Wanderer Vs Starseed

Wanderer Vs Starseed – What’s The Differences & Similarities?

A lot of people are wondering what the difference between a Starseed and a Wanderer is.

At first glance, they may seem like synonyms to some, but there are distinct differences in the meanings behind these words.

We know that both don’t seem to feel as if they belong here on Earth however, there are a few differences.

Before we dive into the differences we need to know what Wanderer and Starseed mean.

What is a Wanderer?

A wanderer is someone who travels from one to another without any real purpose.

They are looking for something in their life, whether it’s a purpose or meaning however, they don’t really know about it.

They may feel as if there is something missing in their life even though they can’t quite put a finger on it.

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is someone who is from another planet, galaxy or star.

Not only are they from elsewhere but their mission here on Earth is to bring about change and awareness of something bigger than ourselves.

Helping us become higher consciousness beings.

These beings are here to help us evolve into a better version of ourselves by opening our minds and showing us that we aren’t alone in the Universe.

Key Differences Between Starseed And Wanderer


Wanderers tend to constantly go from one place to another trying to find meaning or their purpose.

They may also try to find it by looking outside Earth.

Starseed on the other hand know their purpose/mission and they understand that they are from a place far away from Earth.

They know they are here to help us evolve into a higher consciousness being.

Many Starseeds have an extraterrestrial connection that has allowed them to tap into their past lives and memories on other planets, galaxies or stars via channelling.


Wanderers also tend to have a very low frequency of vibration. Since they are super lost and confused.

Starseeds tend to have a very high level of vibrational frequency. Of course, a Starseed’s energy depends on what stage they are in but, generally speaking, it’s quite vibrant and it tends to elevate the energies of those around them.

This doesn’t mean Wanderer’s can’t ascend and evolve to higher levels of consciousness but, it is much harder for them since they need to find a purpose.


Wanderers tend to have unstable jobs or random jobs they do here or there with no real purpose but to survive.

Wanderers may also go from one career to another without really getting anywhere and not knowing what they want in life. They just try different things here and there until something works for them.

Starseeds on the other hand tend to have jobs that help with their goals like a spiritual teacher or a psychic.

Starseeds may also have a career in which they help others like an artist, poet or musician.


Wanderers tend to blend in with the crowd much better and have nothing which stands out about them.

This is because they are operating at a much lower frequency vibration.

Starseeds tend to have a certain look about them which just stands out in the crowd.

You can tell they don’t belong there but, their energies are much higher frequency so, you can spot them in a crowd from far away.

Starseeds have certain tattoos, markings or even a glow about them that can’t be hidden.

This is just another way in which you’ll know the difference between Starseed and Wanderer.

Wanderer’s tend not to have many tattoos or any sort of birthmark or a glow.

Blood Type

Starseeds generally tend to have much rarer blood types like AB-, AB+ and B-.

On the other hand, Wanderer’s seem to have more common blood types like A+ or O+.

Starseeds also tend to have the rare RH Negative blood type whereas Wanderers tend to have RH positive blood type which is also more common.


Starseeds goals are generally to help elevate humanity to another level by showing us a bigger picture and teaching us to be more spiritual.

Starseeds are from higher realms of consciousness where everyone understands that life is all about love and compassion for one another.

Wanderers don’t really have any goals and they are just looking for meaning.

Their goal is to find a purpose in life, no matter what it may be since that’s the only thing missing from their lives right now.

Starseed and Wanderer Similarities

  • Both Starseed and Wanderers don’t seem to belong on Earth.
  • Both tend not to get along with people too well.
  • Both are looking for something in their lives. The Wanderer just doesn’t know what it is yet.


Starseed and Wanderer have many differences and similarities.

Hopefully, this blog post helps clarify whether you are a Wanderer or a Starseed.

And remember, you could be a Starseed who hasn’t understood enough about Starseed knowledge or you could be in the earlier stage of your Starseed awakening where you don’t know much.

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