Signs You’re an Earth Empath

12 Signs You’re an Earth Empath and What It Means?

Do you feel a strange connection with nature that makes you feel different from others? Do you pick up earthly signs and can predict the weather? Does winter make you feel gloomy and warm summer cheers you up? If you experience any of these emotions and can’t stay away from nature, my friend, there is a huge possibility that you are an Earth empath.

To understand Earth empaths more clearly, you will firstly need to know what an empath is. Keep reading the article below to find the answer to all your questions.

What is an empath?

Empaths are the people who feel you in the truest sense. They absorb your emotions and go through everything the other person is going through.

Empaths are commonly considered to be overly emotional and sensitive beings who put their heart before logic. They are even characterized as weak or vulnerable individuals who feel down frequently and tend to lock themselves up. But hey, there’s more to it.

If you ask us, empaths are one of the strongest people who possess a unique psychological ability that can heal the deepest wounds. They put themselves in others’ shoes and try to get to the roots of their pain to provide relief. They are great listeners and connect with others’ emotions so well that they often start feeling what the other person feels and mirror their emotions.

Now that you have a clear picture of empaths, let’s return to our main question- What does it mean to be an Earth empath?

What is Earth Empath?

Earth empaths are a specific type of empaths who pick up earth’s energies and get attuned to the emotions exhibited by the nature. These individuals feel strongly attached to earthly elements and react to their signs. Their moods depend upon the weather and environment and they are capable of sensing even the slightest change in their natural surroundings.

As you might know by now, empaths are of many different types. Emotional, physical, animal, plant, psychometric, dream, intuitive, telepathic, and earth empaths are some of the most common types among others. Though all of these empaths share some universal characteristics, their traits can vary significantly depending upon their triggers and behaviors. Earth empaths belong to a special category where they specialize in developing intuitions about nature. Their empathy power is such that they can read the tiniest signs given out by nature and interpret them to predict future happenings.

12 Signs of Earth Empaths

1. Your surroundings affect you

Earth empaths are highly sensitive to nature’s signs and can’s control their emotions once they spot them. If you an earth empath, it is natural that you feel that the earth is talking to you. You will get affected by the signs of injury of nature and feel delightful around healthy surroundings. Your mood will totally depend on where you are and what energies you imbibe.

2. Your senses are extra sharp

Not everyone can read the subtle signs given out by the nature and if you do, you are an earth empath. Empaths are known to have sharper senses than the rest of us. They hear the noises that are missed by average people and see the things that we don’t.

Being an earth empath, your senses will be more watchful towards nature’s signals. You will try to decipher everything Mother Nature is radiating and read deep into those emotions to put your healing abilities to work.

3. Changes in weather bring changes in you

Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? It’s a condition where an individual starts experiencing shifts in his moods depending upon the season. For example, he will feel down on a rainy or winter day and could be found frolicking with joy on a summer afternoon. Researchers consider SAD symptoms no different than depression which could be a red signal. Since this condition is prominent in Earth empaths, you need to stay alert of your feelings and start practicing coping mechanisms to keep the devil of depression away from you.

4. Lush green landscapes fill your heart with contentment 

Being an Earth empath is not all about sadness and sorrow. These people can find a great deal of peace and fulfillment in a lush green environment and feel more at home at such locations.

We all love to see our loved ones happy right? Watching our kids or little siblings giggle jovially brings us the kind of joy that could not be expressed in words. Well, it’s the same with Earth empaths. They are deeply connected with earth like we are with our loved ones and greenery is synonymous with health and well-being for them.

5. You can predict natural calamities

Every power has a downside. Being an Earth empath allows you to interact with nature like no one else can but it means you get attuned to the pain felt by earth too. You can sense trouble in advance and start feeling helpless.

Earth empaths can feel the strength of lightning, storms, and rain and foresee an approaching disaster. Since their mind is wired to pick up earth’s energies at all times, it can alert them subconsciously as well, like in sleep. Earth empaths are likely to get premonitions and nightmares before natural disasters.

