12 Signs You’re Hyeoka Empath and What it Means?

Empaths are undoubtedly complex creatures. They have unique abilities like reading other people’s minds and connecting with their emotions as if they are their own. Empaths put themselves in other people’s shoes and go through their experiences. They are highly sensitive beings who want to end others’ dilemmas and provide them comfort.

The existence of empaths is a question of discovery and research even for scientists. There is no definite way to find out who an empath is or what traits empaths possess. All the empaths exhibit a common set of characteristics but they can have additional qualities and abilities depending upon their specific type.  You read it right! There are at least 11 different types of empaths and each one of them is special in its own, unique ways.

In this article, I am going to solely focus upon Hyeoka Empaths, who they are, and what are the common signs manifested by them. But before jumping to that, you must have a clear understanding of empaths first.

What is an empath?

I am sure that you must already know the meaning of the word “empathy”. It’s so commonly used today that people often confuse it with empaths. Though we can agree that empaths house a great amount of empathy, they have much more to offer than just that.

Empaths are those people who get to know exactly how a person is feeling and have a strong intuition. Their extra empathetic powers are mainly inherited from their parents, but the possibility of “empaths being made” throughout their lives could not be put to sleep either.

Empaths are awesome partners and friends. They are great at providing healing effects to their loved ones when they are hurting. In our busy lives today, all we need is a person who can understand how we feel and guide us in the right way, and empaths are the perfect people for this. They are the flag bearers of harmony and listen to all the aspects of an issue without judgment. And don’t mistake the behavior of empaths as a charity, they also do the good things for themselves, as helping people overcome their hardships brings them immense satisfaction.

What is a Hyeoka Empath?

What is a Hyeoka Empath

Every empath differs from the other on various bases like level of empathy, emotional sensitivity, reactions, etc. To be specific, there are at least 11 types of empaths discovered yet and you would be surprised to know that very few of them are over-the-top emotional.  Hyeoka is one of the types of empaths and is considered to be the strongest of all.

“Hyeoka” means “fool” or “Sacred clown” and is taken from Lakota, Native Americans. Pronounced as hey-Oh-Kah, this word describes those people who can mirror others and present them in a satirical way, which is not offensive but eye-opening. Hyeoka empaths pursue the same ability where they understand the emotions of people thoroughly and act as their mirror to guide them in the right direction.

Hyeoka empaths can read minds. They can become you and state everything that you have been feeling without even getting the expression of the same from you. They are like magicians and are generally found to be great with social skills.

12 Signs of Hyeoka Empath

Signs of Hyeoka Empath

1. They are social creatures

Hyeoka empaths have a lot of friends. They are very social beings and tend to attract people with their unique personalities. Some might even be the life of the party, someone who brings people together and is the most charming person in the room. Though Hyeokas could always be found engaging in deep, meaningful conversations or entertaining people, they are always aware of the happenings around them.  Picking energies comes naturally to them, and they even do it subconsciously.

2. They mirror people

Hyeoka empaths can tell exactly what’s going on in anyone’s mind while they talk. If they have valuable insight over something, they will put it in a way the concerned person likes it. Since they mirror people, they know what they want and why they are doing a certain act. They will use their sharp satirical abilities to make people realize their actual thoughts.

3. All they want to do is heal everyone

Hyeokas at the end of the day are empaths! They can’t have any other motive than to heal people through their special power. They listen to people’s experiences, understand them, and put them at ease before taking any further steps. They hurt seeing loved ones in pain and imbibe their emotions to reach the depth of their distress. Hyeoka empaths are known to be creative and they will find innovative solutions for complex problems; which is why they are the personal therapists of their close ones.

4. They listen to people carefully

Hyeoka empaths are only able to guide people towards their dreams because they pay significant attention to minute details. They read expressions and listen to every word carefully to conclude. If a hyeoka empath is advising you over something, chances are he/she has already reflected on each aspect of the subject matter involved and gone through your emotions to provide the best insight.

5. They are exceptionally truthful

Some people might think that just because Hyeoka empaths take help of sarcasm and humor, they could be diplomatic. Well, in reality, it’s exactly the opposite! These types of empaths are not good at hiding their true feelings and opinions and will let you know about their thoughts through their actions. They are not a fan of confrontation and arguments and that is one of the reasons why they take humor’s help. They also understand how words can have long-lasting impacts on a person’s life and so, their way of letting you know more about yourself is subtle but effective.

6. They can read minds

Hyeoka empaths have an unimaginable power of reading people’s minds. They can see right through anyone and know their sentiments behind doing or saying something.

