Signs You're A Psychometric Empath

7 Signs You’re a Psychometric Empath and What It Means?

Empaths are of many different kinds and figuring out your type could be extremely difficult since most of them share some common signs. If you think you are a psychometric empath but aren’t sure yet, don’t worry, I am here to help. I understand your confusion and so, I have listed some of the most common signs exhibited by psychometric empaths so that you get rid of all your confusion. Before we start digging any deeper, let’s first try to understand who an empath really is.

What is an empath?

Highly sensitive people are often confused with empaths but it’s not always the case. Empathy is a much stronger emotion and plays a crucial role in promoting prosocial behavior.  An empath is a person who feels others’ emotions as their own and goes through their experience. Such people have a unique ability to connect with energies and feelings and often mirror others’ pain.

In simple words, empaths are the people who feel more deeply than an average person. You can say that they have a stronger sense of intuition and quickly get attuned to energies, be it positive or negative. Being an empath comes with a ton of benefits for both the concerned person and the people around him, but we all know that feeling more means hurting more! But hey, let’s keep that topic for some other. Today I will only focus on Psychometric empaths- who they are and how to tell if you are one!

What is a Psychometric Empath?

What is a Psychometric Empath

Psychometric empathy is a person who can pick up energies from objects and inanimate things. They can tell the story behind a piece of art or sense the same feelings a person is going through in a photograph just by looking at it. They are quick in forming intuitions and connect with things easily. For example, a psychometric empathy might look at a dress and tell how the wearer was feeling the last time they were into it. They read the aura around anything, anyone!

Psychometric empaths make great historians and investigators as their intuitions lead them to a conclusion quicker than anyone else. Not only can they picture the past of an object but also visualize its future which makes them perfect for the fashion and project designing field.

By now you might feel that psychometric empaths have everything figured out for them but remember, power comes with a price and demands sacrifice! Psychometric empaths always have to be careful about picking up an object and keep a constant check on their unconscious mind as they might start reading a thing subconsciously. An article that has a traumatic history attached to it can overwhelm them and disrupt their mental health.

7 Signs of Psychometric Empath

Signs of Psychometric Empath

1. You have a great interest in history

Psychometric empaths love to know about the past. They could be found researching antiques and artifacts or enquiring about a piece they just came across and sensed a strong connection with.

Since these empaths visualize the history of things, their intense interest in history is also because they want to cross-check their intuitions. They might also just want to know the meaning of the sensations they feel around those specific objects.

2. Your imagination knows no bound

If you have psychometric empathy, you are gifted with unusual imagination power. You pick an object or hear a story and can visualize everything that happened around it. If the medium is really favorable to you, you might also be able to see the future of the object.

3. You try to ignore things that interest you a little too much

The dark side of being an empath is that your emotions can overpower your sense of reasoning. You let feelings affect you in the worst way; to the extent that you are unable to distinguish between your personal and others’ emotions. It is because of this that you try to run away from things and want to keep yourself aloof from the surroundings,

Psychometric empaths can get extremely inundated by things that had a traumatic past. To keep themselves sane, they often try to run away from exercising their special on things, no matter how much it interests them.

4. You connect with things easily

Empaths are known for connecting with strangers and forming long-lasting bonds. If you are a psychometric empath, it’s a no-brainer that a piece with strong energies around it catches your attention and you find yourself reading it in no time.

5. You frequently experience déjà vu and get real-to-life dreams

Psychometric empaths can experience frequent déjà vu as they connect with things more deeply. They might feel like they have seen a particular object somewhere or know about it from somewhere. These are all instances of déjà vu. Having vivid dreams is another sign that tells that you might be a psychometric empath as your brain tries to boost your abilities and provide you with more clarity.

6. Your senses are sharp

If you are a psychometric empath, all of your senses are naturally sharper than average people. You hear the faintest noise, observe the things that are generally missed by people and try to decipher every movement made around you, by people or by nature.

7. Your negativity radar is strong

Psychometric empaths are sensitive to negativity. They sense such energies better than anyone else and often imbibe them, which could be quite disturbing. However, their strong negativity radar helps them connect with things more conveniently.

Pros Of Being A Psychometric Empath

  • You form quick bonds with people possessing things with complex histories.
  • You can help others connect with their loved ones through a souvenir.
  • You are quick in catching and interpreting auras around objects and can tell what kind of energy a particular thing emits which could be useful information for its owner.
  • You can make a career out of your abilities, especially in fields concerning investigation, history, psychology, and designs.
  • You can relive history through your imagination and derive happiness from delightful pasts.

Cons of Being A Psychometric Empath

  • Things with traumatic pasts can leave you feeling disturbed.
  • You can get attached to an object since you know what it has been put through and get too stuck in your imaginary world.
  • You always have to be careful around ancient things as they can stimulate your empathy receptors.
  • Experiencing too much emotion on daily basis can drain you and make you feel exhausted.
  • You might get frequent nightmares and face difficulty in sleeping as your brain tries to interpret too much.


Being a psychometric empath is both a blessing and a curse. To channelize your power the best way,  you will have to learn to put a stop to your thoughts and intuition whenever necessary. You can also try meditating or consulting a psychologist for help.

Now that we have reached the end of this article, I hope you now have a better understanding of psychometric empaths. Compare your signs with the 7 signs listed by us and let us know if you find yourself to be a psychometric empath.

I wish you a happy journey towards self-discovery!

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7 Signs You're a Psychometric Empath and What It Means

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