Signs You’re an Intuitive Empath

7 Signs You’re an Intuitive Empath and What It Means?

The world of empaths is highly intricate. In this article, I will be taking you on a tour around Intuitive or Claircognizant empaths – the ones with extraordinary ability to look through you!

If you are an empath yourself, we know that your life isn’t as simple as ours. You struggle to tame your emotions daily and might be hustling to know about your condition as well. The quality that is seen as a blessing by the whole world might not be as favorable to you. Don’t worry! I’ll try my best to help you wrap your head around this whole empath bewilderment.

What is an empath?

Empath commonly refers to a highly sensitive person who is more on the emotional side and thinks from his/her heart. Such people have high empathy levels and connect with any living or non-living being within seconds. Empaths who are all out there and have unlocked every aspect of their superior abilities could be extremely helpful for others. These empaths know themselves better and also realize how special their power is. They have mastered controlling their emotions and created effective bars for themselves to keep their mental health in a good shape.

But there is a long way to go before you fully get to know yourself as an empath. The path till it is quite rocky and you need to be a lot patient.

Today I am talking about Intuitive/Claircognizant empaths to help you get to know about this specific kind of empathy in more detail. Why wait then? Let’s start!

What is an Intuitive/Claircognizant Empath?

What is an Intuitive/Claircognizant Empath

Intuitive or Claircognizant empaths are one of the most common types of empaths who are capable of perceiving emotions through their senses. Their intuition-making mechanism is more developed than the ordinary people and they sense energies without trying hard to do so.

Talking with eyes and expressions is a highly romanticized concept, and we blame movies for using this idea so recklessly. But what if someone could do that? Just look at yourself and tell how you are feeling or what’s going on in your mind.  Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s exactly what Intuitive empaths are known for. They can pick up energies from people around them, absorb them and try to understand their psychological condition. Though this ability seems like a prized possession, the ones who suffer know their pain the most! Intuitive empaths have to deal with a lot of emotions every day which gives them too little space to think clearly and mess up their psychological wiring.

8 Signs of Intuitive Empath

Signs of Intuitive Empath

You crave intimacy in a relationship

Since you can see through people, you expect them to do the same. Empaths are generally the givers and do not like to share their miseries with others as they feel that their emotions can unnecessarily burden their loved ones.

But when they trust someone with their delicate heart, they tend to break all the barriers. Intuitive empaths are passionate lovers who base their relationship on honesty and understanding. Any dishonest act of their partner can scar them for life. The same is the case for friendships.

You can pick up the energies of people

All the empaths can pick energies from their surroundings and process them to understand the people they belong to. For intuitive empaths, energies play the most crucial role as they are the basis of their abilities.

Intuitive empaths can get greatly overwhelmed in toxic environments. When their surroundings are out of sync with their thoughts and interests, they try to escape in the world of imagination. If you often found yourself daydreaming and taking a stroll in the fantasy world, you could be an intuitive empath.

You can tell what’s going on in someone’s mind

Being an empath, you are gifted with the incredible ability to read people. You pay attention to everything, from their tone to their expression and body language, and look deeper into their heart. If you can tell whether a person’s inner feelings right away by just looking at them once, you are definitely an intuitive empath.

Intuitive empaths read between the lines and are a pro at connecting dots. The ones who can control and regulate their powers well can make a fruitful career out of their psychological abilities. They can become great public speakers, mentors, and mediators.

You are a popular therapist in your friends and family circle

If you are the first person anyone in your friends or family circle approaches in times of distress, then there is a huge possibility that you have an intuitive empathy. People trust your intuitions as they have seen them come true in the past and know that you will help them out. Being an empath, you only want the best of your loved ones and channelize your supernatural abilities to give them the best pieces of advice.

Intuitive empaths are similar to emotional empaths and find it difficult to separate their emotions from those of others. Due to this, they often feel frustrated and low and seek escape from their surroundings.

Even if you are the therapist of your loved ones and popular for showering them with wisdom, you need to understand that everyone needs a break! You cannot solely carry people’s baggage and function just right. Imbibing so much negativity requires cleansing and you need to focus on yourself sometimes too.

You understand a situation more clearly

Intuitive empaths can read people. They know someone is lying and when they insist that they are telling the truth. They can catch the hidden sadness behind a laugh, the happiness behind tears.

Moreover, they keep themselves in others’ shoes before forming an opinion about them. Intuitive empaths pick up energies scattered around people which helps them acquire greater clarity of a given situation. Their intuitions also play a great role in leading them towards clarity. They foresee things and know exactly how a decision will turn out in the future.

You are considered a great listener

Intuitive empaths have a knack for listening to others’ stories and experiences. They generate intuitions based on what energy a person radiated while telling their story. They also can imagine the setting where the described instance has taken place and get to know what people were going through then.

You sacrifice your mental peace to help the loved ones

Intuitive empaths let others’ emotions affect them. No matter how much they are suffering, they cannot turn a blind eye towards a person who needs them. The connections formed by these kinds of empaths are very strong, and once they commit to someone, they will always be there for them. They will not hesitate to sacrifice their mental health to bring peace to their loved ones.

You are not a prompt decision-maker

Intuitive Empaths try to look at all the aspects of an issue. They try to relate with every party and look at their bright sides. This prohibits them from making quick decisions.

Though many might see this as a downside, this trait of intuitive empaths describes their essence. They like to be thorough with their understanding of a person and cannot act unfairly towards anyone. Since they aren’t judgemental at all, they focus on positive things in even the most negative events and prioritize healing people.

Pros Of Being An Intuitive Empath

  • Intuitive empaths make friends quite easily as they have a knack for listening to other people talk. Isn’t that what everybody does nowadays?
  • You try to understand everyone’s point of view which makes you a great facilitator for resolving disputes.
  • Intuitive empaths are highly creative and can thrive in the artistic domain.
  • You can smell deceit, which enables you to protect your loved ones in any situation.
  • You always try to see the bigger picture which refrains you from making blunders during important decision-making.

Cons Of Being An Intuitive Empath

  • Intuitive empaths are bad at multitasking as they already have a lot going on in their minds and taking up extra responsibilities clutters their mind.
  • You will feel lonely a lot of times as you might not be able to open up in front of many people and burden them with your issues.
  • You can sense negativity better and quicker than anyone else and so, trusting someone is a big deal for you.
  • Crowded places aren’t your thing! You subconsciously absorb everyone’s vibes, whether positive or negative, which in turn kills your own mood.
  • You lack focus. If something doesn’t interest you, you’ll try to escape your This quality can make intuitive empaths lazy and unenthusiastic about life.


We have so many types of empaths, trying to fit in one specific description and type could be an arduous task. But it’s also very important for an empath to know his type as only then he would be able to use his power for maximum benefit.

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7 Signs You’re an Intuitive Empath and What It Means

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