Starseed Blood Types

Starseed Blood Types And What They Mean

Are you a Starseed?

If so, there is a chance that your blood type might be rare.

Typically, Starseeds tend to have unique and rare blood types.

Types of Starseed Blood and Why They’re Important to Understand

Starseeds are people who have incarnated on Earth from other planets or galaxies.

There are many different types of Starseeds, which is why some blood types might be rare to find among the human population here on Earth.

It’s important for Starseed individuals to understand what type of blood they have in order to learn more about themselves and their genetics.

It’s also important to know if you have Rh-negative blood because this is another trait commonly found in Starseeds!

Blood Type O+, O- And A+

Blood type O+, O-, A+ are the most common types of blood found in Starseeds.

Starseeds with this blood type tend to have a strong sense of not belonging on earth.

They have a strong longing for finding their true identity and purpose.

They have a strong desire to go back home.

These Starseeds are often misunderstood, but they are some of the most loving and giving people you will ever meet!

Rare Blood type B+, A- and O-

Blood type B+, A- and O- are also considered to be somewhat rare, but not as rare as the types below.

People with these blood types are said to be loners who have a deep understanding of the world around them.

They don’t feel that anyone else understands them, but they do find comfort in being able to share their feelings or thoughts with animals and other creatures on Earth.

Starseeds under this category often struggle when it comes to expressing their emotions and will often push others away when they’re in a happy mood.

Rare B- And Type AB+

Blood Type B- is said to be more common than AB-, but still relatively rare.

Those Starseeds with Blood type B are believed to have great healing abilities, often working with animals or people who need assistance in regaining their health.

Starseeds that fall under this category will also find themselves drawn towards medicine and science when it comes to helping others.

Blood type AB+ is the second rarest of all Starseeds. Those with this blood type are also believed to have a great responsibility or destiny that they must fulfil in their lifetime.

They often find themselves drawn towards art forms such as music, singing or acting when it comes to making others happy or when they are in need of reassurance.

Type AB+ Starseeds often find themselves drawn towards helping these individuals by being their friend, guide or mentor.

Rare Blood Type AB-

Blood Type AB- is said to be the rarest of all Starseeds.

Those with this blood type are fantastic empaths and easily pick up on sadness, depression or any other negative feeling that might surround them.

They often have prophetic dreams which help guide their lives in a positive direction by giving them hints regarding where they should go, what they should do and when.

These Starseeds often find themselves focusing on their spiritual path rather than worrying about their material possessions.

RH Negative Blood Type

RH Negative is another rare blood type that is considered to be special among Starseeds.

People that have this blood type are said to come from ancient times and often feel out of place in today’s society which makes it more difficult for them to connect with others on an intimate level, but they will always find themselves drawn towards the metaphysical world where there are like-minded individuals who understand them.

Starseeds with this blood type are often found in the company of other Starseeds.

RH Negative Blood Type individuals have a strong sense of adventure and love to explore new places, cultures or foods!

They also tend to be quite ‘mystical’ when it comes to their views on spirituality which can sometimes make them seem unreliable or ‘uneducated’ when it comes to the ways of this world.

Those who have RH Negative blood type often feel like their lives and the world as a whole is an illusion and, if they can’t find a way to escape, they may feel depressed and angry.


There are many different types of Starseeds and blood type is only one small part that makes up their identity.

However, it’s good to know small differences in ourselves so, we can truly know and understand who we truly are.

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Starseed Blood Types And What They Mean

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