate tremendous light as well as tremendous love. They are the yin and yang energies, which hold love in this 3D reality.

Starseeds are destined to be together with their twin flame on earth, fulfilling their soul purpose. They can’t be parted since fate is always trying to bring them together. So that they may accomplish their soul mission of healing others and themselves.

What are the different Starseed Races?

There are many different Starseed races and each of them is here to fulfil a specific purpose.

Some will stay longer than others, some will come in the form of humans and then turn into light or crystals while others may simply be a beam of pure energy!

Here is a list of different Starseed Races:

Connection Between Starseed and Lightworker?

Lightworkers and Starseed are quite similar in the sense that all Starseeds are lightworkers however, not all lightworkers are Starseeds.

Starseeds originate from other dimensions, whereas Lightworkers come from above the 3rd dimension, the inter-dimensional energies surrounding Earth.

This is why they are much more rooted towards Earth.

Starseeds, on the other hand, are born in distant planets, galaxies, stars or solar systems.

They spring from a different plane of existence.

Starseed Books

Here is a list of books I recommend reading to learn more about Starseeds:


There is no need to be worried if you feel that you might be a Starseed because it’s not an easy task and many are still trying to figure out who they truly are and what their purpose is.

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