10 Signs You’re a Physical Empath and What It Means?

Empathy is a blessing the god has gifted humankind with to keep them warm and considerate towards each other. It is an emotion that connects people and facilitates relationships. But does being an empath mean the same as possessing greater empathetic tendency?

The answer is of course not! Empaths possess a unique superpower which is an amalgamation of emotions and psychological abilities. Since they are of many different types, each type can have special powers which could be unbelievable for common folks.

What is an empath?

An empath is an individual who forms connections through energies and emotions. Such people are sensitive to positive and negative auras and can sense them right away. They like to heal people and pull them out of their traumas with the help of their gift. But in this process, they burden themselves a little too much and in the worst cases, even develop mental health issues.

So are empaths born or made? Many people believe that anyone can become an empath anytime through the course of their life. They are of the view that extreme empathetic behaviors are the results of the environment and a person’s upbringing. On the other hand, the other block of people tend to opine that empaths are godsends. They inherit their abilities from their parents and pass them onto their progeny.

Though both of these views hold water in some way or the other, the latter has even found some evidence in research. Studies have shown that in some cases, toddlers might also show signs of empaths.

What is a Physical Empath?

What is a Physical Empath

Physical empaths are a unique type of empath who feel the sensations of others physically. Complex right? Let’s break it down.

Have you ever felt ticklish or a tingling sensation on your body when you heard or saw someone being touched on their body? This is a major sign of physical empathy.

Physical empaths absorb the bodily signs of people and mirror them. They can read how the person must be feeling when they are being hurt or going through a certain physical pain. Low-level physical empaths can feel like yawning when they see someone do so or develop headaches when they watch someone going through the same.

So how does one know if they are physical empaths or not? Don’t worry, I am not asking you to break your head over scientific journals and research papers. I have got you covered! Scroll down to the section below to know the common signs of physical empaths.

10 Signs of Physical Empath

Signs of Physical Empath

You can feel physical sensations experienced by others

Physical empaths have an innate ability to know how a person is feeling when they are being touched. They mirror all such emotions and start feeling the same. Though it is an incredible way to connect with people, this habit can also become bothersome at times. Sometimes all we want to do is focus on ourselves and ignore the world and with the condition of physical empathy, this is almost impossible.

You cannot stand the sight of someone being in physical pain

Physical empaths feel others’ physical pain in the truest sense. They get overwhelmed watching the scene of an accident and prefer staying away from the news. Their level of empathy is such that they can stay distressed over a certain incident for days and get flashbacks of the images, which can be very traumatizing.

Physical empaths like all the other types are sensitive people. They let their emotions get the best of them and think more from the heart than the brain. They overcrowd their mind with unnecessary thoughts and develop symptoms of anxiety and depression in many cases.

Your heart fills with satisfaction watching your loved ones being healthy

Being a physical empath doesn’t mean your life is filled with trauma and sadness. Physical empaths can derive the feeling of satisfaction from the simplest of things. For example- when they see their loved ones laughing and rollicking with joy, their heart gets content.  They prioritize physical well-being over everything and can often be seen trying to get the lazy lads of the house in the field. They motivate people around them to pick up healthy eating habits and wish for their long life in every prayer.

You have a great interest in health and fitness

Physical empaths could be major gym freaks. They like spending their time working on their physique and also motivating other people to do so. If you find yourself being a little too serious about your exercising and working out routine, here’s your cue. You might be a physical empath.

These empaths also want to protect their loved ones against any illness or ailment. One of the most understandable reasons behind their emphasis on physical health is that they feel the strength of a person lies in both his emotional and physical being. A fit person can fight adversities with much more energy and efficiency than an unhealthy person.

You experience mirror-touch synesthesia

Mirror touch synaesthesia is a condition where a person experiences the same feelings as another just watching them being touched. In simple words, these people affected with Mirror Touch Synesthesia are sensitive to other people’s emotions and the energies they emit. Such people are called “Synesthetes”.

Unlike what the common people think, Mirror Touch Synesthesia is not a disease or disorder. If we go by its literal meaning, it refers to the blending of senses. A Synesthete can see noises and feel colors. Their imagination is so strong that sometimes they do not even need to see the happening, just by listening to the narration of an incident, they will be able to perceive everything a person has gone through.

Diagnosis of this Mirror Touch Synesthesia is as complex as the condition. Psychologists usually show videos to the respective person who suspects having this condition to estimate the level of synaesthesia they experience.

You want to pursue the field of science and medicine

Since you want to cure people and heal them, you love to explore the various ways to do so. Physical empaths make great medics and physicians as their ultimate aim is to help people get rid of their physical pains.

However, empaths belonging to this category should be extremely careful while choosing their study disciplines as they might not be fit for the job of surgeons and nurses. These professionals come across many patients regularly who are in immeasurable pain and encounters with them might wreck the mental balance of physical empath.

Your get frustrated around angry people

Angry and aggressive people give out weird energies and are synonymous with negativity for physical empaths. These empaths like the rest of them love to be a part of a peaceful environment and people who disturb the surroundings aren’t very much liked by physical empaths. They might get annoyed around such individuals and try to escape from the scene as early as possible.

You are highly sensitive to touch

Since physical empaths can mirror the emotions of other people being touched, it’s a no-brainer that they are too sensitive to physical interaction. These empaths are generally very ticklish and showcase high sensitivity to loud noises.

You love physical acts of affection

Physical empaths crave intimacy. They love getting hugs from the people who are close to them and a single such warm act can make their day. They feel safe holding hands with their family members and friends and try to absorb their emotions through touch.

You pick up energies pretty fast

At the end of the day, physical empaths are also a type of empaths and can’t resist absorbing energies from their surroundings even if they want to. In fact, their subconscious mind is wired in such a way that it directs them to pick up energies even without letting their conscious mind know about it.

Physical empaths are quick at understanding the mood of the room as their senses are sharper than normal people. These individuals pay extra attention to details which are seldom noticed by people and it is this habit that helps them connect with a person on a deeper level.

Pros Of Being a physical Empath

  • Physical empaths show great interest in physical health and wellness-related domains.
  • It is easy for them to interact with people as they don’t need many expressions.
  • It is easy for them to derive contentment as they grow happy merely by watching their loved ones existing in good health.
  • They promote fitness as they know the correlation between physical and mental health.
  • The physical empaths with advanced abilities can feel highly empathetic towards plants and animals as well.

Cons of Being a physical Empath

  • Physical empaths try to run away from the crowd.
  • They can get disturbed knowing their close ones are sick or are facing health issues.
  • They are after all empaths, and so, might get upset over catching a lot of negative energies.
  • Feeling frequent physical sensations just by watching people can burn them out.
  • They might read a lot between the lines and upset themselves now and then.


So, did you get everything that you were looking for? I hope you did! Try relating your signs and behaviors with the ones listed by us in this article and see if you are one of the members of the physical empath squad.

Try leveraging your ability for the betterment of others but keep yourself first! Always remember, nothing is more important than your well-being. If necessary, do not shy away from taking professional help too. Who knows what might help you unlock the best of your empath abilities.

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10 Signs You're a Physical Empath and What It Means

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