6 Signs You’re a Dream Empath And What It Means?

The gift of being a dream empath can be obtained by anybody. Anyone can be a dream empath. It is a prize that is obtained by opening up your mind to extrasensory perception.

No matter what the case may be, you need lots of practice to get a hand on this supernatural power. It is a beautiful gift that can get you and those around you out of trouble.

What is an Empath?

An empath is a person who is assimilated as a spontaneously intuitive, and emotionally unique individual. This person is open and very sensitive to small things. Empathy is the older, wiser brother to compassion. An empath is someone who is moved by the situations of others and is driven into action to make things better. An empath is a healer, a teacher, a guide, and an enigma.

What is a Dream Empath?

What is a Dream Empath

A dream empath is also known as a precognitive empath is someone who has natural psychic abilities. It might sound like I am trying to pitch a fictional story, but on the contrary, one can have such psychic abilities.

A dream or precognitive empath as the name states is someone who can tell an event before it happens. This person can foresee things, sense shifts in the atmosphere, tell changes in the mood and emotions of others. This ability is facilitated by an inner consciousness that extends beyond the physical being.

As a dream empath, you see yourself reliving moments. At those times, you sometimes feel something that is happening has happened before, a broader way to look at it is that this someone might have existed before and the things happening around them are things that they have seen or have been involved in, before. If your intuition or perception about things, people, the anger is usually clear and sharp, beyond normal ability, you most likely are a dream empath. Let us proceed.

6 Signs of a Dream Empath

Signs of a Dream Empath

Precognition in its basic form is known as future vision. It is the psychic, somewhat unnatural ability to know what the future holds and be able to tell it, to a near accurate measure. As unrealistic as it may seem, looking at it from the natural point of view, anyone at all could be a precognitive or dream empath.

1. Your dreams about the future are frequent

This happens a lot to dream empaths. If you often find yourself seeing things way before they happen, you are likely one of these guys. It has become a norm for you to see things that haven’t ever happened, it’s a sign that your psychological abilities aren’t average.

2. Anxiety

You feel anxious about many things, sometimes unnecessarily. You feel the strong premonition that something bad is about to happen somewhere, even though you can’t place where it will exactly. You become restless and your emotions are heightened to the peak, sometimes music calms you, other times it doesn’t.

3. You experience Dèjà vu too many times

It is a known fact that when coincidences become too frequent, there is a high probability that something drastic is happening somewhere. You find yourself in many situations and circumstances that you can swear you have been in before, but just how, you can’t explain! One can even say you have lived your life before, but no, you haven’t. You’re a dream empath.

4. Your sensory activity is off the charts

You do not sense things with your five senses alone, your sensory abilities are too advanced than normal. You can sense the faintest of signs or emotional shifts in people that a normal person wouldn’t notice. Your understanding of situations is deeper than what is normally accepted. You normally can’t explain how you can tell that someone is feeling sad even when they are laughing their heart out.

5. Your aptitude ability is excellent

You are always ahead in aptitude tests and excel with a staggering level of accuracy. And by the way, it’s just you being your normal self. Many a time you can tell who is knocking at the door or can predict accurately how your soccer team is going to play even before the game has started. It is an innate ability that you didn’t develop anywhere and is mostly taken to be inherited.

6. You almost always forget your dreams

This happens anytime you see things about the future in your dreams. You can remember them vividly, immediately after you wake up, but the next morning when you’re out of your bed, your memory is as blank as a whiteboard.

Pros of being a Dream Empath

  • You have the ability to provide emotional support for others.
  • When someone needs help, you already know what they need.
  • You will be able to tell if someone will be good or bad for you.
  • You can accept your nightmares as warning signs and caution your loved ones beforehand.

Cons of being a Dream Empath

  • A dream empath might not stimulate his thoughts and emotions after having a nightmare as they might be extremely unpleasant
  • Most dream empaths might have issues maintaining friendship and family relationships as their perception of issues might seem unclear to others.
  • If dream empaths are unable to pass their messages to others, they might end being alone as they’ll feel misunderstood by others.
  • It can be difficult to withdraw from being a dream empath as it becomes a part of your life.


In conclusion, it is important to know and understand who you are, as this will help you cope with life expectations and stress.

Being a dream empath personality is not a flaw or unacceptable. Although it has its downside, it is important to strike a balance between dreams and reality. Learning to channelize your abilities in the right way can enrich your life and provide you with valuable insights.

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6 Signs You're a Dream Empath And What It Means

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