Signs You're a Telepathic Empath

5 Signs You’re a Telepathic Empath and What It Means?

Being an empath is a lot more confusing than one can imagine it to be. You are dealing with a lot of emotions;  most of them aren’t even yours. Since society has allotted certain traits to the empaths, many of us don’t care to dig a little deeper to find out the specific type of empaths we could be. Yes, you heard it right! Empaths differ in a variety of ways- from psychological as well as physical configuration.

In this article, I am going to talk about Telepathic empaths. The kind that can read what’s going on in your life without having an actual conversation about it. Fascinating huh? There’s a lot more to it!

What is an empath?

Have you ever met someone and felt the quick “click” with them? You tell someone your dilemma and they know exactly how you are feeling and relate to your situation? Those are the people I am talking about here, the 1-2 percent of the entire population!

Empaths are individuals with high intuition levels who can sense energies around people and things. They are often very sensitive and fail to keep their emotions apart from the ones they pick.

We have all heard about empathy being a crucial emotion and how it should be inculcated in one’s life to help in developing better communication and social skills. But if you think empaths are just the people who possess great empathy and leverage upon it to climb the ladders of success. You might be mistaken!

Being an empath is more about others than the person himself. Such people want to help others heal from their traumas and thrive to their maximum potential. Though their psychological ability could be considered a godsend, it does not always work in their favor. Empaths are also known for getting drained or burnt out frequently and wanting to escape from reality.

What is a Telepathic Empath?

What is a Telepathic Empath

A telepathic empath is a person who gets to know what’s going on in someone’s mind without even talking to them. They not only pay great attention to the expressions and behavior of other people but are also a pro at picking up energies. These people sense negativity even more strongly and that is the reason why they could get overwhelmed in a crowd.

Telepathy is something that most have only seen or heard about in sci-fi novels and movies. But trust me, it is real! People unbelievably connect with each other in a number of ways and telepathic empaths do the same. Their senses are sharper than average people and they carry a comforting aura around them which could be a boon for people close to them.

Wondering whether you are one of these unique people? Let’s find out!

5 Signs of Telepathic Empath

Signs of Telepathic Empath

1. Strong intuition

If you have telepathic empathy, your intuition is your main tool. It helps you get acquainted with the unspoken emotions and even with the backstory that a person might not be willing to reveal.

2. You a remarkably quick in picking negative energies

Telepathic empaths share special bonds with their loved ones and might know what they are feeling or going through even when they are away. For eg: If you are one of these empaths, you might get a dream or flash about your friend being in trouble and when you call them, you might find out that they were stuck in some difficulties.

Telepathic empaths pick negative energies faster than others. It is because they are overly sensitive to them and feel perplexed encountering them.

3. Your mood fluctuates a lot

Since Telepathic empaths go through so many emotions daily, their mood is never stable. They could be found feeling cheerful about something one moment and worrying about something the other.

4. You form strong bonds

Having a full-blown intuition system is a blessing for social life. These kinds of empaths easily connect with people and take initiatives in building constructive conversations. They understand others’ pain and try to get to the root of their misery. They also face difficulties letting people go which could be a toxic trait in the longer term.

5. You need to  escape now and then

Empaths of all types tend to get overburdened with other people’s emotions. Telepathic empaths are no stranger to this phenomenon. They are often used as dumping zones by their friends and family members which can leave them feeling frustrated.  So it’s natural that they frequently want to run away to a quieter place where they can process everything they have imbibed and get clarity over their thoughts.

Pros Of Being A Telepathic Empath

  • Telepathic empaths keep in touch with people. They like to keep themselves connected with their loved ones.
  • These empaths have good communication skills and are a pro at making people feel at home.
  • Telepathic empaths can sense the vibes. They know which people can potentially harm them or their loved ones.
  • Some telepathic empaths can also read people’s minds.
  • These individuals can help people realize their dreams and passion as they get to know what the person wants and why they are being repulsive towards a certain thing.

Cons of Being A Telepathic Empath

  • Telepathic empaths might give more importance to others’ feelings and ignore their own emotions.
  • They can get overwhelmed when stuck in a crowd.
  • These empaths experience frequent nightmares.
  • Telepathic empaths can get highly sensitive and wreck their mental health as they read a little too much between the lines.
  • They like to see good in everyone and that’s one of the reasons why they find it difficult to let go of toxic people in their lives.


Having telepathic abilities is undeniably a huge deal. When combined with emotion, it can turn an individual into an angel that we all need in our lives. However, we must remember that everyone needs their own time and try to avoid burdening them with unnecessary complaints.

I hope you got all the answers to your questions related to telepathic empaths. If you think you are one of these special creatures, read the signs for yourself and relate to the characteristics I have enlisted.  Also, don’t forget to share this article with your close ones. You never know who is struggling and a small act of kindness can be life-changing for them.

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5 Signs You're a Telepathic Empath and What It Means

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