6. You want to work for the betterment of the earth

You consider the whole of earth as your home and a little shift in its energy affects your mood and feelings. When you see the damage caused to it by humankind, you feel angry and frustrated. You try to do everything you can to heal nature. From taking an active part in plantation activities to keeping your surroundings clean and educating the people near you about the importance of the same, you like taking the initiative to alleviate Earth’s pain.

Earth empaths have a bright scope in environmental activism. They even make great gardeners and farmers. If you are an Earth empathy yourself, you might want to pursue a career in agricultural and water science.

7. You escape in the nature

When we are tired or feel restless, we always try to find a place where we feel the most comfortable. For Earth empaths, this place is anywhere in nature. If you often feel like escaping in the mountains or find yourself at the most ease in the lap of nature, You might be an Earth empath.

8. You get to know about Earth’s sufferings

Just by looking at a natural body, you get to know about their health- this is a power possessed by Earth empaths and if you experience the same, you might be the chosen one! Earth empaths do not need to indulge in scientific research and evidence gathering, their intuitions are enough to let them know what the earthly elements are going through.

9. You love water bodies

Earth empaths feel a strange connection with water. They love to swim and see water as a pious element, something that symbolizes birth and nourishment.

Fresh lakes, streams, and even loud oceans can fill Earth empaths with extreme rapture. Water bodies could be refreshing for Earth empaths and when everybody is sipping their drinks on the beach, these empathetic beings could be found sitting in a corner just watching the water make splashes on the coast and absorbing their lively energy.

10. You are aware of the changes in your body

You are highly sensitive to earth signs and are not unknown to the ways they affect you. You know resting in the bright sun will energize your body and taking a stroll on a natural trail will refresh your mind. Knowing how your body reacts to a specific earth signal and still wanting to read them is a common sign of earth empaths. No, they don’t want to ignore their physical and mental wellbeing, they can’t help but notice the energies emitted by the earth.

11. Solar flares stimulate your emotions

Solar flares usually go unnoticeable by normal people since they do not make any sudden change in the world but this case is different for Earth empaths. They are capable of not only sensing solar flares, but also the changes it makes in nature and atmosphere over the time.

12. You surround yourself with plants

Not all Earth empaths can spend significant time every day in nature and so, most of them like to surround themselves with plants. If you love growing a lot of plants, talking, and sharing your thoughts with them which is considered a little extra by others, you might be an Earth empath.

Pros of Being An Earth Empath

  • Earth empaths have an extended family, i.e. nature, which means they have an extra support system.
  • They can foresee natural disasters.
  • Earth empaths can derive happiness and contentment by looking at green surroundings and healthy environments.
  • Earth empaths strive to heal nature. They make great environmentalists.
  • These types of empaths love to meditate and spend time in nature which can have numerous positive effects on their bodies and result in physical & mental well-being.

Cons of Being An Earth Empath

  • Earth empaths might develop Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can further take the shape of depression.
  • In times like today, pollution, poor air quality, and global warming are at their peak and earth empaths can frequently find themselves struggling with accepting this fact and being sad.
  • They can feel horrified and go through dreadful physical and mental experiences before a natural disaster.
  • Their need to be in nature might want them to escape frequently and overpower their other goals and ambitions.
  • Earth empaths can feel helpless most of the time when they can’t bring large-scale positive changes in the earth’s condition which in turn, can make them sad.


Being an empath could be confusing. Sometimes you might know that you possess special empathic abilities but still not be able to figure out which type of empath you are. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many empaths face the same quandary and are only able to reach the conclusion after spending years of researching and studying themselves. Well, with this article I hope your work was a little reduced. Now all you have to do is compare your traits with the signs laid out by us and discover yourself whether or not you are an Earth empath. Best of luck!

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12 Signs You’re an Earth Empath and What It Means

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