For example, has it happened to you that you are telling a story to someone and they finish your sentence with the exact thing you were going to say next? This is a typical experience while having a conversation with hyeoka empaths.

7. Their intuition game is on point

This type of empath is quick with intuitions. Their steps are guided by their intuition and most of the time their hunches are accurate. They generally go with the flow and have a relaxed attitude towards major problems as well. It is also because they have a prior idea of how their action is going to turn out and are prepared for that particular outcome.

If you have a hyeoka empath as your partner, the major rollercoaster of your life might seem like nothing to you. You are already told how a certain thing will affect you in the future and you, with your partner, make rational, well-thought-off decisions all the time.

8. They are sarcastic

Hyeoka empaths are known for their great sense of humor. They use their ability to lighten up a tense mood and comfort the person in distress. Sarcasm is one of the most important instruments for them which they often institute to show a mirror to the other people. No, their sarcasm is not at all condescending and they have mastered the art of putting their views sarcastically without offending anyone.

Hyeoka empaths, similar to the other empaths, hate aggressive confrontations. They want to heal people and so, they would never indulge in a heated argument just to prove their point. This is the reason why they take the assistance of their sense of humor to achieve their objective in a more friendly way. They don’t impose opinions but make the other person understand what’s good for them.

9. They pay close attention to details

To reach the depth of people’s emotions, a person must know everything about their emotions and what they are going through. Hyeoka empaths are the masters of reading minds and so paying close attention to even the tiniest detail comes naturally to them.

10. They always have a differing opinion from the crowd

Hyeoka empaths listen to all the aspects of a given matter, absorb all the emotions of people involved, and only then reach a conclusion. Since they get to know the things that an average person cannot decipher, their insights and views are always different from that of the crowd.

Hyeoka empaths do not try to “fit in” and this quality makes them more appealing. They pick up energies from people and try to stay away from fake people. Hyeokas are honest beings and they do not sugarcoat a harsh reality. They will mirror a person exactly how they are and make them realize their true emotions.

11. They can’t stand lies

Though healing people is the ultimate goal of hyeoka empaths, they do not resort to comforting lies to reach their objective. In fact, hyeoka empaths hate lies and can’t stand liars. They understand that a harsh truth could be painful but it is the only way to move forward. They want people around them to grow and accepting the truth is the only way they will be able to flourish.

Due to this trait, hyeoka empaths make great counselors and psychologists. They save people from running away from reality and show them the mirror when there is still time for rehabilitation. Combining their intuition, mind-reading abilities, honesty, and social abilities, hyeoka empaths can be a great guide for people. Their out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions to some of the most complex problems can save a lot of people from going through rough times.

12. Their physical traits could be different from average people

Did you know that hyeoka empaths are generally found to be left-handed, or dyslexic? It’s believed that they are also born in a different way than normal babies- with their posterior coming out first! The reason behind these phenomena is surmised to be the fact that – they mirror other people.  Because they have a special power of imaging people’s emotions and behaviors, some of their physical qualities or life events turn out just opposite to what happens normally.

Pros Of Being A Hyeoka Empath

  • They can see right through people, which helps them stay away from negativity.
  • They can spot liars in a blink and get to know their intentions behind lying.
  • Their honesty can make their close ones realize their true thoughts.
  • They have a unique personality that attracts people.
  • Hyeokas have a great sense of humor which helps them convey their true thoughts in a friendly yet striking way.

Cons Of Being A Hyeoka Empath

  • Their honesty can drive people away from them, especially the insecure ones.
  • Hyeoka empaths can invest too much of their emotions in others’ business which could be detrimental to their mental well-being.
  • Some people might think that hyeokas are imposing their thoughts on them, even though they are just mirroring them.
  • They can feel frequent burnouts as they pick up negative energies more efficiently.
  • Hyeoka empaths can start running away from reality and lock themselves up as they see through people’s flakiness and start doubting what’s true anymore.


Hyeoka empaths truly have a superpower. They are like the favorite children of God who are born to heal the world and make everyone trust in humanity again. However, this type of empath has its demons to face. Their over-sensitivity can destroy their inner peace and steer them towards depression.

Since Hyeoka empaths spot negative energies quicker than anything else, they are bound to feel sad once in a while knowing that so much of it exists in reality. The only way they can get over their depressing thoughts is by connecting with their inner selves.  Practicing meditation and taking professional help can help them overcome gloomy thoughts and recharge them to face the world again.

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12 Signs You’re Hyeoka Empath and What it Means

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